Wednesday, June 26, 2019


The globalist cabal of Governments and Financial Institutions have produced yet another product hedging itself against the collapse of the phantom economy. But in the end they can only save themselves by destroying freedom and democracy itself. Nationalism versus globalism is not about Left or Right; it's about to be, or not to be. 

Postmodern art: a true depiction of the globalist, phantom economy.

Some observers are surprised consumers have less and less money to spend. Savings in the bank are shrinking. A silent killer of wealth is at work. Inflation is relatively low in the euro zone. So what can it be? Having lived both in the Netherlands and in Greece I can attest to living standards in both countries dropping to unprecedented levels. Internal euro zone devaluation has been a reality for a long time. It takes the form of ever lower wages. The Greeks know all about it! The phantom economy is not based on true value, but on make belief and Monopoly money. It's fictional. Above piece of postmodern art is not just disgusting; it is a true depiction of how the phantom economy works. It's captioned "To: The World. From: Capitalism", but the very opposite is true! Capitalism is about added value. The phantom economy is about the artificial reproduction of causeless effects.

The money printing machine of the phantom economy is called quantitative easing. Phase one occurred when central banks bought up government debt, allowing connected banks and companies to buy and lend at artificially low rates. Now the financial crime syndicate of Governments and their dependent financial institutions have come up with a new, even more perverted money printing scheme. The king of American talk show, Rush Limbaugh explains:
Two European firms have sold debt directly to the ECB through private placements, a startling example of how the market is adapting to extremes of monetary policy. The European Central Bank’s corporate-bond-buying program has stirred so much action in credit markets that some investment banks and companies are creating new debt especially for the central bank to buy. "In two instances, the ECB has bought bonds directly from European companies through so-called private placements, in which debt is sold to a tight circle of buyers without the formality of a wider auction," and without competition driving the prices up. This is insiderism like you haven't seen it. 
Now, this is exactly why the Trump phenomenon exists. Here's the scam of this. Connected companies, take your pick, it doesn't matter who they are in this instance. We're talking about in Europe right now with their version of Federal Reserve. Connected companies are now designing securities, i.e., investment opportunities for the central bank to buy. It's normally the other way around; the central bank is who prints, distributes, and finances and arranges the sale of these securities. In this case, it is companies that are designing their own securities for the central bank to buy from them, and it's all imaginary money. 
The central bank prints and then buys whatever these securities are, bonds from these companies, and as always happens in these scams, the guys at the front, the people that are first in on this are the ones who are gonna get rich because for them it is a huge credit on the balance sheet. But for the rest of the economy, especially people who were taught that it was responsible to save money -- what is happening here is business and the central bank are reversing roles. In other words, businesses are telling the central bank how they are gonna operate, and the central bank is saying, okay, fine, we'll finance it for you, we'll buy your instruments. 
These companies are not innovating. They're not selling anything more to customers. They are not expanding or growing. They're not hiring employees. They're simply gaming the system whereby they and the investors who get first crack at this are the ones who are gonna get rich off of it, while everybody else doesn't even know it's going on and by the time they catch up with it and understand, it's too late. 
What I think this actually means is that the people in Europe where this is happening understand that nothing is real, that everything's being propped up, everything is happening via cronyism. There isn't any real innovation. There isn't any real economic growth. There isn't really any real business growth. But they all want to try to make money anyway, so they found a way to do it by conniving with the central bank, the European Central Bank. And what's gonna happen is, my take on this is these people understand we are in a bubble right now where nothing is real.
Limbaugh explains it all in detail. But long story short, here's the conclusion which concerns us
There's a reason why 94 million Americans are not working. (...) There's a reason why your wages haven't gone up in 15 years. There is a reason why, whatever it is that you think needs to be fixed, whatever's going wrong, there is an explainable reason for it that is directly traceable to policy. None of this is accidental. None of it evolutionary. None of it is just happening. None of it is cyclical. This is all happening as the result of implemented policies. 

The American nobelist Joseph Stiglitz in an interview states that the EU and the euro are on the verge of destruction and that the next crisis might well be the trigger. He said there was a real danger that problems caused by the single currency would cause the hostility necessary to bring down the European project and its 'liberal values'. 
(...) he suggested Italy's crucial referendum - which proposes changes to its rigid parliamentary structure - could be the 'catalyst' for change in Europe because it would lead to the resignation of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and open the door to political forces forcing Italy out of the euro. (...) In other words, the member states are democracies and one sees increased hostility towards the euro (...) (More)
In fact, the phantom economy is just another symptom of the globalist agenda. As we recently wrote in a feature piece, freedom and democracy are based on individual rights. These can only exist within a territorial concept which includes law enforcement. Freedom and democracy are not even possible in a globalist setting without borders. And here we see the confirmation of that reality.

Here are two hypotheses for you to ponder in conclusion:

  • In order to save the themselves, the phantom economy, the EU and the euro the globalists will have to necessarily kill freedom and democracy.
  • If we want to save freedom and democracy we will have to kill globalism before it kills Western Enlightenment civilization!

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