Thursday, February 15, 2018


Globalists are obsessed with Russia, especially in the US where the Democrat party insists that "Russia hacked the election" or "Trump colluded with Putin". The belligerence is disproportionate. Why are the neocons in the deep state and in the Congress so eager to pick a fight with a rival nuclear power? 

UPDATE: A new chapter in the Russia scare story. Yesterday the Dutch Foreign Minister, Halbe Zijlstra stept down for lying about a meeting he said to have had in a Putin dacha, some ten years earlier. In the meeting, Putin had exposed his plan to rebuild a Greater Russia, core Russia plus the buffer countries that constituted the former Soviet Union. First it turned out, Zijlstra was not there at all. He was relating a story told to him by former Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer. But then, Van der Veer denied that's what happened: the Minister had presented a bellicose interpretation that Putin's words did not have. (Dutch source) But here's the rub: if the Dutch Foreign Minister has no compunction of lying in a "good cause", who else is lying about Russia? 

Lies and fake news have become an acceptable tactic in the fight against populists. The aim justifies the means. It's being applied against President Trump and his alles on a daily basis. After two years of investigations Special Counsel Mueller has not been able to produce any proof. In the meantime the Democrat rhetoric is poisoning the well of a functioning democracy. 

Nov. 25, 2017


Dilbert creator Scott Adams cracks the Russian "collision" meme which is actually quite close to our own observation, that the purveyors of the narrative often imply that Russia is still the Soviet Union, which is evidently not true. While Russia is not a model Jeffersonian Republic, neither is Putin a latter day absolute Czar in total control of the empire. 

Aug. 3, 2017


Putin played the Democrats and Team Trump against each other. 

The news has just broken that Vladimir Putin will expel 755 American diplomats -- or "diplomats," depending on whether they're working for the State Department or some other, er, agencies -- in retaliation for the latest round of American sanctions imposed by a panicked Congress being stampeded into increasingly foolish actions by the resentful Democrats and their allies in the Compromised Media. This is a toxic brew that can have no good outcome, but the short version is: we've just been neutralized in Russia. 

Russian president Vladimir Putin announced Sunday that he was ordering 755 American diplomats out of that country. In an interview with the state-owned broadcaster Russia 24, Putin said the move was in response to “illegal restrictions” imposed on the country by the United States. Putin claims that there are over a "thousand" American diplomatic employees in Russia, but "755 will have to cease their activities in the Russian Federation." The Senate passed a new round of sanctions on Thursday aimed at punishing Moscow for interfering on the United States’ presidential election, among other things. A U.S. State Department official declined to comment Putin's announcement, telling NBC News: "It is our policy to not comment on the number of individuals serving at our missions abroad." 
If this were a Bond movie, our hero would meet a shadowy figure with a foreign accent at a back table in a seedy restaurant in Baku, where Robbie Coltrane or Christoph Waltz would be waiting for him. "Congratulations, Mr. Bond," he would intone. "You've just been blinded." As Clarice Feldman notes, the entire Democrat/Compromised Media fantasy over Russian "collusion" during the 2016 election has now collapsed, but the damage the Left has done to our nation purely out of pique over its loss last fall is becoming incalculable. Using their standard technique of "raising questions," they began a Narrative that has led to a falling-dominoes series of calamities that now threaten not only the Trump presidency, but also the very legitimacy of our form of government. (More)

June 16, 2017


Uber Leftie film director Oliver Stone was granted access to Russian President Vladimir Putin over two years, resulting in a dozen interviews with no topic off-limits and a docu series entitled "The Putin Interviews". The almost embarrassing attacks on the US are all on the part of the film director. The series provides an interesting insight into Putin's live and his views on politics in the West and in Russia itself. He emerges as an intelligent man with a clear, untainted view of the world who owes nothing to the philosophical and moral confusion that is so prevalent in the West today.