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Obama-Clinton agitators of, AntiFa, racist Black Lives Matter and Organizers For Bernie paid for by George Soros provoked violence at Trump ralliesProject Veritas revealed who's behind the violence against trumpists. UC Berkeley appears to be the cradle as well as the grave of Free Speech. And then there was the mise en scene in Charlottesville.

UPDATE: As perfect as Charlottesville was executed by the Democrat directors, so lousy was Boston. First of all, the numbers were completely out of whack: the free speech rally fit into a band stand on Boston Commons. The counter protest by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and assorted losers was massive! There never was any doubt who owned this demo. As the Boston police declared the rally over, Free Speech activists disbanded. And then Antifa started to attack the police with...whatever, most frequently mentioned are bottles of urine. This was of course a tactical mistake. No "Nazis, White Supremacists" or whatever can be accused of the violence. Boston is all on the Left. Well played!

Aug. 19, 2017


Aug. 19, 2017  Live feed local Boston broadcast. 

Follow also @MollyLineFNC for live reports.

Aug. 19, 2017 RSBN LIVE COVERAGE Boston Free Speech Rally and Counter Protests.

Aug. 16, 2017


Who was the "random witness" -- Brennan Gilmore -- who set the narrative on Saturday for the entire media? Turns out he's an operative of Obama's State Department. He also served as chief of staff to Tom Perriello, candidate for Virginia governor. (Source) And how did Jason Kessler rise from obscurity to the organizer of the Unite the Right demo? Nation One News did some digging. Their findings support our hypothesis that Charlottesville was a staged event.
Who Jason Kessler is actually working for… First of all, the ACLU defended Jason Kessler and forced the city to keep his permit in place. This was after the city raised concerns about the ability of Law Enforcement to keep Antifa, BLM, and the New Black Panthers from clashing with the White Supremacists who were attending with Jason Kessler. Here are a few things you need to know about Jason Kessler. First, he supports gun control. (...) he LOVES Obama and Clinton! (...) He LOVED the Iran deal struck by Obama! (...) He Hates Republicans and compared them to Dahmer. (...) he claims he was “Red Pilled” into becoming a Trump Supporter… (...) He used to work for or with CNN. No Joke, you cannot make this stuff up! He has a Patreon Account with 3 subscribers, and he used to run a blog called, however, the site is conveniently taken down. But not to worry, the Internet is FOREVER, we will provide what we find there very, VERY SOON! (More)

Aug. 15, 2017


Aug 15, 2017 President Trump addresses Charlottesville, Antifa, Steve Bannon. 

Aug. 14, 2017


Aug 13, 2017 Alex Jones interviews leader of White Nationalist Rally, Jason Kessler.

They are calling the people protesting in Charlottesville on Saturday "white supremacists" and Neo Nazis. Both are misnomers. But where are they coming from? These people have bought the Leftist, cultural Marxism of identity politics hook, line and sinker. Identity politics divides humanity in social groups -- race, gender, sex, class, etc. -- and redistributes money and power from the power structure -- the "white patriarchy" -- to these minorities. What the Alt Rightists are saying is: "This is all true; we want the same rights as the other minority groups!" They feel they have to defend themselves from postmodern redistributive attacks. They don't want supremacy; they want equal rights! Listen to Jason Kessler! UniteRight and Antifa/BLM are two sides of the same racist coin. Cultural Marxism has born these twin babies.

Identity politics is the problem. It denies human universalism based on the individual. It is the latest form of collectivism and it is just as destructive, or even more so. Dr Carol Swain had this to say on the President's comments: “The president was correct in saying there were many forces involved.” (Carol SwainWebsite)

Aug 12, 2017 Dr. Carol Swain interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro.


More proof of a setup:

Aug 13, 2017 Millie Weaver joins the Alex Jones on "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Full assault on the President is in full swing (read also Live Blog on Ukraine connection):

Aug. 13, 2017


Let's start with the root how the violence at Charlottesville occurred. It is a drive by the Left to remove all Confederate memorials from the public space. This is fairly typical of revolutionary utopians: erasing history from the face of the earth and making the revolution zero hour of the new era. It is however an act of cultural genocide against the losing side. This is not our outlandish apologetics; this is the official UN definition.

The racist clowns protesting the removal of the statue of General Lee in Charlottesville had a permit. They were within their rights until Antifa and BLM arrived on the scene: it takes two to tango! 

The reporting by the media was inflammatory per usual. But let's have a look at Fox, which can be expected to be an outlier. It wasn't. Even Judge Jeanine was part of the msm choir. Antifa wasn't even mentioned until late in the day, the presence of BLM was omitted altogether.  The focus was for the full hundred percent on the white supremacists.

There was no smidgeon of doubt who was to blame, there was no balance, while the situation was not that clear cut at all! It was pretty chaotic. A Fox reporter on the spot displayed some doubt early on as to what had occurred, until he talked to a witness who set the narrative. It never changed from that moment on. Update: the "witness" turned out to be an Obama State Dept. operative called Brennan Gilmore @BrennanMGilmore . This fact alone settles the case this was a set up.

This is not credible at all. The situation was far from clear, but the narrative was set: the perp of the car crash was a "white supremacist". The violence was all on one side: the Right wingers. At every occurrence of an Islamic terrorist attack we are admonished not to jump to conclusions. How different it was this time.

If you don't cry with the wolves, you are running the risk of ending up as being seen to defend Neo Nazis. Not an enviable position to find yourself in. So everyone is joining the choir.

It is also strange that the two police officers who died in the helicopter crash 9 miles from the scene, are unquestionably calculated among the victims of the supremacist protest. A reporter remarked that the heli was hovering over the crowds quite a lot, which is a strain on the fuselage. The heli may well have come down due to technical failure. Nobody cares. The two dead police officers are counted as the victims of right wing violence.

The ACLU tweeted that the police were given a stand down order: Police says "We'll not intervene until given command to do so." .

A Right winger tweeted they were ordered by the police of disperse, which landed them right into the hands of the Antifas.

A law suit against the city has already been filed. In the Obama days they used to get away with stuff like this, but now the DoJ is in the hands of Jeff Sessions. Check Thomas Wiktor's thread for insight and details about the law suit.

The ultimate motive of this operetta at Charlottesville turns out to be another attack on the President and an attempt to delegitimize him. One goes as far as to call this "a test". There was nothing wrong with the President's statement whatsoever. But the Left, the media and the usual RINO traitors want the president to sanction violence against the Right. Which they are not going to get from him.

On the other hand the Left never, ever condemns the violence on their end of the political spectrum.

In his statement President Trump almost subliminally mentioned an investigation. Political violence is political violence, irrespective of color. Once you start singling out a group against who violence is tolerated, this is the end of civilization as we know it.

This entire sad episode was preconceived: it was a set up!

Moment of impact. (Source

Aug. 12, 2017


Aug. 12, 2017 Infowars: Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings.


Today in Charlottesville, Virginia violent clashes between David Duke followers and Antifa. Faith Goldie is on the spot reporting as a car appeared on the scene, backed up racing backwards at high speed plowing into a crowd of protesters.

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