Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Every pretense of objectivity gone, the media are now openly hostile to anything right of center. The press is no longer the fourth estate. It is in open warfare with the democratically elected administration of President Trump. Not willing to take the media attacks lying down, every criticism offers a new opportunity of pursuing the war against the people. 

UPDATE: Orwell lives! "The dirty war on the free press must end," is the demand of the collective "hate Trump" mainstream media. Following the initiative of The Boston Globe, newspapers across the US are launching a coordinated attack tomorrow against the President and his "enemy of the people rhetoric". It stings! It must be pointed out that Trump's criticism is against the fake news media, not every news outlet in general. But chances are a great many of them will be part of tomorrow's ambush. The media have elevated their own status to the praetorian guard of free speech. But the keen observer has already concluded that free speech is exactly what they intend to destroy. From manipulating the people's perception to outright lies, the enemy of the people and the foe of a free nation is exactly what they are! Tomorrow these liars are sinking even deeper than they've already done. Their emotive qualification of Trump's critique as a "dirty war" is the very illustration of their illicit trade: demagoguery.

July 9, 2018


In the Trump era, there's been a lot of worthy, aggressive journalism probing every facet of his administration and its alleged missteps. But there's also been a series of mistakes and fact errors by top news organizations, which may itself be historic in nature. Earlier this year, the President named what he sees as top offenders in his Fake News awards. Some of his examples tracked with ones we, too, identified while researching this report on what we think is one of the biggest stories of Trump's Year One. (...) Recently, a journalism think tank called the Neiman Lab released a survey showing a continuing a steep increase in the percentage of Americans who think the news media is biased. 45% now think there is 'a great deal' of political bias in news coverage, up from 37% just five years ago. (More) H/t @fntrader

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