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ARCHIVE SOCIAL MEDIA: May 6, 2016 - Sep. 5, 2018

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Sep. 5, 2018


Live stream: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifying before the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee.

Alex Jones, who was banned from Google's YouTube but not from Twitter, ascended Capital Hill today to cross swords with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Li'l Marco Rubio. These old fogeys in Congress are way over the heads when it comes to technology; that's why we need white hats like Julian Assange. Dorsey is in the wrong business. He appears to be an honest liberal, looking for a goal larger than himself with a view to "teach". He should have tried the eduction sector or the Peace Corps; not leading a platform that has no opinion of what people are posting as its content. To make matters worse, Congressmen are equally confused about the First Amendment. Tech CEOs have two big decisions to make: 1. Are they public or private? 2. Are they neutral conduits or are they publishers? You can't have your lunch and eat it too!

Sep. 4, 2018


Tomorrow the tech CEOs are having another House committee hearing. Apple, Facebook and Twitter chiefs are attending, except Google's who thinks the multinational corporation is above the people, which tells you all you need to know. Twitter's Jack Dorsey on the other hand is oozing cooperation and evenhandedness, declaring that the decision not to ban Alex Jones was made by Dorsey himself, overruling his own staff.
Twitter has said that its overzealous downranking of accounts was the result of errors in their system, just three days before CEO Jack Dorsey is set to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on the subject of social media censorship. The company said that in its previous system, accounts determined to have a “higher likelihood of being viewed as abusive” were downranked in public conversations — up until now. Notably, the platform’s previous system didn’t merely seek to downrank accounts that were actually abusive, but accounts that could be viewed as abusive. And not even that — accounts that were likely to be viewed as abusive. (More)  

Aug. 19, 2018


Sensing perhaps that breaking point is close for the tech giants, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has gone on a PR spree across the mainstream media. In that he proved more democratic than the Googles or even the Suck. In fact, Dorsey went so far as laying bare the very root of the problem. In above interview with CNN he admits that he has Left-wing bias.That was utterly redundant. In a sentence prior to his confession he states that Twitter does not regulate ideology; they regulate behavior. And in that lies the crux of the problem.

Dorsey being the Leftist that he is, has no idea what Conservative ideology actually is. Not to be confused with European Right-wing Socialists (who have no compunction to use the law of the state to impose their moral choice on others), American Conservatives in fact do not have the urge to regulate people's actions or opinions. Because to them, what people think and do is between themselves and their conscience (or God, if you are religious).

The Left on the contrary do not believe in this moral program. They reject free will and as a consequence the freedom of choice.  Without the freedom of choice, morality is moot.

This is of course an individualist concept. The Left on the other hand reason from the wellbeing of the collective. They seek to shield society (hence Socialism) from individual acts that may harm groups (minorities). Hence their wish to regulate "behavior", itself a term from the field of ethology, animal behavior. This stands to reason: a creature without free will is of course, an animal.

This fundamental difference in world view has great consequences for social media, where the two opposing positions interact. As a compromise and for the sake of peace and sharing a democratic platform either Conservatives will have to curtail their (morality based) opinions or liberals must become more tolerant. It's not gonna happen. Time for a divorce of tech and social media.


A California judge has ruled that Twitter’s policy of banning users “at any time, for any reason or for no reason” may constitute an “unconscionable contract”, and that a lawsuit against the company brought by self-described “white advocate” Jared Taylor may proceed on that basis. (More)

Aug. 9, 2018



Aug. 9, 2018 Sean Hannity's exclusive interview with Jack Dorsey. 

Sean Hannity scored a major coup on Wednesday when he interviewed Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey during a week when the techies' war on conservative speech went hot after Apple, Facebook and YouTube (Google) banned Alex Jones' Infowars. It becomes clear from the interview that liberals have no idea of the slippery slope of censoring, a subject studied at length centuries ago by the thinkers of the Enlightenment. So they have charged themselves with the task of picking "harmful" speech from 400 million tweets posted every day. They don't even understand the difference between fact and opinion, yet they continue to make their own subjective rules which they then try to apply objectively in an algorithm.

The arbitrary application of subjective laws is the ultimate form of tyranny; but 'that's OK because Facebook, Google and Twitter are private corporations'. Facebook goes even further, sifting out "Fake News" from "true news"! The liberal techies are trying to have their tea and eat it too. You can't have free speech while at the same time police liberal sensibilities about the appropriateness of speech!

⏩ How precarious the position of the social media have become is exemplified by the reactions from the Left as well as from the Right. On the Right, Nigel Farage is reasoning from the Libertarian position that the techs' annex with the globalist Left is rendering them not independent, private enterprises but autocratic corporatists. Anti liberal anti-trust laws in hand, others have called for the breaking up of the tech giants.

⏩ The Left have another approach, calling for a Government take-over:

This makes clear that the present situation is rapidly becoming untenable.

Aug. 7, 2018


Aug. 6, 2018 Paul Joseph Watson: The Purge.

(...) Monday, the coordinated war against Alex Jones escalated along several fronts, within a space of about 12 hours, according to Infowars reporter Paul Watson: CNBC: “Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest clamped down on content by Alex Jones Monday.” (...) I just saw a report that YouTube has taken down Jones’ channel altogether. That would mean tens of thousands of videos of his past shows are gone from that platform. (...) There are several reasons for this war against Jones and infowars. One is: he rallied untold numbers of “deplorables” and helped elect Donald Trump. Another is: over and over, he has described the differences between nationalism and globalism—and he favors nationalism, in particular for America.

The tech giants/social media who are aligned against him ARE CORPORATIONS. Therefore, they can ban Jones and not face the raft of rules they would have to deal with if they were public utilities. However, there is no doubt these corporations are colluding in restraint of trade, to invoke an old phrase pertaining to trusts and monopolies.

