Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It's painful to watch liberals desperately trying to avoid having to lay blame for the Islamic terror attack on the gay nightclub in Orlando, where blame is due. Muslims are at the very top of the food chain of liberal protection groups. LGBTs -- like women and the middle class before them --  will simply have to accept they've been tossed under the bus. 

50 homosexuals were just gunned down by an Muslim, but the Left are clueless what to make of it. Or they pretend to be. It's almost painful watching the Left struggling, struggling for answers how a Muslim can be a "bigot" at the same time? But it is one thing to delude yourself into believing that if you love client groups enough, all will happily coexist in peace just because you wish it so. Quite another is attacking and silencing opposing minorities, of which this is a ripe example: an LBGT tweep in Egypt who's translating hate speech and texts from the Muslim world so that we all know what the root cause of hate gay campaign is.

Liberals are desperately trying to avoid having to aportion blame where it is due. Democrats like Obama, Harry Reid and Hillary are confusing root cause and means, pointing at weapons as the key culprit. And these cognitively disabled people are actually our political leaders!

There are actually naive Americans who believe that being born in the land of the free somehow inoculates humans from ever developing hatred against their homosexual brothers. But ideas are learnt. They are not metaphysically present in the DNA, in the air or in the American soil.

Some have an epiphany, in horror realizing that Muslims as a protected group, are higher up the liberal pecking order than LGBTs! Some would even go as far as admitting that Trump is the only leader with answers.

And then there is the lone wolf canard which is denying there is a common denominator altogether. Tis is the current position Obama is taking: just a sad young man, the victim of "propaganda on the Internet". In the lone wolf approach Islamic terror attacks are just unrelated events, things in themselves without a common cause or root.

The world's most dangerous faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos @Nero has this on Breitbart:
I’d hate to be thrown off a roof. I mean, imagine if I landed on this face. But that’s the future Europe and even the US are sleepwalking into if we let wacky progressive hand-wringers keep apologising for radical Islam and calling the rest of us racist for expressing our concern at mass immigration from cultures that care nothing for the rights of women and gays. You want to see a “patriarchy”? Fly to Riyadh or Tehran. In the former, women can’t drive. (Alright, fair enough, they might be on to something there.) In the latter, gays are hanged, often from cranes in public places. ISIS is even more brutal, hurling fags off the roof after ritually humiliating them. In Raqqa you’ll see women and children sold for a few hundred dollars. (More)