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ARCHIVE TAHARRUSH RAPE: Jan. 4 - June 10, 2016

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June 10, 2016



Islam induced misogynic 'rape game', taharrush gamea exerts extreme social pressure on women to conform to the demands of Muslim society. 

Vigorously denied claims that recently arrived migrants were behind the Cologne mass sexual assaults have now been proven. (...) Many described the men who had assaulted them as “North African or Arab origin”. Conscious to defend Germany’s policy on mass migration and the highly-vaunted ‘culture of welcome’ the country was rolling out to all-comers, many vigorously denied the attacks, which ranged from rape, to sexual assault, and theft, had anything to do with the migrant crisis. (...) Yet today German regional newspaper the Rheinische Post reports the eyewitness accounts were “largely consistent with the recent results of the investigations”. The new statistics and facts confirm not only that the majority of men committing the assaults were not of “German origin”, but that most of them had been in the country less than twelve months. Despite their recent arrival to Germany, a remarkable two-thirds had already received the attention of the police for criminal behaviour. (More)

April 14, 2016


It didn't take long before false information was emerging over the terrible events. Just three of 58 suspects are migrants, according to the British Independent. The disinformation was soon disseminated by journalists and pundits across Sweden, accusing dissenters of 'racism'. Rossana Dinamarca of Vänster, a Swedish Leftist party could only find one common denominator, "men". Last Thursday the German state Nordrhein Westphalia released its final report based on 1178 hours of surveillance material. It confirms widespread abuse of women. It found as many as 1,218 victims of which 529 of sexual assault. Almost all suspects, 149 of 153 are migrants. Most of them are from Morocco and Algeria. 68 are asylum seekers, 18 are illegals and the status of 47 is unknown, meaning they could be either legal or illegal. Four are unaccompanied minors, ten have been given a residence status. Walll Street Journal concluded: Nearly all the suspects in the mass sexual assaults and thefts that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were migrants and asylum seekers. (Source)

Jan. 2, 2016


The final figures for the sexual assaults in the city of Cologne are in. 

  • A staggering 821 complaints, ranging from sexual assaults to gang rape. 
  • Total compaints for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia: over 1,000. 
  • A shocking 359 complaints relate to sexual offences.
  • 659 women were recorded as alleged victims.
  • 126 claims of "rape by a group".
  • 47 allegations of "sexual assault by a group".
  • German police have so far identified only 30 suspects, all of North African and Arabic origin.
  • 15 of the identified suspects are asylum seekers. 
  • 2 Algerians are reportedly behind bars accused of sexual offences.
  • Authorities offering a reward of €10,000 (£7,500) for information leading to arrest or identification.
  • The German Chancellor is facing growing criticism.
  • Angela Merkel was forced to admit the migrant crisis is now "out of control". 
  • Germany has begun sending back 300 migrants per day to Austria.
  • Germany accepted over a million migrants in 2015.
  • The governor of North Rhine-Westphalia state, Hannelore Kraft, expressed regret for the sex attacks. 
  • Residents of Cologne were arming themselves with pepper spray and air guns.

A few more figures:

Complaints per state:
North Rhine-Westphalia: 1076 
Hamburg: 195 
Hessen: 31
Beieren: 27
Badem-Württemberg: 25
Bremen: 11
Berlijn: 6
Federal train stations: 43

Jan. 15, 2016


Jan. 12, 2016


The Federal police force investigating the 'rape game' has now figured out that, since it occurred all over Germany and locally in Sweden, Austria and Switzerland, some coordination must have taken place. The morons on the Left have been fast to conclude, that since it's a 'game' there must be some cultural component involved. (Source) And since we know that all cultures are equal, nothing untoward can have happened. As far as the moron brigade is concerned: been there, done that.

Jan. 11, 2016


The German police have confrmed that the phenomenon of mass sexual assault is known in the Middle East as 'taharrush'. H/t @MountainLion5 
The German federal police (BKA) has issued a statement that the Arab phenomenon of mass sexual assault is known by the term 'taharrush'. The attacks may be anything from sexual molestation to rape, according to Holger Münch, head of the BKA. In the 'rape game' a large group of men surround the victim, usually a Western woman or a woman deemed Western, is subjected to sexual humiliation. If there are enough participants the woman is carried along the way while the men rip off her clothes, grope her and push their fingers in any orifice they may find. The BKA yessterday informed the German publication Die Welt about the growing phenomenon of organized cruelty against German women. In addition to cases in Cologne, the police has also received reports from Berlin, Hamburg, Bielefelt, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart. Cases have also been reported in Vienna and Salzburg in Austria and Zurich in Switzerland. The crimes are committed by groups of foreign men, particularly during festivals or protests when large groups of people gather. The BKA is considering a nationwide strategy how to cope with this new form of mass sexual attack on women. (Source) (Original source)

Jan. 8, 2016


The sign says: "Respect us. We are not wild animals for the taking, even in the nude."

