Monday, October 17, 2016


Both the Left and the Right Wing of the Elite Establishment are conspiring to take out Donald Trump, the outsider whose presidency would mean the end of their cozy power sharing arrangement. Surely no one believed the globalists would relinquish power without playing a few dirty tricks? 

Charlotte, North Carolina: GOP office firebombing: 'This is a horrific, horrific act of political terrorism.'

UPDATE: Gov. Pat McCrory Sunday called the weekend firebombing of a North Carolina Republican headquarters “an attack on our democracy,” while one GOP official called it an act of “political terrorism.” In a tweet, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump blamed “Animals representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in North Carolina.” Hillsborough police said somebody threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies and furniture ablaze before burning itself out. A swastika and “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” were spray painted on the side of an adjacent building. No damage estimates were available. “The firebombing of a local political headquarters in Orange County is clearly an attack on our democracy,” McCrory said in a statement. “Violence has no place in our society – but especially in our elections. … I will use every resource as governor to assist local authorities in this investigation.”

The UK Daily Mirror blames Trump.

Oct. 13, 2016


Donald held a scathing speech today in which he excoriated the smear campaign of Hillary and her conspirators in the media against him. The Trump campaign has offered a written statement and denies all the allegations. Some stories defy reason.

Oct. 12, 2016


GOP'ers were told last weekend that Trump would drop out of the race because of the tape, and Pence would take over. FoxNews actually shortly reported a rumor to that effect over the weekend. 50 Elected GOP'ers actually withdrew their support from the nominee. We have already established that the Trump Tape was an inside job (scroll down). But the plot is even more convoluted. Listen to the audio. Hillary was going to win the election, but no worry, Ryan and Rubio would come as knights in shining armor in 2020 to save the party and the globalist brand of Conservatism. What sad losers! It puts Donald Trump's tweet last night about the broken "shackles" in an entirely new light. Jack Posobiec of Citizens for Trump is partnering with Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich to get out the vote, Stop The Steel and polling efforts to thrash out cases of voter fraud.  (More)

Oct. 11, 2016


Jerry Falwell Jr. yesterday claimed that the Trump Tape is an inside job. Last night NeverTrumper Guy Benson posted a tweet that basically gave the game away (scroll down). Someone claims to know who is the culprit, but there is no evidence except that Dan Senor @DanSenor is a former adviser to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan who started his career with Bremmer in Baghdad's Green Zone. He's married to NBC hack Campbell Brown, formerly of the Clinton News Network CNN. In the tweet below is Senor in a debate regurgitation on CBS. Talking of NBC,
you have probably seen the media claiming a released presidential poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal as an example of Hillary Clinton expanding to an 11 point lead in the weekend following the “controversial ”leaked tape of Donald Trump. The claim is complete and utter nonsense. Here’s the proof (More)


Oct 10, 2016 EXPOSED! GOP Sabotage of Donald Trump! - Mike Cernovich interviews Corey Stewart & Chuck C. Johnson. 

Cernovich has convinced himself the leaking of the Trump Tape was an inside job. Last night NeverTrumper Guy Benson posted a tweet that basically gives away the game. What makes sense is that the GOP has taken over the Trump campaign. It explains a lot. This is obviously the last thing we need at this stage of the campaign. The GOP never fails to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The video also throws light on the appearance of Bill and Hillary's rape accusers prior to the second debate, which was an idea of Chuck Johnson of Don't jump to conclusions as a lot is going on and everything is in flux. But follow developments closely!

