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How the British will vote in the EU referendum will define the nature of the UK in the future. Life under a European government run by strangers who have the power to impose laws no one has voted for? Brexit: The Movie makes the case for an independent and self-governing Britain.


Brexit, The Movie. (Mirror)

UPDATE: How we vote in the EU referendum will define how we live our lives. Do we want to live under a Europe-wide government, which few of us understand, run by people we don’t know, who have the power to impose on us laws that WE haven’t debated, and have little or no power to block or overturn? Is it safe to live under a government that we cannot hold to account? ... a government that feels under no obligation to work in our interests or to reflect our views? Is it safe to remain tied, economically, to a declining trade block, shut off from the rest of the world? Brexit: The Movie spells out the choice before us, and makes the case for an independent and self-governing Britain. (Website) @BrexitTheMovie #BrexitTheMovie #VoteLeave


The world is at a historical crossroads. Dissecting the trends, the campaigns and developments in the cultural and political landscapes. America completed caucuses and primaries for the nominees for President on June 7 (Wiki). The Republican National Convention will be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio (Wiki).

June 7, 2016 LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump speech at Trump National Golf Club Westchester, NY.

UPDATE: On June 7 the following states have held their primaries: California 172 delegates, primary (semi-closed), Winner-take-all. Montana 27 delegates, primary (closed), Winner-take-all. New Jersey 51 delegates, primary (semi-closed), Winner-take-all. New Mexico 24 delegates, primary (closed), Proportional. South Dakota 29 delegates, primary (closed), Winner-take-all.



May 24, 2016


On Tuesday May 24 Washington State is held its closed primary, Winner-take-most of the 44 delegates.



Toby Keith - Made In America.

May 17, 2016


Tuesday May 17 the state of Oregon had its (closed) primary. At stake were 28 delegates, proportional.


May 10, 2016


Today May 10 primaries are held in the states of Nebraska 36 delegates, primary (closed), Winner-take-all and in West Virginia 34 delegates, primary (semi-closed).


May 6, 2016


Cruz trolls is misleading people that they don’t need to worry about showing up to vote in the remaining primaries. THIS IS INCORRECT! Until Mr. Trump gets 1,237 delegates, he WILL NOT BE THE NOMINEE! All the remaining states must show up to vote for Trump. He still needs the delegates! (More).

Ted Cruz, meanwhile, is still working the phones and the emails, urging people to show up and vote for Cruz in the primaries. Why? Read below! Thanks to the efforts by the GOP’s #NeverTrump movement, led by Senator Ted Cruz, former failed candidate Mitt Romney, talk show host Mark Levin and various “Conservative” media outlets such as RedState (red as in communist), the GOP establishment is now able to move forward with our next carefully selected President – and it won’t be Donald Trump and it certainly won’t be Ted Cruz (who we believe made a behind the scenes deal with the Republican Party for a SCOTUS seat). (More)

May 4, 2016



LIVE Stream: Donald Trump acceptance speech following Indiana Primary.

Donald Trump made post-election remarks at Trump Tower on the night of the Indiana Primary which was in effect his nomination acceptance speech..

On May 3 the state of 
Indiana went to the open primary. At stake were 57 delegates, winner-take-most. The landslide victory of Donald Trump meant the end of the Cruz campaign. John Kasich looks very much out of touch with reality as the sole rival left.


April 27, 2016


Donald Trump won all primaries in Connecticut (closed), 28 delegates, Winner-take-most. Delaware, 16 delegates, Winner-take-all. Maryland (closed), 38 delegates, Winner-take-all. Pennsylvania (closed), 71 delegates, Winner-take-all. Rhode Island (semi-closed), 19 delegates, Proportional. Huuuuuuuge landslide!


April 19, 2016


The New York primary is closed. At stake are 95 delegates, winner-take-most.


Toby Keith - Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American).

April 5, 2016


At stake in the Wisconsin open primary were 42 delegates, winner-take-all.


Mar 22, 2016


On March 22 the following states went to the primaries: American Samoa Caucus (open) - Arizona (closed) 85 delegates, Winner-take-all Utah Caucus (semi-closed), 37 delegates, Winner-take-most.


Mar 16, 2016


The last and next Republican Debate is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. But it is at this stage unclear who will attend. After Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he will not participate in Monday’s Fox News debate, rival GOP candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich said today that he’ll skip the debate as well. (Source) Rubio suspended his campaign last night after losing his home base in Florida.  Update: The Debate has been cancelled. Trump will hold a major speech at AIPAC. Livestream

March 15


On Super Tuesday II March 15 the following states voted in the primaries: FloridaIllinoisMissouriNorth CarolinaNorthern Mariana IslandsOhio. 


