Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Originally PEGIDA is a product of the East German middle class: they don't want foreigners using their neat welfare state as a battle ground for intractable feuds. As PEGIDA goes pan European most participants have forgotten those roots. They just want to resist the treason Western leaders have committed against them. 

Feb 9, 2016 Vlog: Pegida protest in Amsterdam on Feb. 6, made virtually impossible by Antifa counter protest coordinated by the Mayor. (Source: @DGNeree)

UPDATE: The last few days a number of tumultuous Pegida protests were held across Europe. In France a retired general of the Foreign Legion was arrested. He now faces jail time. Something is seriously wrong when criminals roam free, while law abiding citizens are locked up in jail. (Read here about the war zone in Calais). In Amsterdam the Mayor covertly orchestrated a confrontation with Antifa counter protesters, virtually preventing Pegida from exercising their civil rights. (Source)