They are waging a COORDINATED COLLABORATIVE war against Jones. In fact, several years ago, major news giants approached social media giants and pleaded for help. The news businesses were fading further into the background. They needed Facebook, for example, to feature their coverage of the news. The dark side of this collusion was and is: put big alt.-news operations out of business. Delist them. De-platform them. Delete them. And so it has been happening, and it is escalating now.

Here is where the free-speech angle enters the scene: suppose a member of a favored minority (fill in that blank yourself) launched a podcast mercilessly attacking “traditional American values” and those Americans who support those values. Would Facebook or You Tube lift a finger to stop them? No? Then why attack Alex Jones? The answer is simple. This issue is not about Jones engaging in “hate speech” or “violating community standards.” It’s about whose speech and ideas are favored and whose are opposed.

The solution and the response to the war on Jones (or any number of other so-called conservatives) is: GO DIRECTLY TO THEIR SITES AND BLOGS. DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET THERE. Go direct. More coming in Part 2… (More)



⏩And while the New York Times hires a postmodernist with a history of social media racism, excused because she's a minority of Korean descent, Republicans and Conservatives minorities as black Candace Owens and Cambodian Elizabeth Heng are thrown off Twitter and Facebook respectively. Owens meanwhile proves what this is about: not about protecting minorities against criticism and attacks, but about partisanship.

⏩ It has been said before on these pages and we tell you again: the partisan techies are not going to sit down and wait until a repeat of the liberal defeat in 2016 coming November. The Purge is on! Be prepared!

July 31, 2018


Twitter's CEO @Jack Dorsey has tweeted in a thread how he thinks to keep the platform's discussions "healthy". He has selected two external arbiters (which creates the impression of objectivity) to monitor user behavior. Both have already been debunked as total tools.

We know this trick from Polifact, one of the liberal arbiters of choice to sort real news from fake news. However Politifact is displaying a laughable ignorance when it comes to sorting fact from opinion.

It's too late for Trump supporters anyway as far as the Fake News Media are concerned:

But wait, it gets worse! Botsentinel is blacklisting Twitter accounts they don't like, identifying trolls as bots! This Gestapo tool is unaware of the difference! 

It won't be better with Jack's partners. Techies are over their eyeballs drowning in postmodern excrement. Just dive into the archive at the bottom of the page. In Jack's "health" monitors we encounter another example.

By the unique nature of the platform Twitter may outlive Facebook (which already has plenty of competitors). Kim Dot Com has announced he's launching a real Twitter alternative by the end of the year.

Free speech is protected in the US by the First Amendment, but in Europe it's clear where things are going. Towards the institution of Government Regulators telling us what's real news and what's fake, sorting fact from fiction and who is a "bot".

July 27, 2018


Update: Twitter stock loses 14%, Facebook drops $120 billion, 19% drop is the largest daily private business loss in value in history. If Jack and Zuck keep treating users so unfairly, they will be ousted.
(...) Twitter executives Vijaya Gadde and Kayvon Beykpour conceded in a Thursday evening blog post that Twitter’s algorithm had limited the Republican congressmen’s visibility on the site because it linked them to what the company calls “bad-faith actors.” Twitter, in May, began phasing in a change to its algorithm to suppress Twitter users who the company said stop short of violating Twitter’s terms of service, but are still considered harmful to “healthy conversation.” The new algorithm, Twitter said, would discriminate against those “bad-faith actors” by hiding their visibility in conversations and searches. Although Twitter said the algorithm change wasn’t politically motivated, it soon became political in effect. 
Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Jim Jordan of Ohio all had their visibility in searches suppressed, a Vice News investigation published Wednesday found. Democrats were not similarly affected by the change, Vice found. Gadde and Beykpour, the two Twitter executives, on Thursday revealed three “signals” that Twitter uses to identify “bad-faith actors”:

  1. Specific account properties that indicate authenticity (e.g. whether you have a confirmed email address, how recently your account was created, whether you uploaded a profile image, etc).
  2. What actions you take on Twitter (e.g. who you follow, who you retweet, etc).
  3. How other accounts interact with you (e.g. who mutes you, who follows you, who retweets you, who blocks you, etc) 
That third “signal” is what led Twitter’s algorithm to hide the visibility of the Republican accounts, which Twitter has since reversed. The suppression of Republican congressmen’s accounts “had more to do with how other people were interacting with these representatives’ accounts than the accounts themselves,” Gadde and Beykpour wrote. (More)

July 27, 2018


The matter of shadowbanning of Republicans and Conservatives by Twitter is now taken up by members of Congress and even the President himself. So here’s what ⁦Twitter⁩ is saying about shadowbanning:
Twitter has denied shadowbanning, saying that the apparent suppression of autocomplete search suggestions for Republican congressman Matt Gaetz is an "error." A Twitter spokeswoman denied shadowbanning exists, and told Breitbart News that the issue with Matt Gaetz’s search results is being fixed

As we have said before, we do not shadowban. We are aware that some accounts are not automatically populating in our search box, and [are] shipping a change to address this. The profiles, Tweets and discussions about these accounts do appear when you search for them. (...) Vice recently confirmed that other prominent Republicans, including RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, are facing the same autocomplete problems, and that their Democrat counterparts are not. McDaniel, along with Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, recently sent a letter to Twitter and Facebook raising concerns about anti-conservative bias. (More)

May 24, 2018 RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale on Fox and Friends. 

July 24, 2018


Social media has been silencing alternative voices online with algorithms that filter their content and users indiscriminately. The latest form of censorship was Twitter automatically including users in a site-wide "Quality Filter Discrimination" shadowban which prevents anyone not already following them from viewing their tweets or denies people from viewing certain posts altogether with a "sensitive content" filter. (...) We demand that Twitter, Facebook, and Google put an end to this form of censorship through continued congressional inquiries and a move towards a digital online rights act to secure free speech online. (PETITION) (More)

July 8, 2018


For now Articles 11 (upload filters) and 13 (link tax) have been defeated. But in the EU they're never quite done. The drafts are sent back for 'amendments'. In September the entire Parliament will debate the whole wretched thing again!

