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The Democrats and the CIA say "the Russians hacked the DNC headquarters, Hillary's substandard server and/or campaign director Podesta" (or something) to achieve victory for Donald Trump (live blog updated by Mark F. McCarty)The content was never denied. The House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence are investigating alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, to no avail so far. #CIACoup  Special Counsel investigation.

UPDATE: Julian Assange at WikiLeaks tweeted a WikiLeaks released State Department cable documenting that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered Mueller to deliver a sample of stolen Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia in 2009. Assange’s email signaled an investigation is needed into Mueller and his complex involvement with Russia and Uranium One, the company Bill Clinton promoted with Canadian entrepreneur Frank Giustra while Hillary Clinton served as Obama secretary of state in a criminal saga that ended up with Secretary Clinton voting to give the Russian State Atomic Nuclear Energy Agency, Rosatom, control of approximately 20 percent of all uranium holdings in the United States. Mueller’s involvement in the Clintons’ drive to profit from selling 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Vladimir Putin’s Russian government should properly make him the target of a Department of Justice grand jury convened to examine the Clintons’ involvement with Uranium One, thereby disqualifying him from serving as Special Counsel appointed to examine the “no evidence” Democratic meme that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. (All about Uranium One)

⏩ CIA Chief colluding against Trump
There are still deep state operatives holding on to the collusion narrative. Let's be clear about them. They are partisans in opposition to the democratically elected Government of the USA. As such they they should be fired on the spot! This is not how politically neutral civil servants -- which they are -- are supposed to operate. In the meantime, more and more of the Obama holdover schemes are coming to light.
The Guardian published an article last week that included information confirming that ex-CIA director John Brennen was indeed the American forerunner of political espionage targeted at defeating President Donald Trump. (...) Brennan reportedly worked with British and Estonian spies in order to sabotage the 2016 election in favor of Clinton. Brennan utilized false intelligence as an excuse to set up a multi-agency investigation into Donald Trump. This led the FBI to conduct a search on a computer server connected to Trump Tower, giving Susan Rice and other Clinton supporters a shield in order to spy on Trump’s people. The CIA acting under John Brennan leaked to the press that this investigation would be happening. His hope was to cause as much political damage to Trump’s campaign as possible. (...) The story that the Guardian published was extremely biased, painting Brennan and his crew as extremely intelligent whistle-blowers. (...) The Guardian claims that the head of the British spies, Robert Hannigan “passed material in Summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan.” Brennan wanted to make sure that the questionable tips were leaked, so he circulated them on Capitol Hill. He gave briefings in September of 2016 to the “Gang of Eight” about the tips, which went on to make the front page of The New York Times. (More)

 Fusion GPS agrees to testify
The Senate Judiciary Committee sent out a subpoena to Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS (...) Initially, Simpson refused to testify, which is why the committee sent out the subpoena. But now he has stepped up to the plate. “However, since that time, Mr. Simpson, through his attorney, has agreed to provide a transcribed interview and requested that the subpoena compelling his attendance at Wednesday’s hearing be waived,” committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said in a statement. “We’ve reached an agreement on this request and have withdrawn the subpoena.” (More)

July 29, 2017


In a stunning op-ed in the Washington Post titled, “The Quest to Prove Collusion is Crumbling”, the writer actually admits that the whole Russian collusion narrative is ‘the story that never was’. Almost as stunning as the piece itself, the story was ignored by both the main stream media and independent media. Ed Rogers penned this piece following Jared Kushner’s testimony. Rogers said, instead of igniting the Russian collusion narrative, Jared Kusner’s testimony stifled it, causing the media to “quietly back out of the room unnoticed”. Excerpts from Rogers’ WaPo op-ed (More)

The so-called Trump Dossier appears to be something like the Rosetta Stone that will allow us to decipher the true story underlying the Trump/Russia “collusion” hysteria. The hysteria has been driven by the Democrats and their media adjunct to explain the shocking outcome of the 2016 election. Ishmael Jones argued the fraudulence of the Trump Dossier here on Power Line yesterday. The FBI apparently thought the Trump Dossier was the real deal. John Brennan and James Clapper disseminated it in briefings to Presidents Obama and Trump. Leaks to the media followed in due course. [A FISA warrant was issued based on "the dossier" - ed.]

