Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The DNCLeaks was followed by the Podesta Emails. Since Oct. 8 WikiLeaks has released daily batches containing serious revelations. The Democrats have made no effort to deny what's transpired so far. Per @ScottAdams: "The Russians hacked us" is an acknowledgement of guilt. Otherwise Dems would deny the charges, not the source. 

Email dtd Oct. 6, 2008 from Michael Froman to John Podesta.

UPDATE: Perhaps the most startling discovery of the WikiLeaks dumps so far didn't come from the most recent emails surrounding the various Hillary scandals, though there are many great ones, but from 2008 when John Podesta served as co-chair of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. The email came from Michael Froman, a former Citibank executive, who single-handedly built the entire cabinet of what was supposed to be the "main street" President. The email in question was even sent from Froman's Citibank email address (rookie!) and includes "A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, broken down by Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant level, plus a list of Native American, Arab/Muslim American and Disabled American candidates." Apparently Obama wasn't as worried about placing women in senior-level positions but Froman decided to offer up some suggestions anyway.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is a producer's holiday. The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant consumption is the result and reward of production. --Ayn Rand. 

In todays's broadcast Rush Limbaugh explains the true meaning and history of Thanksgiving. Ironically the US started off as a dysfunctional commune. After the Pelgrims saw the errors of their ways, they turned capitalist and never looked back. The US has become a prosperous and exceptional country because of it. President Trump will restore its former glory. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016



The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies is a lecture by Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who has just been appointed National Security Adviser in the Trump administration. 

Aug 23, 2016 Hausman Memorial Speaker Series:"Field of Fight" by Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn at the Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, MA. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Oleg Atbashian is a former Soviet dissident and now an American citizen, owner and curator of a brilliant satirical website, The People's Cube. He is now facing large fines and up to five years in jail for putting up anti-terrorism posters at George Mason University. In this exclusive interview, Oleg explains what happened.

Nov 16, 2016 Oleg Atbashian was never arrested till he targeted a leftist American university campus.

This was supposed to be a two-day poster campaign, to counteract the George Mason University hosting an official national conference for Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which is an anti-Semitic organization with well-documented ties to Hamas, a terrorist group whose stated goal is to exterminate the Jews. The GMU poster campaign was conceived by the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Selective enforcement is now the main tool of the modern tyrant. Laws are interpreted to prevent any kind of opposition to Marxist and Islamic domination of the culture and legal system. Posters and other materials supporting far left wing causes and Islamic ones (that at times even promote genocide of Israelis, and Jews overall) can be found on campuses across North America. Some universities even hold "Israeli Apartheid Week", something which, in Canada, would be a hate crime if it was targeted, for example, at Saudi Arabia. (Source)


James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence and the nation’s top intelligence official, who role was cast in the spotlight in the aftermath of the Snowden NSA revelations, submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday evening, ensuring that President-elect Donald Trump will have the option to build his own network of intel leaders.

Clapper, who is a closeted Muslim, doesn't want to serve under President Trump. That qualifies as good news! 

“I submitted my letter of resignation last night, which felt pretty good,” Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday morning. “I have 64 days left and I would have a hard time with my wife for anything past that" he said cited by The Hill. Clapper has long promised to leave his job at the end of President Obama’s term in office, so his resignation was expected. Still, the formal resignation brings the longtime intelligence official’s government career to a close and leaves a key vacancy for Trump to fill. Clapper took the helm overseeing 17 intelligence agencies in 2010, and served throughout the majority of Obama’s presidency. His tenure was marked by the revelations of Edward Snowden, whose leaks about U.S. intelligence shook up the community like nothing in a generation.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

GEORGE SOROS ARCHIVE: Aug. 15 - Nov. 14, 2016

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Nov. 14, 2016


Nov 12, 2016 Resurfaced 60-Minutes Interview with George Soros (1998).

Of all the financial titans and philanthropists of the 20th century, none are more complex or mysterious than George Soros. Like Carnegie, JP Morgan and the Rockefellers, he amassed billions through ruthless business decisions, only to turn around and give away most of his fortune to advance his own personal philosophy. He can move world financial markets simply by voicing an opinion or destabilize a government by buying and selling its currency. Did you ever wonder why the mainstream media NEVER talks about George Soros? They only scoff when conservatives mention his name and the influence he holds in politics. They prefer he remain a conspiracy theory only, and never shed a light on who he is. However, nearly twenty years ago, before George Soros was exposed as the mastermind pulling the strings of the progressive/globalist movement, “60 Minutes” gave us a comprehensive look at the mysterious man in politics way back in 1998. He has been able to destroy an entire country’s economy with his moves in the financial sector.