June 20, 2018


The EU has gone completely insane. But is anyone surprised? A free Internet to them is an organic Wild West, a free for all that is there just for them to control, for our own good of course! We wouldn't think that after grabbing and regulating every other medium in history, the Europeans would leave the Internet alone, did we? Netneutrality to regulate capacity, GDPR to regulate data and now Art. 13 to regulate copyright. You can petition your MEPs through the links here:
On 20 June, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) voted for the Article 13 Censorship Machine. But the battle has just begun: it must now be won in the European Parliament plenary. Contact your MEPs now! Tell them you need them to protect your Internet against surveillance and censorship machines! For more details, see here.

June 19, 2018


June 18, 2018 The EU is about the ban memes.

The EU is voting to ban memes, remixes, modding, screenshotting, and any other form of transformative work under the guise of copyright protection. It’s an attempt to control the political narrative and censor the flow of ideas. And destroy the Internet as we know it. SAVE YOUR INTERNET - DELETE ARTICLE 13!

May 26, 2018


May 24, 2018 RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale on Fox and Friends. 

As we have predicted often in these pages, there is no way globalists are going to stand by and let the 2016 US Presidential election repeat itself. In the EU, the leaders of the UK, France and Germany are well on their way of taming the Wild West going on on social media platforms. More at a later date about the GDPR (article). In the US in the meantime, Trump's campaign manager and the Republicans to their credit, are anticipating on the sabotage by the tech giants. Conservative voices on Facebook and social media are being targeted, silenced and eliminated by Google, Facebook and Twitter. On Thursday RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale wrote Facebook and Twitter and demanded answers. (sign the petition)

May 23, 2018


European liberals are incensed about yesterday's hearing of the Zuck before the European Parliament. These clueless collectivists have no notion of what constitutes Liberty, but they would burn down the tech guru for violating their "privacy". Instead the Zuck was thrown a few soft balls to which any celebrity is entitled. The arch europhile leader of the Liberal Party, Guy Verhofstadt is also outraged. But he confirms for us what is the aim of the operation "fake news": it is state authorized truth. Because citizens are incapable of ascertaining that for themselves. 250 years after the revolutions Europeans are still considered subjects by their own authorities. And with good reason. To this day they are mental slaves.

May 18, 2018


Twitter has acknowledge yet another round of cracking down on Conservative opinion. We give you the worst. Roseanne is advising to avoid interaction with liberals, which is a good idea in any event. Some tweeps may see their tweets disappear from threads and search results.

Twitter has acknowledged that it is working to artificially limit the reach of “troll-like” accounts on the platform — "shadowbanning" users in all but name, a practice that the company has repeatedly denied. In an announcement earlier today, Twitter said they were taking steps to limit "behaviors that distort and detract from the public conversation" by downranking content that exhibits such behaviors from search results and "public conversations." In other words, if your behavior is considered "troll-like" by Twitter, it will be harder for other users to find your posts on the platform. The practice of limiting the visibility of content without formally suspending the content owner, notifying them, or deleting the content in question the definition of shadowbanning. (More) (More) (More

April 15, 2018


April 12, 2018


If you’ve ever wondered if the censorship of conservatives and libertarians will ever end, here’s more evidence that it could be just the beginning. Investigative journalists uncovered the ugly truth that Facebook employees, at senior levels, dozens of former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton staffers. Mark Zuckerberg notably failed to mention the recent revelations about the Obama 2012 campaign’s exploitation of the platform’s weak pre-2014 data protections toharvest masses of data from non-consenting users. But when looking deeper at the number of former Obama staffers and former Hillary staffers in senior positions at the social media giant, it becomes a lot easier to see the “why” behind the obvious and glaring question. It isn’t a secret that Facebook has been censoring anyone with a non-left political ideology. Even Diamond and Silk have had a run-in with censorship. And adding to the free speech violations, the establishment media narrative on the Facebook data scandal hit a decent sized snag last month.  (More)

April 11, 2018


Live stream: Mark Zuckerberg Testifies before Senate Committee. Day 2.

April 10, 2018


Live stream: Mark Zuckerberg Testifies before Senate Committee. Day 1.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies at a joint hearing before the Senate Judiciary and Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation committees today at 2:15 pm. He's answering questions on the social media site's privacy policies in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that left the information of 87 millions of Facebook users exposed and amid enduring questions about how Russia and other entities have used the platform to influence US politics and US election 2016.

 Mar 23, 2018 Facebook Turned Blind Eye to Data Mining Practices of Obama Campaign.

April 8, 2018


April 3, 2018 Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Social Media.

So, here's the challenge for 2018: how to salvage the 'democratization' of information from the smoking ruins of social media? Paul Joseph Watson throws down the gauntlet. While we don't agree on all points, we acknowledge that the proper use of social media (or even the Internet itself) requires a fully developed brain and preferably a grown up attitude and philosophy towards reality and the real world. It is an indisputable fact that less and less people are able to distinguish the world we live in, from the chaotic world of digital information. The end of the era of social media is near. Suckbook is almost certainly toast; Twitter has become a cultural and political battle field, best not entered into unless loaded for bear. Google is so ubiquitous it looks like a tangled web of a tarantula: all connected accounts must be decoupled and subscribed to the competition in order to break the Goolag's near absolute monopoly on every functionality associated with the Internet. Here's our wager: by the end of 2018 it will all be over. 