Oct. 10, 2016


An article on Politico throws light on the Twitter conversation involving David Brock, founder of Media Matters, a liberal "fact checker" funded by George Soros saying he would gladly part with a "leak fee of $5 million" to bring down Trump.
MGM is out with a new statement claiming that they are not able to release raw footage of Donald Trump during his time on the show "The Apprentice" because of contractual obligations. "MGM owns Mark Burnett's production company and 'The Apprentice' is one of its properties. Despite reports to the contrary, Mark Burnett does not have the ability or the right to release footage or other material from 'The Apprentice.' Various contractual and legal requirement also restrict MGM's ability to release such material," the statement from MGM and Burnett said in part. (...) 
Former "Apprentice" producers have begun coming forward, claiming that raw footage of Trump during the show would also be damaging. But, some of the producers have said, their contracts included a heavy fee if they leaked any of the footage (initially it seems, to prevent spoilers about winners of the contests). Clinton ally David Brock has pledged to pay any of the fees associated with a leak. But, Burnett denied recent reports that he had threatened producers to not leak any footage. "The recent claims that Mark Burnett has threatened anyone with litigation if they were to leak such material are completely and unequivocally false. To be clear, as previously reported in the press, which Mark Burnett has confirmed, he has consistently supported Democratic campaigns," the statement concludes. 


First of all we have to be prepared for more. In the meantime a few interesting bits of news are emerging over the origin of the Trump tape. Jerry Falwell Jr. told WABC Radio host Rita Cosby he has evidence that GOP establishment insiders leaked the “Trump tape” in a pre-arranged move to sabotage the Republican candidate’s campaign. But a conversation on Twitter involving David Brock, founder of Media Matters, a liberal "fact checker" funded by George Soros, who would gladly part with a "leak fee of $5 million" to bring down Trump. The tape (...) was seized upon by House Speaker Paul Ryan as a reason to withdraw his support for the Donald. Falwell:
“I think this whole tape… video tape thing was planned, I think it was timed, I think it might have even been a conspiracy among establishment Republicans who have known about it for weeks and who tried to time it to do the maximum damage to Donald Trump, and I just… I just think it just backfired on them,” said Falwell, son of the famous evangelical pastor. Commenting that nothing on the tape was defensible, Falwell said he had received “independent information” that “some of the establishment folks who reluctantly endorsed him had this planned all along as a way to slither out of the endorsement.” The president of Liberty University refused to name names, but told Cosby that the claim had “substance” behind it, came from “reliable” sources and was not just a rumor. “I think a lot of the establishment Republicans have been conspiring together for the last six weeks or more, and I think this was all a plan,” he added, noting that the timing of the tape’s release “conveniently gave Paul Ryan a way to disinvite Trump” from the rally that took place on Saturday in Wisconsin. Ryan has since all but abandoned Trump and thrown in the towel, conceding the presidential election to Hillary Clinton, according to a Politico report. “I think that’s a slimy way to conduct themselves and I was just glad to see that it didn’t work,” added Falwell, telling Cosby that when the full story comes out it will be “surprising to a lot of people” and that he knew six weeks in advance “something big was coming down.” Listen to Falwell’s comments in the clip below, starting at the 2 minute mark. (Audio)

Oct. 9, 2016


Warning has been issued that another sexually oriented attack is brewing in the coming days involving a 14 year old girl. It is a known hoax. Beware! Here are a few reactions to the Trump Tape from fans, RINO "allies" and Hollywood virtue signal artists. After almost two years of campaigning the opponents still haven't figured out Trumpism, the relationship with his followers and the popular mood that sparked the Trump movement. A sampling:

Oct. 8, 2016


Arianne Zucker, in "SoapTalk" (2005) at 5:35 admits: "I did flirt with Donald. He is so cute and charming." 

Oh dear, that is a spanner in the works. The narrative crumbles.


Access Hollywood and the Washington Post explain how they found the Donald Trump video. "Access Hollywood began digging into its archives for videos of Donald Trump earlier this week", so they say. Former staff members of the show "The Apprentice" described Trump's behavior toward women as "lewd" and "inappropriate." The show's host Natalie Morales said that in the course of their reporting, Access Hollywood staffers looked back at the many interviews they've had with Trump and discovered the footage of Trump with then-host Billy Bush chatting on a bus about women and using vulgar language. (More) Ow my! Major pearl clutching ensued. The permissiveness of the progressives does not extend to their political opponents. Hypocrisy is their middle name. As for the GOP traitors, a Bible quote: He who is without sin, cast the first stone.


Oct 7, 2016 Hillary - the women's rights champion - defended a child molester who raped a 12-year-old girl, then laughed about knowing he was guilty.