Jewish business magnate George Soros has orchestrated a “color revolution” against US President-elect Donald Trump, says an American political analyst, pointing to nationwide anti-Trump protests as evidence. E. Michael Jones, editor of the Culture Wars Magazine, told Press TV on Sunday that the unrest following Trump’s crushing victory over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Tuesday was carefully planned by Soros. He also argued that polls are being used as a means to undermine Trump’s presidency, just like they were used against him before the election. According to an ABC News/ Washington Post survey released on Sunday, 26 percent of Americans thought Trump’s election victory over Clinton was not legitimate. “What we are seeing here now is George Soros once again intervening in the internal politics of the United States by creating a color revolution,” Jones said.

The analyst said Hillary and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, were wearing purple during the former secretary of concession speech, indicating the color of the revolution. Jones said organizations such as MoveOn, which encourages people to stand against Trump, were being financed by Soros to forward his agenda. Republican leaning media outlets like Fox News allege that MoveOn is much larger than what it looks and that it “owns” the Democratic Party. The network has openly suggested that Soros owns the organization. During the 2004 presidential election, Soros gave nearly $1.5 million to the Voter Fund. In this year’s cycle, MoveOn issued a press release after Trump’s election, inviting Americans to hold “peaceful” protests across the US. (...) (Source)

Aug. 25, 2016


Bill O'Reilly exposes George Soros.

The recent DC Leaks, of over 2,500 documents from George Soros NGOs, has shed a bright light on how the billionaire uses his vast wealth to create global chaos in an never ending push to deliver his neo-liberal euphoria to the peasant classes. While Soros has managed to thoroughly destabilise the European Union by promoting mass immigration and open borders, divided the United States by actively funding Black Lives Matters and corrupting the very corruptible US political class, and destroyed Ukraine by pushing for an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-nazi strong men…one country that Soros has not bee able to crack has been The Russian Federation. Russia’s political pragmatism and humanist value system rooted in a traditional, “nation-state” culture most likely infuriates Soros. Russia is Soros’ white whale…a creature he has been trying to capture and kill-off for nearly a decade. Unfortunately for Soros (and fortunately for the entire planet) the Russian government realised the cancerous nature of Soros backed NGOs, and took the proper preventative measures…which in hindsight, and after reviewing the DC Leaks memos, proved to be a very wise move. (...)

The document summary… Russia today faces a regrettable backsliding into authoritarian practice. Confronted with serious domestic challenges, the regime has become more insular and isolationist, seeking to solidify its base. The progressively draconian laws promulgated since Putin’s return to the presidency have placed all foreign- funded organizations under threat of isolation and disrepute. Despite these decidedly challenging conditions, it is essential that we continue to engage Russia, both to preserve its extant democratic spaces, and to ensure that Russian voices do not go dark on the broader global stage. The destabilization of Russia, now aptly named, “the Russia Project” goes on to identify three cornerstone concepts… The complete PDF document can be found here (PDF):  (More)

Aug. 16, 2016


A leaked memo from left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal,” and that the refugee crisis means “new opportunities” for Soros’ organization to influence immigration policies on a global scale. OSF program officer Anna Crowley and program specialist Katin Rosin co-authored the May 12 memo, titled “Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review.” The memo focuses on an OSF program called the International Migration Initiative, which aims to influence immigration policy. The nine-page review makes three key points: OSF — which doles out millions to left-wing causes — has been successful at influencing global immigration policy; Europe’s refugee crisis presents “new opportunities” for the organization to influence global immigration policy; and the refugee crisis is the “new normal.”


Newly released internal memo shows that the progressive non-profit group Center for American Progress (CAP) controlled by billionaire financier George Soros set out to conduct opposition research on critics of radical Islam, as Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney, and Robert Spencer. The 2011 document, entitled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civil Discourse,” is one of more than 2,500 files stolen from Soros’ Open Society Foundations and published online on Saturday. The Center for American Progress has received millions of dollars in grants from Soros’ groups. In the memo, Open Society Foundations (OSF) executives lamented that progressive groups and members of the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community lacked “high quality opposition research” to combat “anti-Muslim xenophobia and to promote tolerance.” (Source)

Aug. 15, 2016


Hundreds of internal documents from groups run by billionaire liberal donor George Soros were leaked online Saturday after hackers infiltrated the groups. The 2,576 files were released by DCLeaks, a website which claims to be “launched by the American hacktivists who respect and appreciate freedom of speech, human rights and government of the people.”