April 5, 2018


(...) President & CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently previewed Facebook’s strategy with his statement opening the door to government regulation as welcome in response. What Facebook wants is a government mandate to censor speech. To Congress, tell us to filter our content and users, so we can justify censorship to our shareholders as following the law. The media’s fixation on fake social media posts gives such an excuse. In following Clinton’s demand to “get it right,” watch for Facebook and other tech companies to accept government mandates to prevent ‘misuse’ of their service or ‘misleading’ information being posted. Such regulation would give social media companies the legally justified excuse to be the gatekeeper. And, given the political allegiance of tech firms to the left, the end result will be to quash any user or viewpoint not conforming with the liberal viewpoint, or, according to Clinton, “it will happen again.” (More)

March 19, 2018


While the Left is going berserk over Cambridge Analytica's data collection from Facebook (more) (while Obama's Database with 'Information About Everything on Every Individual’ (source) went through the memory hole), Conservatives will have to face the fact that the tech giants are not going to allow a repetition of Trump's social media driven 2016 victory. Conservatives need to abandon the Facebook and Google (YouTube) ghettos and devise platforms of their own. and are alternatives for Facebook whereas is a great replacement for YouTube. KimDotCom is contemplating a second Twitter type platform. The situation is getting serious, folks!

March 7, 2018


Last week Twitter CEO posted a series of tweets that make plain where this man lives philosophically. What for the love of God is "conversation health"? It's what Ayn Rand calls a non concept. In other words, it is the stuff of fantasy. It is not a thing that exists in reality.


Feb. 15, 2018


Feb. 14, 2018 Andrew Torba - Gab's Blockchain & ICO Mission to Secure Free Speech Online.

Andrew Torba is the co-founder and CEO of, a social network that supports free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information. Prior to Gab Andrew co-founded Automate Ads, an advertising technology company that was sold to Adhawk. Follow us on Gab: KassDef.

Jan. 10, 2018


According to a recent lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, Google’s definition of diversity is “women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.” (MoreA well-known Republican San Francisco lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Google seeking to represent white, male, or conservative employees who believe the company has discriminated against them. (More)

  • Employees at Google who express "conservative viewpoints in politically-charged debates" may find themselves blacklisted by managers at the company, an explosive new lawsuit alleges.
  • And by blacklisted that means their names may appear on actual lists, the suit contends. 
  • Google employees who identify as conservative say they have complained to HR and senior management about the lists.
  • These allegations are part of a suit filed on behalf of fired Google engineer James Damore that seeks to represent white males and conservatives who feel as if they've been the target of discrimination. 

Dec. 18, 2018


Dec. 17, 2017 Tim Pool: "The Great Twitter Purge is tomorrow - will Antifa get banned?

Twitter began enforcing new rules today to suspend users affiliated with hate groups “on and off the platform” — a policy that already has led to the disabling of some alt-right accounts. Initially announced in November, Twitter also started penalizing users whose profiles include “hateful imagery and display names,” presumably including Nazi insignia, or those who use a “username, display name, or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior.” For Twitter, the two new restrictions are attempts to combat rampant harassment and abuse on the site. Users affiliated with the alt-right or neo-Nazi movements in particular have seized on the company’s notoriously lax oversight to stoke racial tensions, peddle false news reports and attack their critics, including Democrats. Earlier this year, they organized a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., with the aid of the platform. To that end, the Dec. 18 enforcement deadline left some of Twitter’s right-leaning users this weekend fearing a full, messy “purge.” Some said they’d be shifting to Gab, an alt-right-friendly social media site, and encouraged their supporters to do the same. (More

Sep. 11, 2017


There has been an angry reaction online after a Facebook page accused YouTube of REMOVING a video of Nigel Farage speaking about immigration and Islam, with many people accusing the Google-owned video network of censorship. According to the page Make UKIP Great Again, the three-minute video has been removed, and the clip itself has now been posted on the third-party video streaming site vidme along with proof that YouTube took the over-zealous action to get rid of the clip. (More

Sep. 6, 2017


Sep 5, 2017 CEO Andrew Torba On Tucker Carlson: Facebook is banning a million accounts a day over hate speech. 

This is the story of Gab’s most difficult and most controversial decision to date: Gab's hosting service pressuring them to delete a posting. (...) It’s not too late to save the free and open internet. Decentralized platforms built on the blockchain (including Gab in the near future) will inevitably give the power and control to The People and make the internet censorship-proof. Gab wants to lead the creation of the next level of the internet. If Web 2.0 was about centralized, social, and mobile networks: Web 3.0 will be a decentralized, blockchain-based, radically transparent, people-powered internet infrastructure. We are actively looking for a new registrar. This post will hopefully inspire other teams to start building or attract talented engineers to Gab who want to help us protect the free and open web. Until then, we will continue to build and fight for the freedoms we cherish. (More)


Paul Joseph Watson talks with Styxhexenhammer666

free speech and the culture war

Aug. 27, 2017


Pro Trump artists Joy Villa and Kaya Jones are now being shut down by the censors of YouTube/Google. Julian Assange explains the legal issues. There are plenty of alternatives to YT. Check out

Aug. 26, 2017


Aug 24, 2017 Tucker Carlson interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson. 

Prof. Jordan Peterson's YouTube (Google) account was suspended. His collection of valuable professional and personal video's was in effect stolen from him. Days later his account was restored without explanation. In the interview with Tucker Carlson it transpires the matter is even more sinister than that. His agenda and emails were also locked. In other words, Google closed his accounts across the various platforms under Google control! For no other reason than Google does not like Dr, Peterson's views. Please be forewarned! Do not use Google accounts to sign into other accounts. When there's a good competitor available, use Google's competitor! Do not give Google centralized control over all your private stuff. If you want privacy, use paper! Get it? Google is evil! (More)

Aug. 17, 2017


Aug. 16, 2017


The  number of cities participating in the March on Google is still growing, but so is the opposition. Having set the narrative in Charlottesville, the completely unrelated protest against Google's manipulation of reality is being equivocated with Unite the Right and the debate on Confederate monuments. The organizer meanwhile is doing his best to denounce all violence, as the March is threatened with Left wing violence.
Pittsburgh has been added to a list of locations where a group is planning to protest Google later this week. Google has attracted a lot of attention since its East End offices first opened, but now, the building is scheduled to be the target of a rally scheduled for Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The website for the March On Google says the company is abusing its power, censoring and silencing dissenting voices on YouTube. At least nine cities are expected to hold rallies. Pittsburgh was added to the list Friday, but after this past weekend’s events in Charlottesville, the fear here is that the rallies could create rising tensions. “We saw what happened in Charlottesville. We don’t know what the response is going to be like here,” attorney and activist Felicity Williams said.  (More)

