Monday, January 15, 2018


Social media are under attack for their left-leaning bias and censoring politically incorrect users and content. These policies are egged on by Social Justice Warriors and 'snowflakes' seeking safe spaces free from dissent. In the meantime social media are censoring and suspending Conservative activists wherever the opportunity presents itself. Hypocrisy is rife! 

UPDATE: According to a recent lawsuit filed by former Google engineer James Damore, Google’s definition of diversity is “women or individuals who were not Caucasian or Asian.” (MoreA well-known Republican San Francisco lawyer has filed a lawsuit against Google seeking to represent white, male, or conservative employees who believe the company has discriminated against them. (More)

  • Employees at Google who express "conservative viewpoints in politically-charged debates" may find themselves blacklisted by managers at the company, an explosive new lawsuit alleges.
  • And by blacklisted that means their names may appear on actual lists, the suit contends. 
  • Google employees who identify as conservative say they have complained to HR and senior management about the lists.
  • These allegations are part of a suit filed on behalf of fired Google engineer James Damore that seeks to represent white males and conservatives who feel as if they've been the target of discrimination. 

Dec. 18, 2018


Dec. 17, 2017 Tim Pool: "The Great Twitter Purge is tomorrow - will Antifa get banned?

Twitter began enforcing new rules today to suspend users affiliated with hate groups “on and off the platform” — a policy that already has led to the disabling of some alt-right accounts. Initially announced in November, Twitter also started penalizing users whose profiles include “hateful imagery and display names,” presumably including Nazi insignia, or those who use a “username, display name, or profile bio to engage in abusive behavior.” For Twitter, the two new restrictions are attempts to combat rampant harassment and abuse on the site. Users affiliated with the alt-right or neo-Nazi movements in particular have seized on the company’s notoriously lax oversight to stoke racial tensions, peddle false news reports and attack their critics, including Democrats. Earlier this year, they organized a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Va., with the aid of the platform. To that end, the Dec. 18 enforcement deadline left some of Twitter’s right-leaning users this weekend fearing a full, messy “purge.” Some said they’d be shifting to Gab, an alt-right-friendly social media site, and encouraged their supporters to do the same. (More

Sep. 11, 2017


There has been an angry reaction online after a Facebook page accused YouTube of REMOVING a video of Nigel Farage speaking about immigration and Islam, with many people accusing the Google-owned video network of censorship. According to the page Make UKIP Great Again, the three-minute video has been removed, and the clip itself has now been posted on the third-party video streaming site vidme along with proof that YouTube took the over-zealous action to get rid of the clip. (More)

Sep. 6, 2017


Sep 5, 2017 CEO Andrew Torba On Tucker Carlson: Facebook is banning a million accounts a day over hate speech. 

This is the story of Gab’s most difficult and most controversial decision to date: Gab's hosting service pressuring them to delete a posting. (...) It’s not too late to save the free and open internet. Decentralized platforms built on the blockchain (including Gab in the near future) will inevitably give the power and control to The People and make the internet censorship-proof. Gab wants to lead the creation of the next level of the internet. If Web 2.0 was about centralized, social, and mobile networks: Web 3.0 will be a decentralized, blockchain-based, radically transparent, people-powered internet infrastructure. We are actively looking for a new registrar. This post will hopefully inspire other teams to start building or attract talented engineers to Gab who want to help us protect the free and open web. Until then, we will continue to build and fight for the freedoms we cherish. (More)


Paul Joseph Watson talks with Styxhexenhammer666

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