Sunday, July 10, 2016


The sniper -- member of the New Black Panther Party for a short time -- who killed 5 Dallas police officers Thursday night as they guarded protesters at an anti-police brutality march was angry about recent shootings by police and "wanted to kill white people." It was the deadliest day in American law enforcement since 9/11. 

UPDATE: We have already established that discrimination and police brutality against blacks is merely cover for the real objective, the destruction of the white 'slave state' and its Capitalist system. There are some eerie parallels between Islamic terrorism and BlackLivesMatter, the New Black Panthers and other black supremacist groups. At least there seems to be some synergy, which is only to be expected since both share the goal to destroy Western civilization. However irrelevant from that perspective, we will continue to follow the debate and log the facts as they present themselves.