Sunday, February 21, 2016


At the Dutch town of Ede on Saturday a Pegida leader was detained by police for wearing a porker hat. The event occurred during a protest rally against a refugee center. These institutions are presently multiplying faster than rabbits. At the demo also a member of the press corps was harassed by police officers. 

UPDATE: Walid Shoebat has the video of the arrest of the Pegida leader in the piggy hat with English captions. In the meantime it transpired that the mayor of the central Dutch town of Ede, @Cvanderknaap is a keen fan of refugees. He supports something in the order of  Merkel's plan for Europe, but in this case just for the Netherlands. He wants to mandate councils to take in quotas of refugees, no matter what the voters or their local representatives may think in the matter. A true democrat and a noble human being, our mayor! In the meantime a pattern is emerging how local authorities are dealing with protests of angry citizens against their open borders policies. As soon as a protest rally has been filed, Antifa or some other lefty group declares a counter rally. With an appeal to safety and disturbance of  the public order, the mayor has the authority to limit the civic rights of all protesters. This modus operandi serves two purposes: the civil right to protest is honored in theory, while in effect the protest has been made impossible. This is how the authorities are rolling these days. We live in a post democracy world, in case you hadn't noticed.