The provenance of the Trump Dossier lies with GPS Fusion. GPS Fusion is the for-hire political outfit paid to dig up dirt on targets, as Kim Strassel put it in her Wall Street Journal Potomac Watch column yesterday. For whom was GPS Fusion working in the matter of the Trump Dossier? GPS Fusion isn’t saying. Strassel connects a few dots and offers a hypothesis or two:
We know that at the exact time Fusion was working with the Russians, the firm had also hired a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to dig up dirt on Mr. Trump. Mr. Steele compiled his material, according to his [Trump Dossier] memos, based on allegations from unnamed Kremlin insiders and other Russians. Many of the claims sound eerily similar to the sort of “oppo” [former Soviet counterintelligence officer] [Rinat] Akhmetshin peddled. [Akhmetshin attended the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner.] 
We know that [GPS Fusion co-founder Glenn] Simpson is tight with Democrats. His current attorney, Joshua Levy, used to work in Congress as counsel to no less than Chuck Schumer. We know from a [Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck] Grassley letter that Fusion has in the past sheltered its clients’ true identities by filtering money through law firms or shell companies (Bean LLC and Kernel LLC). Word is Mr. Simpson has made clear he will appear for a voluntary committee interview only if he is not specifically asked who hired him to dig dirt on Mr. Trump. Democrats are going to the mat for him over that demand. 
Those on the Judiciary Committee pointedly did not sign letters in which Mr. Grassley demanded that Fusion reveal who hired it. Here’s a thought: What if it was the Democratic National Committee or Hillary Clinton’s campaign? What if that money flowed from a political entity on the left, to a private law firm, to Fusion, to a British spook, and then to Russian sources? Moreover, what if those Kremlin-tied sources already knew about this dirt-digging, tipped off by Mr. Akhmetshin? What if they specifically made up claims to dupe Mr. Steele, to trick him into writing this dossier?
Lee Smith has much more background on GPS Fusion in his Tablet column here. Ken Dilanian has more on Simpson in his NBC News report here. Bill Browder did business in Russia through Hermitage Capital Management, of which he is the chief executive officer; Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian auditor/attorney who represented Hermitage Capital. Magnitsky was arrested as a result of his work for Hermitage Capital and murdered in prison. On Thursday Browder testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on his close encounters with GPS Fusion (as did Thor Halvorssen (...)  (More)

July 27, 2017


In the live stream William Browder is testifying on Russia and the oppo sleeze factory called Fusion GPS hired by both the Democrats and Russian lawyer Veselnitzkaya, who had the meeting with Jon Jr. under false pretenses. Both Browder and Thor Halversson revealed recently the methods used by Fusion GPS. The long and short of it is, the Russians were playing both sides against each other. Only yesterday Democrats blocked Browder's testimony. (More) Scroll down to THE CABAL BEHIND THE FAKE RUSSIA "DOSSIER" on June 28, 2017.


July 27, 2017 Live Stream: William Browder Testifies before Senate Judiciary Hearing.

July 24, 2017


July 24, 2017 Live stream: Jared Kushner statement after closed Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing.

Jared Kushner's written statement to House and Senate Intel Committees (source). Tomorrow the President's son in law will answer questions of the House Ctee.

