Monday, May 30, 2016


An increasing array of groups are joining a coalition against mega free trade agreements like NAFTA, TPP and TTIP. Trade unions, leftist parties as well as some Republicans, like senator Jeff Sessions and Presidential candidate Donald Trump. As we have seen in the EU, these mega deals are often cover for globalist schemes to destroy national sovereignty. 

UPDATE: As the US and EU continue to secretly debate the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), talks aren’t only taking place behind closed doors. Frustrations are also being aired online, according to emails obtained by Politico. An email sent on Friday and obtained by the website shows the European Commission warning the 28 EU ambassadors in Brussels that there will be no TTIP deal unless Washington changes its approach to negotiations. The document focuses on agriculture, one of the most contentious of the 27 chapters currently under negotiation in TTIP talks. (More)

May 2, 2016


Two hundred and forty eight pages of the controversial Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Deal (TTIP) have been sensationally leaked by the environmentalist group Greenpeace. The news marks the first point in which left and right wing activists have come together over TTIP, the European Union, and anti-corporatism. The ‘free trade deal’ – still being negotiated between the European Union and United States – appears to hand over massive policy making authority to global corporations, so says Greenpeace’s EU director Jorgo Riss. But the leak has been dismissed by EU officials as “a storm in a teacup”. (More)

Nov. 2015

TTIP/TAFTA: US and EU member countries in marine blue; future member states in bright blue (NAFTA and EFTA).

Late last year the White House published the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Republican senator, Jeff Sessions put it in print. (Source)

TPP is not the same as TTIP, but the outlines are very similar. Text here. (Source)

Russia is working on a union of its own, Eurasian Union.