Friday, September 2, 2016


The West's confusion about moral issues lies deep within the roots of liberalism itself. Liberals do not see morality as objectively true, but as a subjective matter of personal taste. Liberalism commits suicide. Nothing illustrates this existential problem better than the debate about the burkini. (More)
 Rana Ayyub illustrates what Muslims think about the burkini issue. 

UPDATE: The French traditionally have no problem protecting their culture by law, something which is anathema in most other liberal-democratic countries. And rightly so. Culture is the domain that belongs to society, therefore it is up to society to defend it. Leftists do not consistently follow that rule: their first reflex is to use the heavy hand of the law to enforce whatever they deem moral. We have said all along that the purpose of the burkini is to empty the beaches of bikinis, just like the sex mob attacks are a social tool to pressure women to stay at home or to cover up. It's an attack on liberty by an enemy ideology: as such the 'shroud' may be banned by law. We also don't condone Nazi uniforms. The Canadian columnist Tarek Fatah is a sharp shooter. He has this to prove th point.
(...) the wetsuit would meet all the silly requirements imposed by man-made sharia laws that have forced the Muslim world to be permanently anchored in medieval times. That is when I had a eureka moment in understanding why the burkini is being pushed upon Muslim women, when for a good 1,400 years, we Muslims had no use for it. The burkini is supposed to be many things, but above all it is a tool to “slut shame” western women, and Muslim women, who wear traditional beach wear, be it bikinis or a single piece swimsuit. The objective is to project devout Muslim women as pious and pure females who are the guardians of the family’s honour, and to contrast them to non-Muslim or non-observant Muslim women who are of “loose character”. As this twisted logic goes, the latter are sexually bound to a culture of immorality, cursed by Allah to, as infidels, burn in hellfire, for exposing their skin to entice men and trigger their sexual arousal. (More)

Aug. 28, 2016


Several mayors in southeast France on Friday said they would maintain their bans on the Islamic burkini swimsuit despite a ruling by France's highest administrative court to suspend the measures. Town hall authorities in Nice said the mayor would continue to fine women wearing burkinis while the mayor of nearby Frejus, David Rachline, told AFP that "the Frejus order is still valid."

Aug. 26, 2016


No subject illustrates the moral confusion in the West better than the debate about the burqini. Opinions floated in this debate can be summed up briefly as follows:
  • The burqini is "equality" and "women's lib" for Muslim women.
  • In a liberal society everyone should be able to wear whatever she wants, including the burqini.
  • The burqini liberates Muslim women from the prying eyes of Muslim men.
  • The burqini is an evil instrument of Muslim oppression of women.
  • The burqini is stealth islamization of Western societies.
  • The burqini is Muslim supremacy.
  • The burqini provokes bigots and is therefore a danger to the public order.
A French court has now temporarily decided that the burqini is a morally neutral garment, like a coat or a skirt.

The Mayor of London proves that this is not how Muslims see it. He has banned the images of bikinis from London's tube. (Source)

Rana's tweet with the conspicuous, in-your-face middle finger confirms this stance. "We pulled one over on you once again!"

And again liberal amoralism is allowing intolerants to abuse liberty for illiberal rulings. Until the West gets this basic moral lesson, we are sitting sucks for the enemies of liberty and will continue to play into their hands. In the meantime we are losing our liberties as we speak.

In Germany public swimming pools are empty as no woman dares to go there anymore. Going out unaccompanied is already out of the question. Give it one more year and the beaches will be free of topless bathing suits and bikinis and it will be our own fault. The purpose of the burkini isn't the moral right to cover up, but to empty the beaches of bikinis.

Liberties, like any value, must be exercised in order to live. It you don't use them, you lose em.