July 10, 2017


More than half of the memos created by former FBI Director James Comey of his private conversations with President Trump have been found to contain classified information, according to a new report. (Source) Four of seven memos Comey created had markings making clear they contained information classified at the “secret” or “confidential” level, officials directly familiar with the matter told The Hill. The revelation that four of the seven memos included some sort of classified information “opens a new door of inquiry into whether classified information was mishandled, improperly stored or improperly shared,” it said. "This revelation raises the possibility that Comey broke his own agency’s rules and ignored the same security protocol that he publicly criticized Hillary Clinton for in the waning days of the 2016 presidential election", it added. (More)

June 28, 2017


A Democratic Party-aligned opposition research firm is stonewalling Congressional investigators who are trying to ascertain exactly who financed the now-debunked “Russia dossier” – remember? The one that claimed germaphobe Trump enjoyed getting urinated on by Russian hookers? The New York Post’s Paul Sperry is out with another report about Fusion GPS (source), a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.” But congressional sources say it’s actually an opposition-research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda." Fusion has refused to answer Senate investigators’ questions or provide records of communications that might help the panel identify who financed the error-ridden dossier.

Now, because of the firm's intransigence, it looks like the investigators might soon make good on their threats. “These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns,” a congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said. “These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.” The firm was founded by Glenn Simpson, Thomas Catan and Peter Fritsch. Two of whom, Fritsch and Catan, have ties to Mexico -- with Fritsch, a former Journal bureau chief in Mexico City, married to a Mexican woman who worked for Grupo Dina -- a beneficiary of NAFTA. Catan, formerly from Britain, once edited a Mexican business magazine. Simpson, pictured below, is reported to have shared dark views of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump. Before joining Fusion GPS, Simpson did opposition research for a former Clinton White House operative. (More)

In separate news Sara Carter's latest revelation about the acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe suggests the FBI hunt on General Flynn may be rooted in a old gender discrimination case.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a central player in the Russia election case, is the focus of three separate federal administrative inquiries into allegations about his behavior as a senior bureau executive, according to documents and interviews. The allegations being reviewed range from sexual discrimination to improper political activity, the documents show. The inquiries remain open but so far there have not been any adverse findings against the senior FBI executive, who soared though the ranks the last few years to become deputy director and acting director since James Comey was fired. FBI officials and McCabe declined comment. Circa reported Monday that former supervisory special agent Robyn Gritz, a decorated counterterrorism agent, has filed a sexual discrimination and retaliation complaint that names McCabe and other top FBI officials. (More)

June 14, 2017


Michael Goodwin is looking back what leaks could can be attributed to Comey. There are at least three.
(...) By his actions, Comey reveals himself to be a fellow traveler with Never Trumpers. His firing brought him out of the shadows and into the open “resistance” to the president.  In hindsight, their clash was ­inevitable. (...) He admitted to the Senate he leaked just one memo criticizing Trump over the Gen. Michael Flynn case, asking a friend to give it to the New York Times. In its May 16 story, the paper identified its sources only as “two people who read the memo.” 
But that was not the first leak, for the Times had reported five days earlier on a separate, personal Comey memo attacking Trump for demanding “loyalty,” calling its anonymous sources “Mr. Comey’s associates.” Wait, that wasn’t the first leak, either. 
On March 5, one day after Trump accused President Barack Obama of wiretapping him at Trump Tower, the Times reported that Comey was furious at the charge. Its unnamed sources were “senior American officials.” 
All three stories carried the byline of Michael Schmidt, as did others describing intimate details of Comey’s dealings with Trump. Clearly, Schmidt had very, very good sources close to Comey. The Washington Post also had “Justice Department officials” as anonymous sources for a bombshell report saying attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions failed to disclose two meetings with the Russian ambassador. In calling Comey a “leaker,” Trump may have made the first understatement of his life. My bet is that Comey was a fountain of leaks, and didn’t show interest in prosecuting others because of his own guilt. (More)

The testimony of AG Jeff Sessions serves as a model for demoralized RINOs how to fight back against Democrat loonies and bullies. A new revelation by Circa references a document the existence of which has been in dispute for some time. If it exists is however immaterial. Comey believed it existed. Circa describes Loretta Lynch's reaction when Comey confronted her with the information.
Ex-FBI Director James Comey has privately told members of Congress that he had a frosty exchange with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last year when he confronted her about possible political interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after showing Lynch a sensitive document she was unaware the FBI possessed, according to sources who were directly briefed on the matter. (...) During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton. (More

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