Tuesday Nov. 8 Donald Trump was chosen President Elect of the United States. The world is on the eve of a geopolitical revolution (50 Paradigm Shifts). It will take a major adjustment to his opponents.  The first interview in Donald Trump's new role aired on Sunday Nov. 13 on the CBS program 60 minutes.

Nov. 13, 2016 Donald Trump on CBS 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl.

The interview with Leslie Stahl had its moments, but the mainstream media wouldn't be the mainstream media if there weren't a few nasty gotchas. The most pregnant moment came when the President Elect was asked about racist attacks that are said to be surging since the attacks. While you can't entirely exclude unfortunate incidents, we know these accusations to be untrue on any large scale. After Brexit for instance, the same slander was thrown at Brexiteers, but were all but a few repudiated. On the other hand, there have been vicious attacks on Trumpists, specifically against minorities who voted Trump. Of course we will hear nothing about those. This so called fear is largely self induced rather then born out of facts on the ground. Nevertheless Donald Trump reacted brilliantly, showing he is a better leader than Obama and Hillary combined when he looked straight into the camera and said, stop it. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016


The world in general and the United States in particular is on the eve of a historical Presidential election. Either the descent into postmodern, global tyranny will continue with the criminal Clinton regime. Or civilization will pull back from the brink led by Donald Trump in a renaissance of national self rule, with freedom and democracy for all


Saturday, November 5, 2016


What connects President Obama and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the wars in the Middle East and North Africa and explains Western warmongering against Russia? A personal vendetta of Clinton with Gaddafi led to destablization, thousands of deaths and the international migrant crisis. 

Part 2 RT: Pilger interview with Julian Assange. 'Clinton and ISIS are funded by same money.'

UPDATE: In the second excerpt from the John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, Julian Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of misleading Americans about the true scope of Islamic State’s support from Washington’s Middle East allies. In a 2014 email made public by Assange’s WikiLeaks last month, Hillary Clinton, who had served as secretary of state until the year before, urges John Podesta, then an advisor to Barack Obama, to “bring pressure” on Qatar and Saudi Arabia, “which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [Islamic State, IS, ISIS] and other radical Sunni groups.” “I think this is the most significant email in the whole collection,” Assange, whose whistleblowing site released three tranches of Clinton-related emails over the past year, told Pilger in an exclusive interview, courtesy of Dartmouth Films.

Friday, November 4, 2016

WIKILEAKS ARCHIVE: Aug. 2 - Nov. 4, 2016

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Nov. 4, 2016


RT: Assange: "I intend to bring her down!"

In an interview that will be broadcasted on November 8 on the RT network, the WikiLeaks editor in chief made a claim that he is not done with exposing the truth. He announced possible election day bombshell from Wikileaks. In the interview with RT he also added we have a lot of material, thousands of pages of material,” said the WikiLeaks leader, who remains in exile at Ecuador’s embassy in London. (...) Assange also added that no one is above the law, not even Hillary Clinton and I intend to bring her down! On the question how he will bring Hillary down? Assange answered: Get ready for an election day surprise that will surprise even Hillary Clinton! (More)

Nov. 2, 2016


Lib trolls wouldn't be lib trolls if they weren't up to some mischief. Beware of fake Wikileaks! Here's how you can tell a hoax from the real deal.

Oct. 28, 2016


Julian Assange talked to RT on the phone at a conference in Argentina on Wednesday. He said the Hillary Clinton campaign has attacked the Wikileaks servers. He said journalists and people who work in the media are predominantly middle class and view Trump as representing “what in their mind is white trash.” The distaste for Trump and his followers can for the most part be explained as a class thing. An article in a McClatchy paper disects the curious and elaborate endeavor by the Clinton campaign to brand Assange a pedophile. There is no level these gangsters won't stoop to.
Julian Assange has claimed the Hillary Clinton campaign has attacked the servers being used by WikiLeaks. Despite the Ecuadorian embassy shutting down his internet until the US election is over, the website will continue publishing, according to Assange. “Everyday that you publish is a day that you have the initiative in the conflict,” Assange said (...) Ecuador’s decision to shut down his internet was described by Assange as a “strategic position” so that its “policy of non-intervention can’t be misinterpreted by actors in the US and even domestically in Ecuador.” (...)  He did, however, reject the idea that WikiLeaks is interfering with the US election, claiming, “this is not the interference of electoral process, this is the definition of electoral process – for media organizations and, in fact, everyone to publish the truth and their opinion about what is occurring. It cannot be a free and informed election unless people are free to inform.” He also attacked US TV networks, many of whom he accused of being “controlled by Clinton supporters." (...) 

