Friday, December 9, 2016


After losing the elections to Donald Trump the Left are at a loss what to do next. Once upon a time businesses understood that politics has no place in the work environment, but not any longer. Board Rooms are currently populated by politically motivated CEOs acting not as captains of industry, but as officers in the army for social justice.

UPDATE: The Left having lost the elections to Trump are besides themselves what to do next? Conceding defeat as a peaceful transition of Government within a democratic framework requires, is not in their nature. There's nothing wrong with the ideology, so the struggle will go on. Enter Walt Disney, the producer of the new Star Wars movie with an entirely new approach to the story, and Kelloggs Cornflakes plus 78 other companies withdrawing their ads from "white supremacist Breitbart". The Right retaliate with a counter boycott and hash tags.


In the Netherlands critics of Islam are being oppressed and even prosecuted. Truth is legally irrelevant. According to the Constitution offending a 'group' (in this case a nationality) constitutes 'discrimination'. Time for a repeat of the political trial against Geert Wilders until the judges get it right.

UPDATE: The Court in the trial of Geert Wilders found him guilty of incitement of racial discrimination and offending a minority group. Something is very wrong with the law in the Netherlands. But that's a debate for Wilders himself in the political arena, a very hard thing to do for a politician who is himself continuously subject of investigations and indictment. Let alone the issue whether a politician must be able to call into question a large minority group that refuses to integrate into Western, free society. And apart from the problem of inequality before the law and the arbitrary application of the law, this just goes to show that the problem is much wider than the fundamental freedom of speech. It goes to the perception that justice is no longer being served and that the Dutch are disenfranchised in their own country.