Saturday, January 30, 2016


There is no end to the mass delusion of Western leaders! And they call that "reason". The sex attacks in Europe are simply a "matter of public order" and have nothing to do with the refugee crisis, Jean-Claude Juncker’s inner circle believe. Those who think otherwise are xenophobic racists and to hell with the rights of women! 

Over the last few years we've seen Western leaders endlessly bowing and appeasing the enemies of Liberty. They labor under the doctrine, that any unpleasantness rooted in Islam must be foisted on a group of terrorists, first Al Qaeda and later ISIS; this 'scapegoating' enables them to wage war on that group of "unislamic" radicals, while at the same time appeasing and pandering to the "true" Muslims at home. The truth is, our leaders are demoralized. But what does that mean?