Aug. 12, 2017


Jack Posobiec announces new Infowars' Alex Jones contest of $50K for best meme, best leak, best GIF, etc. #memewar3

Today, the March on Google was announced by Jack Posobiec and a coalition of free speech activists around the United States. Google is a monopoly, and its abusing its power to silence dissent and manipulate election results. Their company YouTube is censoring and silencing dissenting voices by creating “ghettos” for videos questioning the dominant narrative. The firing of James Damore for calling out Google’s Echo Chamber of Ideology is only further proof of Google’s insidious anti-free speech agenda. We will thus be Marching on Google! People across the country will be protesting in front of the offices of every Google office. Organizers are reaching out to James Damore to invite him to speak as well as planning a “Google Meme Contest”.
The site:
The date: Saturday, August 19th.
Locations: Anywhere Google Has An Office (Google Maps)

Seek out alternatives

DuckDuckGo search engine, for Twitter type short messaging, is a great alternative for Facebook.

The philosophical and practical implications

From the Left and the Right we hear calls for the Government regulators to step in and turn Twitter and Facebook into utilities. This is the last thing we need. But the sheer threat might convince the cult leaders in the tech companies to see the error of their fascist ways. This is not the moment to into our respective ideological knee-jerk attitudes, but rather find an out of the box solution for this problem. The Libertarian default principle that "private companies can do whatever they want", it clearly not going to cut it anymore. Google has a de facto monopoly and are robbing us of our data and content; its abusing its power to silence dissent and manipulate election results. This has an affect not just our democracy, but on our culture and society as a whole. Free speech is a inalienable right and is in the US legally enshrined in the First Amendment. Clearly this covers private companies as well! We will continue to ponder the philosophical implications in this conundrum, so stay tuned!

Aug. 11, 2017


⏩More Google employees are blowing the whistle about intimidation, discrimination, and dogma at the company following the firing of viewpoint diversity advocate James Damore. Breitbart News’ interview series, Rebels of Google, has revealed an atmosphere of profound fear at the company, in which employees who challenge Google’s hyper-progressive narratives face bullying and ostracization from co-workers, and frequently find themselves added to blacklists aimed at destroying peoples’ careers both inside and outside Google. Our last interviewee even described an incident in which someone was punched for expressing a contrary viewpoint. In our latest interview, current Google employee (alias “Gordon”) reveals more stories of intolerance and dogma at the company. He describes senior managers at Google being on the “verge of tears” following Trump’s election win, “cult-like” diversity training sessions, and an autistic employee who was fired after questioning the idea of gender as a spectrum. Every week, Google holds an end-of-week meeting with all its Mountain View employees called a “TGIF meeting” (Thank God It’s Friday). According to Gordon, the TGIF that followed Trump’s election victory was something to behold. (More)

⏩Following the debacle of James Damore's 'Diversity' memo and subsequent firing, Google decided a companywide townhall meeting was necessary to address staff concerns with executives planning to field employees’ questions voted on by their peers. The questions with the most votes would get asked. (...) However, as The Wall Street Journal reports, the meeting has been cancelled because right-wing websites published the names of employees who had proposed questions, raising security concerns. (More)

⏩Most Google employees disagree with the company’s decision to fire the employee behind a memo on diversity, a survey released Wednesday shows. Blind, an anonymous corporate networking app, surveyed its users from over 4,000 different companies on their thoughts regarding Google’s firing of software engineer James Damore, according to Business Insider. At Google, 56 percent of the 441 employees surveyed opposed their company’s decision to fire Damore. (More)

Aug. 8, 2017


The Google employee behind a ten-page viewpoint diversity manifesto that went viral online has been fired. James Damore, whose manifesto criticizing the politically correct corporate culture at Google prompted outrage from left-wing employees and social justice warriors online, revealed that he had been fired in an email to Breitbart Tech on Monday evening. In his email to Breitbart Tech, Damore claimed, “They just fired me for ‘perpetuating gender stereotypes.'” Damore’s writing has revealed a divided Google, in which some employees agree with his outlook, but are afraid to speak out for fear of repercussions from social justice warriors in the company, such as being added to blacklists.  (More)

Aug. 2, 2017


It's not is if there's no alternative to YT

April 17, 2017


Google is backing down and has blamed a vendor for wrongfully telling its staff to rank InfoWars as low-quality content, Business Insider reported Monday. The vendor, hired by Google, uses contractors to rate the quality of websites in order to aid the search engine’s algorithm. Leaked photos showing the vendor targeting an Infowars article were originally posted online this week by independent journalist Mike Cernovich. Google told Business Insider that it does not order “quality raters” to target specific sites but instead gives “general rules” on how to shape the algorithm. “Google’s spokesperson distanced the company from the contractor’s instructions, telling Business Insider that it does not instruct quality raters how to grade specific websites, but gives general rules to get unbiased feedback to improve the algorithm,” the article states. In an official statement, Google said the specific mention of Infowars was removed from the vendor’s training module. “In this instance, we have confirmed that a vendor we work with sent out more detailed instructions to some raters without our knowledge, which included references to specific sites,” the spokesperson said. “This is in conflict with the intent of our guidelines and the vendor has taken action to remove these references in their training module.” (WATCH: Infowars Under Unprecedented Attack By Secret Google

March 25, 2017


Mar 24, 2017 Your favorite YouTube channels could be about to disappear. Paul Joseph Watson's last ever video?