Oct. 22, 2016


A massive DDos attack on DynDNS outed major sites yesterday. The attack was conducted through malware infected devizes connected to the Internet of Things. WikiLeaks supporters claimed responsibility, but experts are skeptic. Others have suggedted the attack was actually a 'stress test' in order to assess possible damage a massive cyber attack could do to US infrastructure. Which by the way would not be a bad idea. In the meantime Hillary's claim that "17 intelligence agencies have said the recent hacks are done the Russians" was almost instantly disproved.
A massive cyberattack Friday on a key internet routing company knocked offline major websites like Spotify, Twitter and The New York Times, as WikiLeaks supporters claimed credit… Hacktivist groups Anonymous and New World Friday afternoon said they were behind the digital siege, indicating it was retaliation for the Ecuadorian government’s decision to cut off internet access for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over his site’s ongoing leaks of alleged internal documents from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. “The specific target is anything big,” a New World Hackers representative using the alias Prophet said in a text message exchange with Politico. “We were testing our power at first.” However, authorities are urging caution noting that both groups have falsely claimed credit for such attacks in the past. The NY Times is reporting that election officials are worried an attack like this could create a problem for voters in some states (More) (More

Oct. 21, 2016


Assange has made clear that the email leaks aren't hacks, but leaked, physical documents. The source isn't hackers, Russian or otherwise, but an inside whistle blower.

Oct. 18, 2016


Multiple US sources told Wikileaks John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations. But according to Wikileaks a "front has released through US Democratic media an elaborate story accusing Julian Assange of paedophillia and taking US$1million from Russia" (Tweet) We are not aware what front this is, but we traced the article to the Uber Leftie troll site Daily Kos. The blog is listed as an outlet for the Soros agenda. Kos connects the severing of Assange's Internet link to the "pedophilia investigation". Sex is the weapon of choice for the gutter minded.

Oct. 17, 2016


Last night we were alerted to Wikileaks posting three mysterious series of code addressed to the US Foreign Sec. John Kerry, to the UK Foreign Office and to Ecuador. Followers feared for Assange's life. As it turned out, the keys were a code to authenticate documents. This morning Wikileaks Twitter account clarified that Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed. We're not out of the woods yet. Over the last few days the Obama regime has been behaving like the maffia, threatening the Russians with reprisals for an unproven hacking; and now the state of Ecuador is warned of "grave consequences". The usual methods to suppress the opposition hasn't worked. No avalanche of groped pussies has been able to separate Trump from his voters. Expect anything from this criminal regime, folks. Brace for impact! #FreeAssange

Oct. 7, 2016


The "Podesta Emails" is a WikiLeaks series on deals involving Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. Mr Podesta is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001. Mr Podesta also owns the Podesta Group with his brother Tony, a major lobbying firm and is the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington DC-based think tank. Live Blog Podesta Emails.


Oct. 4, 2016


You have to wonder how this Houdini of cyberspace would be able to pull this off from his jail cell. Give away: the file called "pay for play". This must be a hoax.
Update: Apparently Guccifer 1.0 is in jail. According to Chuck Ross of Daily Caller a review of the newly released documents "reveals no information about the Clinton Foundation. Instead, the documents appear to come mostly from the Democratic Party of Virginia. Other documents appear to come from the national Democratic party. (...) The legitimacy of the documents has not been independently verified. (More)


October 4, 2016: LIVE Stream: Wikileaks/Assange Press Conference.

What do they have on Hillary? Live stream coverage of the Wikileaks press conference featuring Julian Assange. Assange is expected to make an announcement and release information that could be potentially damaging to Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign.


Oct. 3, 2016


Oct 2, 2016 Scott Binsack @BinsackSb says WIKILEAKS WILL DUMP. YT Channel - Website The Rainmaker.

