Monday, March 5, 2018


2018 will be the year of people power. All over the Western world patriots are beginning to stand up for their rights and for national democracy against an establishment that has capitulated to alien and globalist interests. The British voting Brexit kicked off a spate of popular elections and referendums. The election of President Donald Trump is lending fire to the movement. 

UPDATE: Italian election results: Eurosceptics leads 'REVOLUTION of common sense' against the EU ITALIAN ELECTION RESULTS have shown over 50 percent of the electorate appear to have voted for eurosceptic parties, with anti-European Union League leading a “revolution of common sense” against the bloc’s policies. League and Five Star Movement, two populist parties totalled around 50 percent of votes, according to preliminary calculations. (...) The eurosceptic movement’s former leader Alessandro Di Battista said: “If these numbers are confirmed, it will be a triumph for M5S, a remarkable apotheosis, which demonstrates the goodness of the work we have done. “And above all, it shows another thing, that everyone will have to come and talk to us and this will probably be the first time. “They will have to come and talk to us using our methods of transparency, fairness, credibility, based on the proposals and solutions we want for this country. “And this will happen in the coming days, in the coming weeks.” (More)

May 7, 2017


Symbolically the fresh President Macron was hailed in under the tones of the utopian EU anthem, "Ode to Joy" (or "Alle Menschen Werden Brueder") instead of the French national anthem, La Marseillaise. Far from an outsider, this sockpuppet is the ultimate insider of the globalist elite. Speaking to the public he said: "I'll defend France, I'll defend Europe, and will strengthen links between Europe and its people." The sympathetic media are framing Macron's philosophy as “new humanism that will make the world safer.” Translation: when we persuade hostile Muslims of the superiority of our world view, they will abandon Jihad assimilating to French culture. The Eurocrats are celebrating it as a huge victory feeling emboldened: we are going to see new energy for more autocratic federalism and economically a prolongation of the Hollande regime. Meaning stagnation under the euro that is designed for German domination. It is perhaps not wrong to see Macron as an agent of German economic interests. Today, even before his inauguration, Macron is flying to Berlin. The German FM was fast to tweet a German proposal for yet another European investment fund, of which there are many that are leading absolutely nowhere.

The euro briefly rose against the dollar, than plunged to new lows.

A third of French voters declined to choose between Macron and Le Pen, either abstaining or spoiling their ballots — a record rate in nearly half a century. The abstention rate stood at 24.52 percent — the highest since the presidential election in 1969.

Le Pen is facing the difficult task of broadening her coalition considerably.

The President of the EU Council Donald Tusk called the Macron win a victory over the tyranny of FakeNews, stupidly confusing propaganda and reality.

On the campaign trail, Macron said that Britain would face “consequences” for leaving the EU and promised to take a tough stance in the divorce negotiations. “If your Government decides to organize a Brexit, I will be pretty tough on it. We have to preserve the rest of the European Union and not to convey the message that you can decide to leave without any consequences.” On Fox News John Bolton predicted what the Macron Presidency would look like.

Ezra Levant, the Canadian proprietor of The Rebel Media is seeing the Macron tenure as an opportunity, which indeed it is:

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