Monday, July 1, 2019


In the United States and all over Europe Nationalism (or Nationism) is on the rise. But it isn't the virulent, ethnic version that pitted state against state in previous centuries. Rather, it's based on shared Western values, like individual rights and democracy. But what does Nationalism 2.0 have to offer that Globalism does not? 

UPDATE: Manhattan Institute scholar and Thatcher biographer Claire Berlinski - not your average batshit crazy lefty -- provides us with an unique insight into the mindset of the traditional liberal democrat, post World War 2 world view. It reflects the default perspective of the Democrat Party. Only now President Trump exposed the essentially anti American fallacies and corruptions in that doctrine. Read in Threadreader:

Oct. 17, 2017


McCain last night in an acceptance speech during one of the many globalist mutual admiration events explained exactly what they are about. Their roots lay in the progressive international movement of the last century who between two world wars got us where we are today: in the swamp. To them liberty means sacrificing their nations and peoples to the global collective: the redistribution of money and power from the producers to the failures. It's a veiled form of soft Marxism. Nihilistic pragmatists like McCain lack the mental tools to perceive the moral trickery involved. Concepts like democracy and principles as self-rule are meaningless constructs to them, just "tired dogmas" to be tossed on the ash heap of history. What remains is the brute power of the elites ruling over subjugated masses.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona set rhetorical fire to what he called “half-baked, spurious nationalism” in a speech in Philadelphia. McCain was there to accept the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal, in recognition of his decades of service to the US. Former Vice President Joe Biden presented McCain with the honor on Monday evening. McCain began his speech recounting his decades-long friendship with Biden and his early years in politics, but soon turned to a cautionary message on the current state of political discourse. (More)

July 15, 2017


The German Foreign Minister last month explained the root of Globalism: it is Government in the service of an abstraction they call "one world". You can't serve two masters. A Government that serves the interests of these Utopianists can't simultaneously serve the interests of the people who voted for them. The cumulative effect of this implied, philosophical paradigm shift on the foundation of our civilization is devastating and it is two-fold. Democracy can't function anymore. But even worse, the governing class is morphing into a top down oligarchy. We are sleepwalking into a soft tyranny.

May 30, 2017


Following President Trump's exchanges over the weekend with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the NATO summit in Brussels and the G7 in Sicily (more), the German FM explains in above video why globalists are a danger to Liberty and Democracy. So let's translate that into fundamental terms.
The individual rights of citizens and their national interests are subordinated to the collective interests of the international order. In other words, the sum total of the interests of the international order outweighs national interests and therefore the rights of individual citizens. 
Let that sink in. These people are totalitarians and a clear and present danger for the democratic order. To give their master's words more concrete meaning, German magazine Der Spiegel is calling today for the overthrow of the democratically elected Government of the United States of America.

The underlying mindset is the same as we saw in totalitarian regimes: 'our collective, superior moral aim transcends your individual rights and national interests; and justifies violent means to reach that goal'. So now you know what we're up against. The free world is in great danger!

Sep. 21, 2016


Sep 19, 2016 While unveiling the new Info Wars Live app Alex Jones goes ballistic on the globalists.

How bad things are is confirmed by none other than Obama himself. Realizing that John Kerry's "world without borders" gaffe was a trifle too much in your face, while taking a victory lap at the UN Obama launched the term "global integration". And if you believe we are talking conspiracy theory, here he confirms that economic globalism is already a fact (video). An illustration of the phantom economy is on today's Zero Hedge.

As proof that population integration is also proceeding just nicely, Obama garnered pledges from dozens of countries to resettle some 360,000 refugees, doubling the number of slots that were available last year. (Source) They invented "the principle of the freedom of movement" out of thin air. During his final dissing of the US at the UNGA Obama explained he doesn't care for our highest values: in order to realize the promise of the UN, the US must give up its freedoms. You can't make the aim of globalism much clearer. We must sacrifice our human rights on the altar of global tyranny. Let's remind ourselves here why democracy can't work on a global level for a very simple reason: democracy is a grassroots up process emanating from individual people. Globalism is the domain of Governments and the ruling elite that serves them: its process is top down!