Scott Binsack has important news! Tomorrow at 10AM EST (Berlin time) Wikileaks is going to drop the ax on Hillary in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. We are working on a live stream. For now please watch Scott's kick ass video and  listen carefully.
Binsack: "Trump unleashes the hammer at recent rally against #Killery!! #Comey to resign!! I had the honor of talking to a Gold Star Mother of one of the wrongfully killed brave servicemen from the #Benghazi tragedy!! The #FollowTheMoney Trail for #PayForPlay via #TheCorruptClintonFoundation gets deeper. Chinese involved!! NY Times busted at there own game!! Please like, share and comment we must get the truth out via the Internet, main stream media will not!!"


Assange will be making an announcement on Tuesday via live video, but not in public from the balcony of the embassy citing "security concerns". Whatever the leak, it will be blamed on Russia.

Oct. 2, 2016


Is it the October surprise? Jesse Rodriguez, the senior producer for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” posted what could be interpreted as an ominous comment on social media last week regarding Julian Assange. …ominous if you’re with Team Hillary. According to the “Morning Joe” senior producer, the founder of the whistle-blowing platform WikiLeaks will be making an announcement from his balcony next Tues, October 4. Assange appeared on Fox News just a few weeks ago and repeated previous claims that his organization has significant documentation that could be damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign. (More)

Sep.14, 2016


Internal hacked documents from the Democratic National Committee hit the Internet on Tuesday as part of a massive, 700 megabyte file, potentially the largest release of hacked data in this year's election. The documents, released by the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0, appear to include files covering Tim Kaine's 2009-11 tenure as DNC chairman. His role at the DNC overlapped with his 2006-10 term as the governor of Virginia, where he served prior to his election to the Senate and this year's campaign for vice president. It is uncertain whether the files, which may have exposed Kaine's personal cell phone number, contain information that will be harmful to the party. DNC Chair Donna Brazile was quick to blame Donald Trump, suggesting the leak was part of a Russian campaign to help Republicans. "There's one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts, and that's Donald Trump," she said in a statement. Guccifer 2.0 has released a stream of Democratic files over the year, beginning with 20,000 files obtained from the DNC, and subsequent leaks from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said this month that his organization holds up to 100,000 additional pages of documents, some of which were obtained from Guccifer 2.0, and that they would begin releasing those documents in the coming weeks. (Source)

Aug. 13, 2016


After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the Romanian hacker Guccifer 2.0 returned last night with a post to his WordPress blog. Investigators generally link Guccifer 2.0 to Russian operatives. The hacker previously provided nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails to Wikileaks. Yesterday he uploaded an Excel file that includes the cell phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of nearly every Democratic member of the House of Representatives. The file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel. He says the spreadsheet was stolen during a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach,” the hacker wrote. Along with the Excel file he also uploaded documents that included the account names and passwords for subscription services used by the DCCC, from Lexis-Nexis to Glenn Beck’s web site. Guccifer 2.0's Twitter account has since been suspended.

The Dems are not the only target. Guccifer 2.0 also posted a small batch of leaked emails from Republican campaigns and state GOP staffers. The emails on the site, known as DCLeaks, appear to be from state party officials and former Republican presidential candidates, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). The messages range from June to October of 2015. (More)

— ARnews 1936 (@ARnews1936) August 13, 2016

Aug. 3, 2016


After Debbie Wasserman-Schultz the #HillaryLeak three more Democrat head honchos are biting the dust.
The CEO of the DNC, Amy Dacey, is departing, as are communications director Luis Miranda and chief financial officer Brad Marshall, the DNC announced in a statement. (...) it’s clear that the DNC is trying to turn the page from the disastrous leak of nearly 20,000 stolen emails, which appeared to show officials at the committee plotting against Sanders's presidential campaign. Those messages, published by WikiLeaks just days before the Democratic convention, caused a political firestorm. Sanders supporters had long accused the DNC of tilting the primary process in favor of Clinton, including with the debate schedule, and the email messages appeared to confirm their suspicions.  (More

But wait, there's more. Allen West is reporting that (...) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary challenger is filing a complaint with the Federal Election Committee claiming that the outgoing DNC chairwoman wrongfully used DNC resources to target his campaign. Tim Canova, a law professor and supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders, said his campaign lawyers found evidence that Schultz violated FEC rules among the recent WikiLeaks disclosures that forced the chairwoman’s resignation.

Aug. 2, 2016


The Trump crew are confident Hillary can be defeated on the basis of her record.