Feb. 5, 2017


After shadow banning, Twitter has now rolled out what you could call 'throttling'. Have you noticed lately "this tweet is not unavailable" but when clicking it, it nonetheless is! This is Twitter's way of suppressing tweets they don't like. How can you tell if you're being throttled? Check your Analytics. If there is an inexplicable drop in your impressions, chances are Twitter's cutting you off. Have you enlisted with yet? You should. Update: clicking "unavailable" tweets now results in "blocked by user", also untrue. Twitter is engaged in lying to our face. This is now over the edge of good morality. 

Dec. 17, 2016


The organization partnered with Facebook to help determine whether a certain story is “disputed” is financed by billionaire George Soros and a slew of other left-wing funders. The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) drafted a code of five principles for news websites to accept, and Facebook yesterday announced it will work with “third-party fact checking organizations” that are signatories to the code of principles. Facebook says that if the “fact checking organizations” determine that a certain story is fake, it will get flagged as disputed and, according to the Facebook announcement, “there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why. Stories that have been disputed may also appear lower in News Feed.” IFCN is hosted by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies (...) openly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, and the National Endowment for Democracy. Poynter’s IFCN is also funded by the Omidyar Network, which is the nonprofit for liberal billionaire eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The Omidyar Network has partnered with the Open Society on numerous projects and it has given grants to third parties using the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

Tides is one of the largest donors to left-wing causes in the U.S. Another significant Poynter Institute donor is the Craig Newmark Foundation, the charitable organization established by Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark. On Monday (...) Newmark donated $1 million to the group to fund a faculty chair in journalism ethics. (...) Newmark funds scores of liberal groups also financed by Soros, including the Sierra Club, the New America Foundation, and the Sunlight Foundation. Newmark also finances the investigative journalism group called the Center for Public Integrity, where he serves on the board. Soros’ Open Society is another Public Integrity donor. (...)  Poynter, meanwhile, has hosted controversial journalism programs in the past, including one that was accused of downplaying the threat of global Islamic terrorism. (...) Poynter’s IFCN code of principles for news outlets, meanwhile, reads as follows: (...) (More)

Nov. 19, 2016


The Obama/Merkel "fake news" issue is spanning across the divide of the MSM and the new social media. The old dinosaur media are controling themselves. But the Internet is, or was, a Wild West of opinion. The globalists can't take it anymore. As Angela Merkel put it the other day: information is something to managed, steereded and control. On Twitter things have become so bad, the actor James Woods, who had become a mainstay of the twitterati, has now bowed out. 

Nov. 17, 2016


Nov 17, 2016 Infowars Being Censored. 

It appears the rubber is meeting the road now on the real time censorship of conservative media in broad spectrum, with lists now popping up determining what is real news and what is fake. Now browsers will be prepared with extensions to warn you when you are on a fake site. The attack on infowars and other conservative outlets is going full fledged.

As of today Twitter has banned all criticism of religion, new rules about religious hatred apply.

Nov. 15, 2016


Nov 15, 2016 Google and Facebook are taking aim at 'fake news' stories.

Twitter is now actively suspending AltRight accounts, while Google and Facebook have begun a war on 'fake news' sites, meaning alternative news aggregates like Breitbart, Alex Jones' Infowars, Glenn Beck's The Blaze and perhaps also, that present the news from the specific angle. (Source) Most of them 'happen' to be Right-wing. Put together with Obama signing over the administration (ICANN) of the www to the UN (source), this is a very ominous though not unexpected development indeed. We shall now have to anticipate on a moment when our Twitter accounts are no longer be accessible. For those appreciative of the Facebook format we can recommend which is a Russian FB version. Many tweeps are already in the process of moving to is a very beautiful Twitter-like format with many more functionalities besides. You can find us there @KassandraTroy

Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts, put together a publicly available Google doc cataloging "False, misleading, clickbait-y and satirical 'news' sources." It's been making the rounds on social media as people seek to cleanse their newsfeeds of misinformation. Many of the sites on the list are aggregators – they take news stories from other sources and rewrite them with more inflammatory headlines and without contextual facts. Breitbart, the "platform for the alt-right" whose chairman was just named Trump's chief strategist, is on there, as is InfoWars. Alex Jones, who runs InfoWars, said Trump personally called to thank him for helping him win the election. (More)

Oct. 25, 2016


On May 9, 2016 former Facebook workers blew the whistle on Suckberg and his MT. On May 10, 2016 we reported that Facebook's censoring was out of control! A day later Facebook assured us that, "WE ARE MOVED BY GOOD INTENTIONS". On May 12, 2016 we discovered that Facebook staff are major Hillary donors. But we now know it goes further than that, much, much further! Breitbart's Milo challenged Zuckerberg to a debate. He didn't respond. But on May 18 Zuckerberg met with a delegation of Conservatives. On May 24 Facebook wrapped up its internal probe and found Facebook not guilty of any bias against Conservatives. And now there's Wikileaks with this. Reminding you HOW TO DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. Facebook sucks, and Suckberg sucks even better. Here's how you can ritually delete your account. You have to beg the suckers to do it. If they agree to it, it takes up to 90 days to delete all of the things you've posted, like your photos, status updates or other data stored in backup systems, while your account has become inaccessible to others.

Sep. 22, 2016


After Milo Yinannopoulos @Nero's perma ban from Twitter, today it's the turn of veteran Conservative activist and blogger Glenn Reynolds a.k.a. @InstaPundit. What caused the wrath of the SJW on Twitter's Virtue Board is Reynolds' advice to a driver caught up in the Charlotte rioting of BlackLivesMatter to stay in the car and if necessary run over the rioters to escape the war zone. Apparently Twitter would have drivers to abandon their car and risk their lives. The riots have already claimed one life. Tweeps have responded with complaints to @Jack, the hashtag #FreeInstapundit and a call to block Twitter's advertisers. Many tweeps are already relocating to GAB.AI -- a twitter like platform that guarantees free speech. There is a waiting list for new accounts, but they're working hard to expand the capacity.

