Friday, September 2, 2016


The West's confusion about moral issues lies deep within the roots of liberalism itself. Liberals do not see morality as objectively true, but as a subjective matter of personal taste. Liberalism commits suicide. Nothing illustrates this existential problem better than the debate about the burkini. (More)
 Rana Ayyub illustrates what Muslims think about the burkini issue. 

UPDATE: The French traditionally have no problem protecting their culture by law, something which is anathema in most other liberal-democratic countries. And rightly so. Culture is the domain that belongs to society, therefore it is up to society to defend it. Leftists do not consistently follow that rule: their first reflex is to use the heavy hand of the law to enforce whatever they deem moral. We have said all along that the purpose of the burkini is to empty the beaches of bikinis, just like the sex mob attacks are a social tool to pressure women to stay at home or to cover up. It's an attack on liberty by an enemy ideology: as such the 'shroud' may be banned by law. We also don't condone Nazi uniforms. The Canadian columnist Tarek Fatah is a sharp shooter. He has this to prove th point.