Saturday, November 12, 2016


Donald Trump has won the Presidential election. But what does that mean? Welcome into the new world. The repercussions of Donald Trump as leader of the most powerful nation on earth are almost infathomable. The political and media establishment (but also entire swathes of the world population) still don't know what hit them.

What does the world look like after the political earthquake of President Trump? 

The landslide victory of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States has enormous philosophical, psychological, political and international effects (at present, but also in the shorter and longer term). The elites are shaken to the core and do not even want to think about it. That's why we did. Below in no particular order is a list of 50 new realities we shall have to come to terms with.

1. President Trump does not believe in man made climate change and he's not going to waste a penny on the racket, dealing a heavy blow to the global climate movement. 

2. Islam realism will become a legitimate position (source). In practice this means that migrants and refugees from areas plagued by radical Islamic terrorism, will only be admitted after 'extreme vetting'. 

3. The mainstream media have lost all relevance.

4. Members of NATO will have to pay their fair share.

5. The EU has lost American support and will have to stop challenging President Putin of Russia.

6. The globalist EU will become isolated. In a short period of time the UK as well as the US have turned their backs on the EU. Within Europe anti EU sentiment is gaining momentum. 

7. Trumpism will become a legitimate political movement. Other countries seeking solutions for present day problems will be attracted to President Trump's political program. 

8. Unilimited migration (including the right to vote) as a means to expand the liberal base, without the adoption of Western values and without integration of recent arrivals, will come under increased fire.

9. Right-wing populism is no longer a marginal phenomenon. A major part of the Anglo-Saxon world has now embraced the movement (UK and US). 

10. It has become clear that 'hitting back' (one of Donald Trump's personal rules) works, provided it is applied consistently. 

11. The alpha male is back in fashion. Masculinity is a natural trait in men, and must be accepted as good. 

12. ISIS is now under attack from all sides. Trump vowed to destroy them. Quite intentionally he has refused to be specific and has not said when he will attack. N.B. the Commander in Chief does not require the permission of Congress for a short and limited offensive.

13. A situation unknown since the twenties has become a reality: the Republicans have not just won the White House, but also keep their majority in the House and in the Senate. The President will be able to quickly realize a large part of his agenda. 

14. President Trump will change America in a considerable way. He has not just free reign to realize his political program; his agenda is also very radical (unlike the traditional policies of the Republican party). 

15. The world order as conceived after 1945 and 1989 no longer exists. 

16. President Trump gets to appoint at least one, but potentially four new Judges to the Supreme Court. For the next 30 to 40 years the Court will be at least balanced, but will probably have a majority of originalist Judges. Originalists take the Constition as it was written, instead of interpreting it freely and legislating from the bench. 

17. For the first time in contemporary history a Republican President will enjoy the support of many Europeans. Right-wing populism is growing in strength in continental Europe as well. 

18. Donald Trump has a number of core qualities that will become increasingly valued in politicans: the will to fight, the will to win, self confidence, solution driven, real world experience and broad spectrum insight will become much sought after qualities in political leaders. 

19. Policies that smother economic growth (apart of confiscatory taxation) as cronyism and large scale regulation, will be scrapped. The positive economic effects will be huge and immediate.

20. The acceptance of zero growth as the new normal as in Europe, Japan and Obama's America, is history. President Trump has projected economic growth in the region of 4 to 6 percent per year. 

21. The Iran deal will be scrapped. 

22. The US becomes energy independent. 

23. Military interventions not in the US interest like the ones pursued by Presidents Obama, G.W. Bush (43) and Clinton are dead and buried. 

24. Germany, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia will have to pay for US protection. 

25. American talk radio hosts like Michael Savage (who supported Trump since 2011) and Alex Jones (who helped popularize Trump in a major way) are largely ignored by politicians and the mainstream media. After the election of Donald Trump they have become more relevant to a large segment of the public than the mainstream media. 

26. Brexit as well as Trump's electoral victory would not have been possible without the Internet. The Internet has played a major role in the Arab Spring (which turned out a disaster) and other movements around the world. This development can't be stopped. Cyber man has once again taken over power from the institutions. 

27. Chances are that future debate in the US will be about Conservatism versus Classical Liberalism instead of versus postmodern, Nihilistic liberalism. 

28. The chance that Right-wing populism will gain momentum in Europe, has substantially increased. 

29. Low taxation per Reagan, Thatcher and Kennedy will become more popular when the positive effect on the economy will become apparent to a larger public. 
30. The Left and the movement of 'social justice warriors' has been dealt a terrific blow. 

31. Replacing Obamacare with a free market solution will popularize the privatization of health care. Many countries will adopt the system if successful.

32. The fight against cronyism will raise awareness with the voters of political corruption. 

33. The alarming specter of a new Cold War with Russia has been averted. 

34. The often pernicious relationship of the US and Saudi Arabia will be stalled.

35. The economic and military expansion of China will be called to a halt.

36. The idea of American Exceptionalism is back in fashion. The time that Obama took apology tours around the world, is over. President Trump wants to be a cheer leader for the American brand of liberty. 

37. The realization of the border wall with Mexico will give even more fire to the immigration debate. 

38. Racial Alt-Right and values based Alt-Right will join battle for the definition of the new Nationalism.

39. The American armed forces will be reconstituted under the banner of peace through strength. 

40. After the election loss to Trump liberalism in general is in chaos and the American Democratic Party will be powerless until at least 2018. Until then they will use subterfuge, media deception and street fights to thwart the agenda of President Trump. 

41. The monster vote of invisible voters is a factor pollsters will have to take into account in the future.

42. The narrative in the public debate will get oriented on Nationalism versus Globalism rather than primarily on Capitalism versus Socialism. 

43. The Left and the Globalist elites are in total shock and disarray. They will have to come to terms with the reality of President Trump. They can't force anything on him. They can't control him. He is his own man. \
Trump will forge ties with new political leaders who are more in his own mould.

44. President Obama's heritage will be rendered null and void.

45. President Trump will become an icon for many young progressive people world wide. In parts of China this is already the case.

46. Brexit and the Trump victory have shown it is possible to successfully fight the narratives and the conceptual framings of the mainstream media. This will inspire and fire up other Right-wing populist movements around the world. 

47. A dichotomy will emerge between Right-wing populists for limited Government and Right-wing populists that aspire to a large Government. 

48. The United States has vanquished fascism and Communism. The new enemy is Islam+Globalist Socialism.

49. Some confusion related to international trade deals can be expected. In certain areas President Trump shall choose to put a stop to economic globalism, leading to negative economic effects; in other cases he will improve existing treaties resulting in positive economic effects. 

50. The geopolitical flux and the power vacuum created by President Obama is already being filled with the looming agenda of President-Elect Donald J. Trump. On the other hand it is impossible to predict what the effects of his projected policies will be. 

By Def