Monday, May 15, 2017


The New Feminism is a war on women. It explicitly calls into question the ability of women to negotiate public life without the assistance of others. It calls into question, not so much male privilege, as female autonomy, female capacity. It might mock men, but it does down women, and it does them down in a very profound way.


Sept. 6, 2016


Sep. 5, 2016 Phyllis Schlafly: The Lost Interview.

On the death of Conservative icon, Phyllis Schlafly, Stefan Molyneux unearthed a lost interview he had with her on the subject of feminism, society, the welfare state and her book: "Who Killed the American Family?"

Mar 10, 2016


Brendan O'Neill on grievance feminism. O'Neill on Spiked. H/t @JRdeVrije @CISOZ

Feminism grew out of the woman's liberation movement and served the great purpose of women's emancipation until roughly the 70s, when  the cause was hijacked by Cultural Marxists. Today Feminism has become the subject of identity politics and is part of the Nihilist, postmodern grievance movement. As such Feminism is aiming at the destruction of all Western Enlightenment values in the name of egalitarianism. Feminists and LGBTs seek to address sexism, the elderly ageism, the handicapped ableism, the ugly looksism, multicultis imperialism and animal rights loonies speciesism.

Most commentators see the movement as rooted in the Enlightenment. But a keen analyst of philosophy would observe a contradiction here. Why would a movement aim at destroying its own source? The answer is, it can because it's proper root isn't the Enlightenment, but the Counter Enlightenment, that grew out of the German feudal states as a reaction to the Reign of Terror in France. It is explained in a series on this blog's central theme: The Counter Enlightenment (Introduction (1)).

Given the feudal roots, it's no surprise that the Feminist movement ultimately, not aims at empowering women, but at enslaving them. Viewed in the light of  recent sex mob scandal in Germany in which dozens of women were groped, sexually assaulted and raped by Muslim tribal men, the reaction of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Uber Mayor of Cologne maybe shocking. (Source) But it is exactly what can be expected. The latter called on women to prepare themselves better and follow the "rules of conduct". Give it time and they'll prescribe the burka, for women's own good of course.