Sunday, January 10, 2016


The New Year's Eve's sex mob attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe mark the grandiose collapse of the morally superior ruling elites. The fundamental, universal right of women to their personal integrity has been betrayed in favor of base, religiously inspired oppression we thought belonged to the past.

No2EU caught the problem succinctly and in it basic essence. Both the Left and the Right, united in the ruling elites have betrayed the fundamental rights of Western peoples. They have been betrayed by the Left, when they tore up the social contract with the middle classes, women and gays. They have been betrayed by the Right, when they abandoned the principle of Liberty: individual rights and freedom. There are a few explanations on offer for this moral dereliction. Two are psychological, another is political. But the ultimate cause is, that it's rooted in our own ideology. Mistakes that are woven into the fabric, become apparent only in the threadbare state of a philosophy that has outlived its moral usefulness.