Sep. 2, 2016


After Facebook and Twitter it's now YouTube's turn for cracking down on Right wing dissent. Drudge has predicted that bloggers, vloggers and other people in the alternative media would be drawn into the social media ghetto, only to be decapitated. And he's proved right. It's a good job then that Pomonews never surrendered control over its content to the Googles and the Suckerbergs. The mindset on the Left isn't democratic in any sense. It's authoritarian. Either you toe the party line, or you're a criminal. As seen in someone's timeline: "It's a shame that Right wingers can post whatever they want on Twitter!" Hashtag: #YouTubeIsOver

July 26, 2016


Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos discusses his permanent Twitter ban and the chilling effect this will have on Libertarian and Conservative free speech. In the meantime Wikileaks tweets Twitter CEO @Jack that they will start a rival service if Twitter continues smoldering free speech.

July 20, 2016


Let’s be honest: The real reason Milo Yiannopoulos is banned from Twitter is because Leslie Jones stirred up drama to keep her bomb of a movie in the news. The Ghostbusters star threw a tantrum in a public forum and dramatically announced her exit, spawning article after article patting her back and shaming her tormentors. She perfectly ran the crybully playbook. And it all smells of cynical PR — Sony trying desperately to minimize Ghostbusters’ second-week drop after a humiliating box office debut. Of course, as a bonus, Jones cried “harassment!” when Milo teased her, giving some purple-haired Orphan Black addict at Twitter an excuse to ban him permanently from the platform.


Milo during a LGBT event in the margins of the GOP Convention (Source)

Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been suspended from Twitter once more just 20 minutes before his “Gays for Trump” event takes place at the Republican National Convention. The justification for the suspension is currently unknown, although it could be as a result of Milo’s run-in with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones on the site. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey publicly reached out to Jones late on Monday evening after she complained about “abuse” on the platform. Milo was suspended despite the fact that he sent no abusive tweets to the actress.


Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero, the Breitbart tech editor and Trump-loving alt-right superstar, has been permanently banned from Twitter following accusations that he directed his followers to send abusive comments toward actress Leslie Jones @Lesdoggg. But while Yiannopoulos certainly straddles the line between being a free speech provocateur and merely a serial violator of Twitter's terms of service, these sanctions are likely to increase the perception that Twitter is no place for conservative voices. Yiannopoulos's brawl with Jones stems from her role in the new Ghostbusters movie, which features an all-female cast. The movie has taken on a culture war context: opponents of the film think its characters were made female in order to appease the dictates of political correctness. Yiannopoulos gave the movie a negative review, and soon thereafter got into a public Twitter fight with Jones. It's not clear whether Yiannopoulos actually told his followers to direct abusive tweets at Jones—he emphatically denies doing so. But Jones began receiving truly despicable tweets and images from Yiannopoulos's crowd, which prompted her to quit Twitter and even captured the attention of Twitter CEO @Jack Dorsey, who reached out to Jones and asked her to follow him so that they could communicate privately. (More)

June 10, 2016


A newly-released YouTube video makes a compelling case that, for unclear reasons, Google search results appear manipulated in favor of Hillary Clinton. The video is the work of SourceFed, a channel with over 1.7 million subscribers that posts a variety of news, pop culture, and explanatory videos. The video’s claims revolve around the potential searches Google recommends based on what a user has typed into the search bar, and how those recommendations differ from other search engines.

June 9, 2016


Once upon a time the tech giants stood for liberty. Now they have become the loyal servants of the globalists. Spearheaded by former communist official Andrus Ansip, the European Commission published an edict outlining an electronic ID that would allow tracking what you say on-line, but also what you buy. 

Jun 2, 2016 The European Union is proposing a government ID for using the Internet which will eradicate both on-line privacy and free speech.

According to the document: It is recognised that a multitude of username and password combinations is both inconvenient and a security risk. However, the frequent practice of using one’s platform profile to access a range of websites and services often involves non-transparent exchanges and cross- linkages of personal data between various online platforms and websites. As a remedy, in order to keep identification simple and secure, consumers should be able to choose the credentials by which they want to identify or authenticate themselves. In particular, online platforms should accept credentials issued or recognised by national public authorities, such as electronic or mobile IDs, national identity cards, or bank cards. To sum it up, the EU wants to monitor everything Europeans do on-line by having all their Internet activities linked to a government ID which will annihilate on-line anonymity. (More)


Facebook sucks, and Suckberg sucks even better. Here's how you can ritually delete your account. You have to beg the suckers to do it. If they agree to it, it takes up to 90 days to delete all of the things you've posted, like your photos, status updates or other data stored in backup systems, while your account is inaccessible to others.

May 24, 2016


Facebook has investigated Facebook and judged that Facebook is not guilty. The findings have been released in a letter to Senator John Thune, who earlier this month called the social network to account for allegations that it artificially suppresses conservative topics on its “Trending News” feed, and artificially promoted progressives ones. In the letter, which can be read in full here, Facebook reiterated their long-standing claim that there is no bias in the way they select Trending Topics. (...) However, the letter did acknowledge that their curation process may have been affected by “unintentional bias.” To resolve the issue, the company has promised to alter its curation process in a number of ways. (...) To prove their innocence, Facebook pointed to a number of occasions in which conservative news topics and sources have trended on the site. (...)

May 18, 2016


We're not buying any of this. Liberals are living in a world of their own making. Types like Suck are not even aware there is a real world next to their own parallel universe. Tucker Carlson's suggestion to populate their cloud with more diversity is therefore probably the best way forward. But to liberals political interest comes first. So this exercise will almost certainly come to naught. Read it all for yourself!

May 17, 2016


May 13, 2016 Milo Yiannopoulos Challenges Mark Zuckerberg To Debate.

