Friday, April 22, 2016


Obama is in London for a 3 day trip. The White House has said Obama favors Cameron's position that Britain should remain in the European Union. A contentious debate involving Obama's legacy and history related to the former British colony Of Kenya, is ensuing. The man who brought it up -- Boris Johnson -- is accused of the emptiest of all arguments, RACISM! 

Obama is in London for a three-day trip. He's already causing a contentious debate. 

President Obama looks set to wade into the contentious debate in the United Kingdom over whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU. Some are angry at the president’s intrusion into a national issue ahead of a major vote. Prime Minister David Cameron wants Obama’s backing ahead of the June 23 referendum, in which Britons will choose to remain or leave. The Conservative Party is torn between globalists and nationalists. Polls have shows the race is tight, with the Remain campaign holding an edge as small as one percent. The White House has said "Obama is willing to offer his opinion and may announce that he favors Cameron's position". (...)

Thursday, April 14, 2016


After a Dutch Muslim sergeant in the Royal Dutch Air Force deserted to the Islamic State, now reports are emerging of 65 active German soldiers being investigated on claims of being ISIS fan boys, with as many as 29 former German soldiers gone to ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

UPDATE: Dozens of German soldiers have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State fighters, a report has sensationally claimed. The country’s defence ministry is calling for more screening of new recruits amid fears of ISIS jihadis penetrating the German Army in order to get military training. The report dealt a further blow to German Chancellor Angela Merkel after it revealed that 65 active German soldiers are being investigated on claims they are jihadi sympathisers. Background checks on those looking to join the Bundeswehr are said to be put in place next month. The report revealed that 29 former German soldiers may have gone to ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq to fight with depraved militants. Since 2007, around 22 soldiers have been identified as Islamists with 17 of them being struck off. Parliament's commissioner for the military, Hans-Peter Bartel said the chilling report should be taken seriously and claimed that training in the German army is an attractive proposition. (...) A recent study from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) revealed that between 720 and 760 Germans are believed to have traveled to join the barbaric death cult.