Wednesday, December 28, 2016


As a Hanukkah present to Israel, the outgoing Obama regime connived with Muslim UN member states (what else is new?) to screw over the Jewish people. An intervention by President Elect Trump delayed the vote in the UNSC by 24 hours. A day later Israel was stabbed in the back, overturning nearly 50 years of American bipartisan politics on the Arab-Israeli question. 

UPDATE:  If authentic, the document leaked to an Egyptian website confirms some of the claims voiced in Israel against Obama since the UN vote against the settlements last week. Britain pulled the strings. (Source) The document shows Secretary of State John Kerry advised Egyptian and Palestinian diplomats on how to write a resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction that would avoid an American veto, but he did not "orchestrate" the international rebuke, according to State Department spokesman Mark Toner. (Source) According to Democrat strategist Mark Mellman ‏@MarkMellman the meeting never took place and the document is a "complete fabrication". But Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat confirms the meeting took place in Washington, but says the leaked minutes are lies and half-truths.” US officials from the State Department and National Security denied the meeting took place at all. (Source)