Wednesday, May 18, 2016


German comedian Jan Böhmermann faces 3 years in prison for insulting Turkish President Erdogan. The Turks have now broadened their attack on Liberty to the Netherlands by prosecuting a critical columnist. Erdogan is now seeking an injunction against a German media executive.

UPDATE: A court in the German city of Hamburg on Tuesday banned the author of a poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from publicly reciting passages from his work. The court ruled that only six lines of the 24-line poem by German comedian Jan Boehmermann could be recited, offering the Turkish leader a partial legal victory. The poem accused Erdogan of bestiality and paedophilia and has caused a storm in Germany over freedom of speech. Chancellor Angela Merkel has come in for criticism after she authorised possible criminal proceedings against Boehmermann. Any prosecution of the comedian would be launched under the rarely enforced section 103 of Germany’s criminal code — insulting organs or representatives of foreign states — which carries up to three years in prison