Saturday, August 13, 2016


"Obama has created ISIS" is an often heard claim that was only latest reiterated by Donald Trump. The Obama lack of strategy in the face of the worst totalitarian ideology since Nazism, has certainly opened itself up for speculation. Now it transpired CENTCOM has been adjusting intelligence on the orders of President Obama. 

Aug 12, 2016 General Tata says Obama ordered the manipulation of reports out of CENTCOM.

UPDATE: CENTCOM manipulated and deleted data to present a positive picture of the battle against Isis and al Qaeda according to a report by the House released on Thursday. Does anyone believe it wasn’t ordered by the president and that he was kept in the dark? A general now says that it came from the president himself. Retired Brigadier General Tony Tata appeared on Fox News with host former Governor Mike Huckabee this evening and revealed that his well-placed sources told him someone from the Office of National Intelligence who meets regularly with the president commanded a senior official in CENTCOM to quit producing products of record that showed negative intelligence that didn’t fit the narrative of the Obama administration. The administration ordered the cooking of the books, the General said. The president wants the JV tale out in the public domain. (More)