Live Stream: Donald Trump Press Conference from Palm Beach, FL.

Mar 12, 2016

On Saturday March 12 Washington DC and Guam went to the polls. As was to be expected DC was won by the establishment darling, Marco Rubio.

Mar 8, 2016


Today's primaries are held in the states of Hawaii Caucus (R) 19 delegates (closed), Idaho (R) (closed) 32 delegates, Michigan (open) 59 delegates, Mississippi (open) 40 delegates.

Currently, Donald Trump has 384 delegates, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has 300, while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is a distant third with 151. John Kasich is last with 37 delegates.

Three polls released Monday show Donald Trump with a strong lead in Michigan. John Kasich is currently in second place, followed closely by Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio is a distant fourth in polling. Cruz is considered the favorite in Hawaii. Trump should sweep at least three of the four contests on Tuesday.

Mar 8, 2016 Donald Trump will hold a press conference at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, FL. The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 PM EST.


Mar 5, 2016


On March 5 the following states voting in the primaries: Kansas Caucus, Kentucky Caucus (R), LouisianaMaine Caucus (R), Nebraska Caucus (D) (all closed).

GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump held a land mark press conference from Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, FL.

Donald Trump Press Conference in West Palm Beach, FL.



Mar 2, 2016


With present murky statement it becomes clear why there are misunderstandings with the Carson camp. Apparently he's dropping out of tomorrow's debate, but not out of the race. He does not however state this anywhere. 

I have decided not to attend the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate tomorrow night in Detroit. Even though I will not be in my hometown of Detroit on Thursday, I remain deeply committed to my home nation, America. I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results. However, this grassroots movement on behalf of “We the People” will continue. Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations. We must not depart from our goals to restore what God and our Founders intended for this exceptional nation. I appreciate the support, financial and otherwise, from all corners of America. Gratefully, my campaign decisions are not constrained by finances; rather by what is in the best interests of the American people. I will discuss more about the future of this movement during my speech on Friday at CPAC in Washington, D.C.


The counting has not been completed yet in all states. Hillary Clinton was the winner for the Dems. But Sanders has raked in enough money to keep him in the race. On the Republican side things are complicated. The GOP can always be trusted to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: the establishment wants Rubio as a front runner and no other. @StopTrumpPAC should prevent Trump from running against Hillary. More on: TRUMP REACHES OUT TO GOP ESTABLISHMENT.

Results of Super Tuesday: 


On Super Tuesday March 1 the following states voted in Primaries or Caucuses: Alabama, Alaska Caucus (R), American Samoa Caucus (D), Arkansas, Colorado Caucus, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota Caucus, North Dakota Caucus (R), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming Caucus (R).

Feb. 23, 2016


In the 2016 cycle, the state of Nevada has been given special consideration along with states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, to hold their nominating caucus early in the process. Started only a short time ago in 2008, the Nevada caucuses are slowly rising to prominence as the voice of the West during the early nomination process.


Feb 22, 2016  Sean Hannity Donald Trump interview at Las Vegas Nevada Rally Venue.

Feb. 20, 2016



Trump ahead in the primary polls of the first Red State, South Carolina. 

The “first-in-the-South”, the Red State South Carolina primary often helps to begin significantly narrowing down the field of candidates following contests in Iowa and New Hampshire. Polling places are open from 7:00am to 7:00pm

Declaration, set to the tune of One Republic/Ryan Tedder's "Too Late to Apologize", this video tells about the events leading up to the writing of the Declaration of Independence. By Soomo Productions.

Feb. 9, 2016


The New Hampshire Primary, also known as the first-in-the-nation primary will be the first actual primary vote taking place after the Iowa Caucuses, which are not technically the same as a primary. Unlike Iowa, where the caucus chooses delegates to the county convention, which then choose delegates to a state convention, and then the national convention, the New Hampshire primary chooses the delegates who will serve at the national party conventions which will select the nominee. One of the main differences between a caucus and a primary is that a caucus is organized by the political parties, whereas a primary is organized usually by the state board of elections as a regular election would be.

FINAL RESULTS of 2016 full New Hampshire presidential primary.

Feb. 2, 2016


The rebellion against the Ruling Class continues.

