Monday, November 14, 2016


Tuesday Nov. 8 Donald Trump was chosen President Elect of the United States. The world is on the eve of a geopolitical revolution (50 Paradigm Shifts). It will take a major adjustment to his opponents.  The first interview in Donald Trump's new role aired on Sunday Nov. 13 on the CBS program 60 minutes.

Nov. 13, 2016 Donald Trump on CBS 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl.

The interview with Leslie Stahl had its moments, but the mainstream media wouldn't be the mainstream media if there weren't a few nasty gotchas. The most pregnant moment came when the President Elect was asked about racist attacks that are said to be surging since the attacks. While you can't entirely exclude unfortunate incidents, we know these accusations to be untrue on any large scale. After Brexit for instance, the same slander was thrown at Brexiteers, but were all but a few repudiated. On the other hand, there have been vicious attacks on Trumpists, specifically against minorities who voted Trump. Of course we will hear nothing about those. This so called fear is largely self induced rather then born out of facts on the ground. Nevertheless Donald Trump reacted brilliantly, showing he is a better leader than Obama and Hillary combined when he looked straight into the camera and said, stop it. 

Cabinet Trump

On Sunday President Elect Trump made his first appointment. Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff while Steve Bannon will take up a role as Chief Counselor and Strategist.