Sep. 18, 2016


Sep 16, 2016 Lauren Southern of @TheRebelMedia explains Globalism versus Nationalism. 

Globalists love to paint Nationalists as racists, Hitlerites or worse (if they could just find an even more demonizing analogy). But the fact of the matter is, it is the Globalists that are the enemies of liberty and democratic values. They are the feudalists that aim to reduce the people to cattle, to exploit them to buy their worthless products, to spend their valueless money and cheer their vacuous "good intentions". In recent years we have first seen Classical Liberalism morphing into collectivist Leftism, and then from democratic to straight up autoritarian and autocratic The Nationalists 2.0 or Trumpists, far from being the harbingers of the new Nazi party, are the custodians of what Liberalism used to be: the defenders of Freedom, Self Determination and Democracy.

Aug. 18, 2016


Patriotism 2.0 based on Western Enlightenment values. 

As the forces of Nationalism are gaining strength in the fight against the false song of globalism, the question must be answered why a global world Government wouldn't work. After all, all you do is expand the territory, in the case of the EU from the individual state to a supra national level. The United Nations is developing international jurisprudence and provides protection in wars and disasters. The US, Germany and Russia are successful examples of federal states. So why would a world Government on a global scale not work?

It all depends on your principles and on what makes a Government fit for intelligent human beings. To answer that question we have to get back to the source, to the prime unit, to the smallest, self-sustaining minority: the individual. For the survival of an individual the global world is the worst possible environment. Man is vulnerable. But at the same time he is a free spirit that survives on brain power. That requires a careful balance between freedom and security.

History and experience has taught us that the liberal democracy is the optimal model which offers potentially the maximum amount of liberty, while also providing the basic amount of security, including the protection of moral and legal rights.

How is an average Western country organized? Individual citizens go to the polls to elect their representative Government and an opposition. The result is a balance of powers ensuring no one majority or plurality rides roughshod over the rights of any minority.

Globalism breaks with this grassroots-up model rooted in the individual citizen. And not just that. It's top down rule. Supra nationalism is therefore a form of tyranny by definition. The EU for example is not an organization based on the individual voter. It is an organisation of Governments. 

That is not what self rule (which is what democracy actually is) is supposed to be. You can ad a Parliament of sorts as Brussels has done, but that doesn't make the EU an organization of citizens. It's top down, instead of bottom up.

Unbeknownst to himself the Dutch PM explained it well, when the Netherlands recently voted in a popular referendum against the association treaty with Ukraine. He complained that the voters in one single country can't (morally) hold all other member states hostage. This is precisely the problem with supra national, top down Government.

It can't possibly work in any democratic sense because there is an inherent contradiction. The distance between the individual voter and the surpra national Government has become far too great to be experienced by the voter as self rule.

A limited distance -- of say an electoral college -- is no problem. But once a Government is 2-3 tiers removed from the voter, the tie between the government and the governed is severed because it serves the interests of a larger collective.

Unlike the EU, the United States has not come into existence organically, but was founded by the most brilliant men of all time in the history of state building. This is not the place to go into the intricacies, but the division of powers in the USA is extraordinarily fine tuned and a strong tie between the People and their representatives is maintained on a local level. But even so, power and human nature being what it is, even the USA has become corrupted.

Human Rights are a property of the individual. Rights require laws. Laws require a jurisdiction. Protection of laws (and thus of Rights) requires territorial law enforcement. 

Of course we could organize a supra supra national organization of federal states, a global police force and an international Court of law. But how would these come about? Not through self rule (grassroots democracy) by the individual citizen. It would necessarily have to be multi tiered and therefore top down.

What's even worse, there would be no place left to hide from the long tentacles of global law enforcement, should such world wide tyranny -- God forbid -- ever come to pass.

Dutch edition.