Feb. 1, 2016


In a philosophical analysis of the two Republican top runners -- Trump and Cruz --  the voters in Iowa today have to offset these sets of virtues and vices:

Virtue: Trump is an unapologetic American patriot. He is rich and he likes to win. These are the values that have made America great. They are the result of the pursuit of happiness: an inalienable human right. As a businessman Trump has a pragmatic approach to international diplomacy which may not always reflect Conservative values. But he's also not afraid to confront the bullies at home and abroad.
Vice: Trump is no orthodox Conservative, versed in the finer details of the philosophy. But he doesn't need to internalise them or express them, because he IS the American dream. He is a statist, but one that will put America first, because he knows in his soul that America is a force for the good. He also knows how to deal with statist bullies like Russia and China.

Virtue: An orthodox Conservative with minute understanding of the Constitution and it's underlying philosophy. He doesn't need to think about it; he has internalized it. Cruz has a brilliant mind, and has photographic hearing: he can reproduce a spoken text verbatim. Cruz is a fearless moral warrior.
Vice: There's nothing wrong with Christianity, but it's philosophy has one glaring flaw: altruism. Cruz is an unapologetic Christian. Although Conservative values will prevent him from the worst mistakes, Cruz can't help making sacrifices from time to time because that's his highest value. Personal sacrifices are fine and a man's own choice, but in a President that means sacrificing American interests. And that means sacrificing the good for a lesser good.


Trump keeps challenging the unwritten rules laid down by the partisan elites and their lapdog media. Trump says, it was Fox' statement (tweet) that was the deciding factor to pull out of the GOP debate. But it's a very rational decision as well. Why would he participate in a debate that's designed to embarrass him, if he can get the same exposure and more in an event that's also in a cause he cares about? Why fill the coffers of a corporation that's out for your blood. The fact that Fox invited the anti Trump, Hitler citing, Muslim advocate and illegal alien to ambush Trump proves Fox' hostile intent.

Jan. 24, 2016


Jan 23, 2016 NRO's scathing indictment of Trump will do very little to dissuade most Republicans from supporting him, D'Souza told Newsmax on January 22.

The internecine war between Trump and Cruz and their supporters (there's a difference) is hard to miss. It's a familiar battle between Pragmatists and Orthodox, between relativists and absolutists. There's something to say for both sides of the equation. Pragmatists like Trump are adaptable and oriented towards compromise, they go morally from non principled to opportunistic, which are all requirements in postmodern consensus politics. Pragmatism is fine as a strategy for action; but it is unsuitable as a comprehensive philosophy, like Conservatism. But a Pragmatist, if he has wisdom, knows how to pick competent advisers and will heed their good council. Trump can attract 'angry' voters from both sides of the aisle. He's a first class communicator, takes no prisoners and is beholden to no one. He is appealing to an electorate that has been battered and abused by the Ruling Class, both from the Left and the Right, and Trump is giving their anger and frustration a voice. If you want to win the elections, Trump's your man.

Those who listened to Glenn Beck the last few weeks, can't have missed his carpet bashing of Trump. Philosophical purism is fine but by definition, it has no place in politics. But reading an open letter to Mark Levin by a professional Trump supporter giving vent to a litany of complaints against his support of Cruz, you start to think that Beck's arguments (and there are many ) pass merit. The intellectual gap between the supporters of Trump and those endorsing Cruz is huge. Here are two ripe specimens:

  • NRO editional "Against Trump" (source)
  • "An Open Letter To Mark Levin" by Lauren Stephens (source)
We would make the argument that Trump and Cruz are two sides of the same coin, and would in fact be the ideal ticket. A victorious campaign needs both form and substance, the changeable and the permanent, Pragmatism and Conservatism. That is, if the internecine trench war isn't going to lead to irreparable harm. In the modern history of the world there has never been a more important election than the present. In the balance is the survival of Western civilization. This year, with the election of a new President of the United States  we will turn the tide of postmodern destruction, or we will succumb to it.

Dec. 14, 2016


Dec 14, 2015 We Want The Truth ... and we'll take it where we find it. 

Donald Trump fills a void. US confidence in protection from attack lowest in over a decade.

