Monday, August 21, 2017


Tuesday Nov. 8 Donald Trump was chosen President of the United States. The world is on the eve of a geopolitical revolution (50 Paradigm Shifts). It will take a major adjustment for Trump opponents. And how will Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia deal with the new reality? We look at the developments on Planet Trump.


Aug 21, 2017 RSBN LIVE STREAM President Trump Addresses the Nation on Afghanistan.

June 6, 2017


July 6, 2017 President Donald Trump Poland Speech Warsaw Ceremony.

On the day before the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany President Trump, Melania, Ivanka and Jared Kushner traveled to Warsaw, Poland to attend the Three Seas Initiative meeting. President Trump delivered a historic speech after a wreath laying ceremony at Krasinski Square. The Washington Post called it "dark" which means that it had depth. Indeed, Trump appealed to Western Enlightenment values, reminding us of the common good as represented and defended by the Polish people throughout their recent history under Nazi and communist occupation.

July 7, 2017


July 8, 2017 G20 Hamburg Presser, departure of Trump party. 

Globalists are economic illiterates, mental collectivists and moral altruists. Win/win, value alliances and national interests based on democracy are not part of their thought processes. Their world is a cake. So it's consensus by compromizing of values and redistribution. The Hamburg summit's motto: "Shaping an Interconnected world" stressing the globalist fallacy of "peace through interdependence". Globalists are basically stuck in the feudal, pre Enlightenment world. On the outside are the rioters setting Hamburg ablaze, protesting its inequities. All eyes are now on the Putin/Trump bilateral set to begin in a few minutes from now.

Protester ordering a Big Mac after rioting against the degradations of Capitalism.

Russia hacked the election

(...) With all eyes on the 'handshake' as Putin and Trump come face-to-face for the first time as world leaders, it seems the Deep State is desperately fearful of some rapprochement (...) And so, three stories (2 anonymously sourced and one with no facts behind it) in The New York Times (who recently retracted their "17 intelligence agencies" lie) and CNN (...) First off we have the 'news' that hackers have reportedly been breaking into computer networks of companies operating United States nuclear power stations, energy facilities and manufacturing plants, according to a new report by The New York Times. (...) The chief suspect is Russia, according to three people familiar with the continuing effort to eject the hackers from the computer networks. (...) Next we move to CNN who claim a 'current and former U.S. intelligence officials' told them that Russian spies have been stepping up their intelligence gathering efforts in the U.S. since the election, feeling emboldened by the lack of significant U.S. response to Russian election meddling. So that's more anonymous sourcing about Russian spies... doing what they would normally do during a presidential transition. And so finally, a third story - with CNN trotting out former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, to pin the 'Russians did it' tail on the "this is why we lost the election" donkey... (More)

Nov. 14, 2016


Donald Trump has won the Presidential election. But what does that mean? Welcome into the new world. The repercussions of Donald Trump as leader of the most powerful nation on earth are almost infathomable. The political and media establishment (but also entire swathes of the world population) still don't know what hit them. (More)