Only now does it transpire that mass sexual assault has taken place all over the European continent. Often refugees are among the arrested (if any), but cultural Jihadists cannot be excluded. By its mass nature, it is evident that some coordination must have taken place. A frequent argument is that Muslim women have also been attacked. This is highly suspect though. It is very unlikely that respectable Muslim women were present at the festivities without male company. If they were, they can't have been veiled. That is precisely the point of these assaults. Western women are forced to change their free lifestyle and adopt Islamic practices. 

Jan. 7, 2016


Migrants robbing and assaulting Germans with impunity.

A German crime journalist has been pointing to "a group" of criminal refugees as the perpetrators of New Year's Eve's sex mob attacks. A Flemish news outlet is mentioning "dance mobs". That sort of framing is a problem for a number of reasons. We have seen the same happening with the scapegoating of Al Qaeda and ISIS: a person or a group is accused and every bit of trouble is hence on attributed to this scapegoat, while the actual perps get a free pass. This framing (theme) might well  mean the end of the investigation. Case closed. Reputation of Islam and migrants come out unscathed. Another way of framing this story is to concentrate on the aspect of male virility, taking the attention away from the politically incorrect cultural and sociological background.

The debate on the cover up of the events that have taken place in Cologne, Stuttgart, Bielefeld and Hamburg is gathering steam. It is highly unlikely that authorities have not been able to produce any CCTV or security camera footage. But here's also the danger of taking the attention away from the actual perps and their motivation.

A number of German citizens is going vigilante. The first patrol is hitting the streets of Dusseldorf this Saturday. Law enforcement is not happy about it. But it's what you get when the citizens are not protected by the Government. Self-defense is an inalienable human right that derives from the right to life.

The Dutch PM is refusing to mention the perps or their motivation, since that would be provocative to Muslims. This is leading to a vicious cycle. Fascists see the lack of push back as an encouragement. Funny enough, the Dutch PM is not wrong. An open letter of a apostate Muslim states:
Do not forget your Dutch compatriots will never accept you as you are (...) society and the Government will try to assimilate you with a velvet glove.  (Source 
Infidels hate us and acting against us proves it. This is of course absurd paranoia! You can't let this prevent you from mentioning the perps or what motivates them. If we are unable to define the enemy we are powerless against terrorism. Capitulation is not a survival strategy. Yet this is what Governments are doing the world over. The source of this BS is postmodern subjectivism. Objective reality isn't leading the strategy, but the perception of the enemy. This is how we are waging war against ISIS. It's a recipe for defeat.

Jan. 6, 2016


The Mayor of Cologne has suggested that local women observe a “Code of Conduct” so that they can avoid a repeat of New Year’s Eve when dozens were molested, mugged and, in at least one case, allegedly raped by an organised gang of around 1000 migrants from the Religion of Peace, Harmony and Social Cohesion (TM). (...) Today Breitbart offers a sneak preview of the kind of “code of conduct” this impeccably progressive mayor might have in mind. 1. Dress modestly at all times. 2. Rape is not always rape. 3 The tradition of hospitality. 4. We are Germans. Everything is our fault. 5. Learn Arabic; convert to Islam; renounce ‘bier’ and ‘bratwurst’. 6 C’mon. You’ve got to admit they’ve got the Jews right, at least. 7. Finally, if all else fails… Islam is a religion with a strong tradition of truth, beauty and reason. Read at all!


Dec 28, 2015 This man still walks free after the group rape of a virgin. Not a recent arrival, but a "well integrated" Muslim. (Read more)

UPDATE: Initially the police covered the case up. But due to its organized and massive nature thought better of it and made the details public. This confirms our suspicion that much more is being covered up than we know. Sweden comes to mind. (Source) The authorities are well aware of course. Yet they continue the open borders policy: manipulation of the facts of reality (so that the critics of the "far Right" are not justified) is taking priority over their first duty of protecting the citizens. Reports have been coming in from Sweden and the UK for years! Read all about it on the Sexual Jihad Live Blog (source) Many are in denial of the events in Cologne, Stuttgart 
Bielefeld, and Hamburg during New Year's Eve. Some deny they ever happened, others maintain the "far right" is making them up. This deep denial of the facts of reality requires a very disturbing state of psychopathology. It is described by the dissident KGB defector Yuri Besmenov when he talks about the state of mind on the part of Soviet collaborators. (Source) Recommended, well worth the watch.

Jan. 5, 2016


Cologne's Uber Mayor: "Young women should prepare themselves and learn how to conduct themselves". 

Jan. 4, 2016


An appalling case of Sexual Jihad on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Germany -- as far as we know the first such a case of mass sexual assault in the country. It's reminiscent of the organized rape on Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. It now transpires the police in Germany is on the hunt for at least 1,000 suspects in the case. If that's true this is a massive case of organized Sexual Jihad.