Dec. 2. 2015


Dec 2, 2015 Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told Alex Jones the two would be “speaking a lot” in future after a surprise radio interview that rocked the political establishment earlier today. The Donald joined Jones live from Trump Tower in New York City for a 35 minute discussion on everything ranging from Hillary Clinton’s corruption, to ISIS, to his most recent controversy about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11. At the end of the interview, Trump made reference to the mere fact of him appearing on the show, suggesting it would cause waves. (Source)

Sep. 12, 2015


Few realize there is an annual Convention of international Social Democrat Parties in which the policies, tactics and strategeries are set out. The flight from the political middle of the road that was the norm since Pragmatists Bill Clinton and Tony Blair co-opted the mixed economy (Capitalism combined with the welfare state) to ideological Purism is actually very perceptive. The voters are done with 50 shades of grey nuances that is neither Left nor Right, good nor evil, and all moral relativism. Conservatives and Liberals should take note of this trend back to the extreme wing of Socialism. Sanders in the US could be a fluke, Corbyn in the UK could be a coincidence. But the Left crowing red dawn all over Europe isn't. This new direction is particularly dangerous because of the Left's undeclared allegiance with the forces of Islam. What we can expect is more anti-Semitism in all its forms, Islamic extremism including apologetics for Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic State, hatred of Western values translating into policies that are suicidal for Liberty, reason and free enterprise.

Aug. 18, 2015

The Death of the Political Center

August 17, 2015 Sean Hannity Interviews Glenn Beck on Donald Trump, Conservatism, the Constitution and Beck's new book, "It Is About Islam". 

The grassroots are hungry for politicians who do what they say and say what they do. The popular backlash against the Ruling Class has become visible in the surge of politicians as Trump and Wilders. (Source) Loudmouths that go against the pernicious petty tyranny of political correctness. (Source) Many have come to hate the PC weapon for mind and language control so hevemently, they don't care anymore how we get to realize the main policy points like the border question, the moral approach to foreign policy, and the primacy of liberty and constitutionalism. But disdain for the fundamentals is the same 'end justifies the means' mentality as displayed by the current crop of politicians. The Trumps and the Wilders' of this world do have an important role to play as the shock troops against the status quo. But at the same time we must recognize that for building and execution of the principles other requirements are necessary.

On the Left side of the aisle Pragmatists are making place for old fashioned, steeled Marxists like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US. If that means the Left is also fed up with the lies and manipulations of the Pragmatists is too early to say. This is probably less a matter of backlash than it is organic development. The Left is changing one or two of its fundamentals every 20-30 years or so. (Source) Michael Barone terms the Pragmatists, the Center-Left and has following musings:
How can we explain the rejection by American Democrats and British Labourites of center-left strategies that recently proved so successful? One explanation is that people are acting out of principle. Left-wing Democrats and Labourites love to hear candidates echo those of their beliefs that are unpopular with the wider electorate. (Right-wing Republicans love this, too.) (...) What these constituencies have in common is an angry rejection of the center-left political formula that only recently produced impressive party victories. The first black president was able to corral 51 percent for re-election and retains enough loyalty to keep most Democrats from grumbling about his performance. But the leftward lunge so visible at Sanders rallies and Corbyn hustings pushes their parties to extreme positions and splinters what were majority coalitions. The strange death of the center-left threatens to make Britain solidly Conservative again and consign the Democratic Party to unanticipated minority status.

Hannity and Beck on Trump and the 2016 US Elections

Over the weekend two of America's leading Conservative talk show hosts exchanged views on Trump and his principles, or more precisely, the lack thereof. Our perspective on the Donald has been outlined in an earlier posting entitled "Trump and Wilders: Middle Finger To the Ruling Class". The Left versus Right dichotomy isn't dead. Words have meaning. But what we also see juxtaposed is the concept of Country Class versus Ruling Class as coined by Angelo Codevilla: the people against the elites. (Source) But a third division has become visible that hasn't reached the surface yet, but is very much in evidence: absolutism versus relativism. Or in political terms: Ideology versus Pragmatism. We will try to dig further into the matter in the coming months. Political Pragmatism is an actual philosophy espoused in the last decades by politicians as Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. The 'practical' approach has since overtaken the entire political world. But there are signs that Pragmatism has now run its course.

Part 2 of the Interview. 

Pragmatism is officially rooted in 19th Century America. Unofficially its principles are much older. The philosophy of Pragmatism is a rejection of the idea that the function of thought is knowledge of objective reality. Instead, pragmatists consider thought to be a product of the interaction between organism and environment. The function of thought is a tool for prediction, action, and problem solving, not for knowledge of reality as such. According to Pragmatism, philosophical topics—such as the nature of knowledge, language, concepts, meaning, belief, and science—must be seen in terms of their practical uses and successes rather than in terms of accuracy. It leads to a very curious, irrational and amoral world view. This makes Pragmatism exceedingly dangerous. There is but one principle underlying the philosophy: there are no principles. In practical terms it answers the question why, with 'because we can'. The moral standard is expediency and opportunity. The moral justification: the end justifies the means. More on Pragmatism in "Machiavelli, the Pragmatist".

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