Sunday, January 17, 2016


Jitse Akse, Dutch volunteer with the Kurdish YPG has been arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of the unlawful killing of IS Jihadists in Syria, according to the Prosecution Service a criminal offense. The real war criminals however -- repatriated IS fighters -- are altogether treated differently by the State of the Netherlands. 

Photo: Jitse Akse. H/t AD ©Ruben Meijerink.

UPDATE: The mistakes of the Dutch Government are twofold: it acts from a position of moral neutrality in a war in which one party is the enemy of liberal democracy and all the values we stand for. If the law doesn't reflect that reality, then the law is morally wrong. Hitler committed all his evil atrocities LEGALLY. In fact he made a point of doing so. What we have at work here is the result of liberal tyranny, the idea that secular law comes before personal morality. It does NOT. Those who are taking this position, have learnt nothing from the World War II. Secondly, by prosecuting Jitse who is fighting evil, but not at least 30 others who did, the Dutch Government is siding with the Islamic State i.e., with evil! They are collaborating with the enemy.