Monday, July 11, 2016


We live in a  fundamentally changed world. The economy is has stagnated. The ruling elites are serving their own interests. They are slowly waking up to the ruins of their policies. The question how to deal with the 'precariat' was part of the Bilderberg 2016 agenda. The globalists are scared to death of the new proletariat. 

UPDATE: British MEP Dan Hannan tries to make sense of the peasant rebellion on the British side of the equation. The number one reason all can agree on with is migration. Number two, the bailouts. And number three, the Iraq war. (Source) The latter may have impacted the UK more than any other nation and it is obvious that the refugee crisis and the phenomenon of ISIS in part grew out of  that war. But as Donald Trump has understood very well, the central issue that aggravates every other grievance is the state of the economy. It will change, but is will take time.