Saturday, July 30, 2016


Radical Islamic terrorist groups like al Qaeda and ISIS have repeatedly attacked western countries and Western interests around the world. Assaults on soft civilian targets are now on the order of the day. We need to be prepared. Don't be a victim, don't become a sitting duck. Run, hide or fight! 


As of today we are starting a Live Blog with advice and ideas for civilians what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Now that radical Islamic terror attacks in various variaties are on the order of the day, the time has come to prepare. There's the issue of how to act in the case of a specific assault, but we also need to prepare in a more general sense. After the Mumbai style attack in Paris on the Bataclan music hall some have commented on the ease with which the victims could have been massacred. These young folks went like sheep to the slaughter. They were incapable of defending themselves. (More) Europeans of course are subjected to strict gun laws. But that doesn't mean there are no other means to defend ourselves. Mental preparedness is even more important than physical preparation. Be aware of your rights as a human being. A right is the freedom to act. Natural rights are a moral issue, not a legal matter. Always remember that self defense is the most basic Human Right, rooted in the right to life. The Israeli technique of Krav Maga is available for all ages and on all levels. Do it with the entire family, and take the grandparents and the neighbors too. Learn first aid and start reading prepping blogs and prepping sites for great ideas what you can do in other respects, such as domestic and personal self reliance. The American Preppers Network is a good place to start. Take it seriously. It can save your life and the lives of your family members. Don't become a sitting duck. Let us know if you have great tips and tricks you want to share with us. We kick off with an article in the British Telegraph. Familiarize yourself with the police and counter terrorism hotlines in your country.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


The Muslim Brotherhood's (or Ikhwan) stated goal is the promotion of the Islamic state (or Caliphate) by cultural means and by deception through their front groups all over the world. The White House and many social and political strata in the West have been infiltrated.


Friday, July 22, 2016


The Left are in the business of making reality conform to their ideology. Their psychology is on par with religious dogmatists. Anyone who tries to burst their bubble is viciously attacked, whoever it may be. Psychological projection kicks in: their own evil traits are projected onto their opponents. 

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks and Alex Jones from Infowars, along with current/former Trump aide Roger Stone, got into a small fight on The Young Turks' set during a live show while covering the Republican National Convention (RNC). The footage was captured by, or uploaded to Facebook by radio host Davey D. According to available intel, Alex Jones was offended at The Young Turks constant coddling of groups like Black Lives Matter, and decided to crash the stage to have a live debate about it. Things didn't go well, and security eventually broke up the brief skirmish. Below part 2. Ana Kasparian called him a "fat fuck". The ISIS apologist @Jimmy_Dore spat on Alex Jones as Cenk Uygur had a melt down. Dore sneaked behind the scrum, bottle in hand, and spat in Jones's face.

Jul 21, 2016 Cenk Uygur and Alex Jones in  a brawl in Cleveland.

June 6, 2016


The Presidency of Barack Obama is the culmination of the Culture War that started in the 1960s. According to Dr. Kim Holmes, the progressive left thinks it is successfully transforming the country and consider the present "a mopping-up operation". "They’re going in for the kill."

Ginni Thomas talking to the author of "The Closing of the Liberal Mind", Dr. Kim Holmes.

Americans are experiencing increased intolerance and chaos throughout politics, culture, colleges, corporate boardrooms and even mainline churches, because the progressive left thinks it is successfully transforming the country, according to Dr. Kim Holmes. These elites consider it "a mopping-up operation and they’re going in for the kill." Holmes is a distinguished fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the author of a new book, “The Closing of the Liberal Mind.” A new air of intolerance has been pulsing through radical leaders throughout the U.S., the United Nations and the European Union. Elites use international treaties and conventions to circumvent the will of the electorate, Holmes explains. They use a sympathetic president, popular culture, entertainment, colleges, and murky tactics to "break down the resistance to their agenda" to transform America.




The 2016 Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland, Ohio from July 18 to 21. The party hosted 2,470 delegates and included 15,000 credentialed media as well as a global audience that witnessed a front row seat thanks to Internet and social media efforts. Website - Guide - Program - #RNCinCLE #GOPConvention

Monday, July 11, 2016


We live in a  fundamentally changed world. The economy is has stagnated. The ruling elites are serving their own interests. They are slowly waking up to the ruins of their policies. The question how to deal with the 'precariat' was part of the Bilderberg 2016 agenda. The globalists are scared to death of the new proletariat. 

UPDATE: British MEP Dan Hannan tries to make sense of the peasant rebellion on the British side of the equation. The number one reason all can agree on with is migration. Number two, the bailouts. And number three, the Iraq war. (Source) The latter may have impacted the UK more than any other nation and it is obvious that the refugee crisis and the phenomenon of ISIS in part grew out of  that war. But as Donald Trump has understood very well, the central issue that aggravates every other grievance is the state of the economy. It will change, but is will take time.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


The sniper -- member of the New Black Panther Party for a short time -- who killed 5 Dallas police officers Thursday night as they guarded protesters at an anti-police brutality march was angry about recent shootings by police and "wanted to kill white people." It was the deadliest day in American law enforcement since 9/11. 

UPDATE: We have already established that discrimination and police brutality against blacks is merely cover for the real objective, the destruction of the white 'slave state' and its Capitalist system. There are some eerie parallels between Islamic terrorism and BlackLivesMatter, the New Black Panthers and other black supremacist groups. At least there seems to be some synergy, which is only to be expected since both share the goal to destroy Western civilization. However irrelevant from that perspective, we will continue to follow the debate and log the facts as they present themselves.