May 16, 2016


On Wednesday, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg will hold a meeting with “leading conservatives,” embattled The Blaze head Glenn Beck, and former George W. Bush Administration official and co-host of Fox News Channel’s The Five Dana Perino, at the website’s Menlo Park headquarters to discuss Facebook’s conservative media suppression and censorship scandal. (...) Zuckerberg denies any wrongdoing, stating “we have found no evidence that this report is true.” He is instead planning to hold a session Wednesday where he will essentially “pat conservatives on the head” with a photo-op that is a direct testament to the fact that nothing has changed. (...)  Beck announced the meeting in a Facebook post on his page early Sunday morning. Beck and Perino will be joined by Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, CNN’s S.E. Cupp, and Mitt Romney’s former digital director, Zac Moffatt. (...) On Friday, Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow penned an op-ed outing Zuckerberg’s “condescension,” stating that the media company would not be participating in a “pat on the head” photo-op, but that Breitbart’s tens-of-millions of readers have expressed their interest in the following:

1. An interview between Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Mark Zuckerberg on the topic of free speech and Facebook’s suppression of conservative media. Milo will interview Zuckerberg anytime, anywhere—and we’ll agree to have it broadcast on your live video platform.
2. Facebook to immediately cease its active suppression of conservative media, as extensively reported by Gizmodo, The Guardian, and myriad other news outlets. Indeed, Facebook’s Trending News chief, Tom Stocky, is a maximum political donor to Hillary Clinton. So there’s no need to “discuss” anything. Facebook did it, Facebook got caught, and it must end. (More)

May 13, 2016


(...) Representatives at Facebook have already reached out to Breitbart News. We have zero interest in a Facebook photo-op. Moreover, if, as Facebook claims, there has been no effort to suppress conservative media, why the need for a meeting? (...) Here’s what we and our tens of millions of readers are interested in: An interview between Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos and Mark Zuckerberg on the topic of free speech and Facebook’s suppression of conservative media. Milo will interview Zuckerberg anytime, anywhere—and we’ll agree to have it broadcast on your live video platform. Facebook to immediately cease its active suppression of conservative media, as extensively reported by Gizmodo, The Guardian, and myriad other news outlets. Indeed, Facebook’s Trending News chief, Tom Stocky, is a maximum political donor to Hillary Clinton. So there’s no need to “discuss” anything. Facebook did it, Facebook got caught, and it must end. Bottom line: be interviewed by Milo and stop screwing conservatives. Free speech is not for sale, and neither are we. (Source)


Following reports that Facebook routinely censors popular conservative news stories and artificially promotes progressive causes like Black Lives Matter on its “Trending News” feature, Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos is today challenging Mark Zuckerberg to a live debate. Or, if Mr Zuckerberg prefers, a more traditional sit-down interview about free speech online, on Mr Zuckerberg’s own service, Facebook Live. (...) Little wonder he’s acting quickly, given that the Senate is now involved. Facebook has heavily implied that algorithms are responsible for how the site selects “trending” stories. But reports over the last few weeks have revealed that the site is heavily dependent on human editors — editors who appear to share strong liberal biases. A former Facebook editor specifically named Breitbart as one of the sites whose content Facebook has deprioritised in the past as part of its unofficial “blacklisting” practices. (More)

Admittedly, bias is hard to prove, and for all we know the former employees that spoke to Gizmodo could have been trying to seek some type of revenge against Facebook. But an article in The Guardian based on leaked documents about the trending news operation shows that human intervention plays a key part in what winds up as a Trending Topic, and that blacklisting is indeed possible. The bottom line is that Facebook needs to be more transparent in how news is curated on its site. Stocky’s post is a step in the right direction, especially if it leads to a more balanced Trending Topics. (More)

May 12, 2016


May 11, 2016


Fakebook's trending topics man has reacted to the allegations with a typical pomo answer running basically as follows: You may well see it that way, but we from our end have a different perspective. Moreover, we are moved by good intentions. Case closed.
The person in charge of Facebook’s Trending Topics section, which has come under fire in recent days over accusations that the social media platform deliberately suppressed news articles that were published on conservative websites, is a maximum donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Tom Stocky, Facebook’s vice president of product management, issued a response to the report that was first published by Gizmodo by claiming that he has not found any evidence that the accusations within the report are true. 

“My team is responsible for Trending Topics, and I want to address today’s reports alleging that Facebook contractors manipulated Trending Topics to suppress stories of interest to conservatives (...) We take these reports extremely seriously, and have found no evidence that the anonymous allegations are true.” “Facebook is a platform for people and perspectives from across the political spectrum. There are rigorous guidelines in place for the review team to ensure consistency and neutrality.”  

May 10, 2016


Suckberg's  censoring is totally out of control. Victims of Fakebook's social justice crusade are today a Dutch Labor MP protesting Erdogan's crack down on the free press who had her content removed; a FoxNews program was banned for 30 days like an unruly toddler. As a private company Facebook makes it own rules, but consumers are free to boycott their policies. Below you will find instructions how to delete your account.

May 9, 2016


Matt Drudge Warns of the End of the Internet.

Facebook’s news curators would regularly suppress news stories important to conservative readers and keep them off the “trending” news section coveted by publications, a journalist and former Facebook employee told Gizmodo. Some of the topics that were allegedly excluded from the “trending” feed included Chris Kyle, the legendary Navy SEAL killed in 2013, the Drudge Report, controversial former IRS official Lois Lerner and comedian Steven Crowder. The former employee who spoke to Gizmodo said the censoring of news disturbed him to the point that he felt compelled to keep track of topics that were suppressed. “I believe it had a chilling effect on conservative news,” the former Facebook news curator said. “Depending on who was on shift, things would be blacklisted or trending. … I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC or Mitt Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz,” the curator added. (Source)

  • MARK ZUCKERBERG CAUGHT ON HOT MIC SAYING FACEBOOK WILL CENSOR ANTI-MIGRANT POSTS Facebook CEO tells German chancellor "we need to do some work" (Source)

    May 6, 2016