Friday, May 13, 2016


The monopoly of the media has finally come to a close. And they know it. In this live blog we relate the occasional insights into the pernicious role of the media and journalism in postmodern politics and society.

May 12, 2016 Trump: Amazon CEO using Washington Post for political power.

UPDATE: Donald Trump lashed out at Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos Thursday, claiming that the founder of was using the newspaper as a tool to influence corporate tax policy. (...) Trump was responding to Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward's disclosure that the newspaper has assigned 20 reporters to investigate the real estate mogul's life. (...) "He thinks I'll go after him for antitrust," Trump said Thursday. "Because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing. "He's using The Washington Post, which is peanuts, he's using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust." Neither Bezos nor Amazon had any immediate comment in response to Trump's claims. (Source)