Monday, May 23, 2016


Greater Albania has been debating deployment in Syria. A Muslim state, a Balkan Caliphate in the heart of Europe, was supported by Internationalists when they created independent Kosovo and Bosnia. Kosovo registered its first Islamist political party in 2013. 

UPDATE: An article on NYT on the inroads of Wahabism into Europe from the Saudi foothold in Kosovo is oozing criminal naiveté on the part of postmodern globalist thinkers. Bill Clinton's nexus with the lobby for Greater Albania created a Islamic state in the heart of Europe. To those with basic knowledge of Islam and its 1400 year old history -- not least in the region itself --  this development is no surprise. But the NYT is shocked, shocked by "a stunning turnabout for a land of 1.8 million people that not long ago was among the most pro-American Muslim societies in the world."


The Green Revolution did not get enough support and eventually died. Now Iranian women are defying the mullahs in stealthily shedding their hijabs; men are donning drag in solidarity. They are sharing images on Facebook page “My Stealthy Freedom”.

UPDATE: (...)The social media campaign against the compulsory hijab she launched two years ago has almost a million followers. “The Government wants to create fear but women have found their own way to freely walk in the streets of Iran or drive without covering their heads. It is a serious cultural war between two lifestyles. For women, their hair is their identity and making it short to just avoid the morality police is really heartbreaking, but in a way, it is brave,” Alinejad said. “The head scarf issue often features prominently in the constant tug of war between hard-liners and Iran’s youth society. Iran’s laws require that all women, from the age of seven when they start school, cover their hair out of a traditional respect for culture and morality. But so far, Iranian women are brave to break this discriminatory law.” Iran recently arrested several women who shared photos of themselves in public with their hair uncovered on Instagram and other social media. Fearing similar repercussions, many women have now made their profiles private. A politician was disqualified from Iranian parliament after photos purporting to show her in public without a headscarf emerged, despite her insistence they were fake. (More)