Sunday, January 10, 2016


The New Year's Eve's sex mob attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe mark the grandiose collapse of the morally superior ruling elites. The fundamental, universal right of women to their personal integrity has been betrayed in favor of base, religiously inspired oppression we thought belonged to the past.

No2EU caught the problem succinctly and in it basic essence. Both the Left and the Right, united in the ruling elites have betrayed the fundamental rights of Western peoples. They have been betrayed by the Left, when they tore up the social contract with the middle classes, women and gays. They have been betrayed by the Right, when they abandoned the principle of Liberty: individual rights and freedom. There are a few explanations on offer for this moral dereliction. Two are psychological, another is political. But the ultimate cause is, that it's rooted in our own ideology. Mistakes that are woven into the fabric, become apparent only in the threadbare state of a philosophy that has outlived its moral usefulness.

Dr Bill Warner (YouTube Channel) of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) in an amazing lecture entitled "Why We Are Afraid" (source) is recalling the history of the world's interfacing with Islam, the reality of which we are somehow afraid to mention for psychological reasons. We know it as Battered Wife Syndrome and Stockholm Syndrome. The world is suffering collectively from a form of historical PTSD, says Dr Warner.

On the political level an explanation -- though not the root cause -- can be found in an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail on the shameful events on Cologne and other German and European cities in New Year's Eve. (Source) He states:
The louder our governments shout about their dedication to fighting Islamist extremism, the readier they are to Islamise our own society. The sheer size of the Muslim population compels them to do so. 
That brings us the lie we have been going on about in these pages quite extensively. It is the lie propagated by the ruling elites for the last quarter of a century or so, that if we deny that terrorism is rooted in Islam, we can stop radicalization. And may even win Muslims for our side! (Source) The evidence of the lie is everywhere. Still, we are not calling out Barack Obama or Angela Merkel on it.

Part and parcel of that official faulty doctrine is, that we fight scapegoat terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and IS abroad, while appeasing Muslims and Islam at home. This is the reason we get more Muslims in our own populations. It is because we let them! Islamization is not a natural disaster. It is man-made.

The ideological history is intricate, but a fallacy in the fabric of the philosophy of Liberalism (both the Left and the Right version) is to blame. Liberalism from Spinoza onward has claimed that morality is subjective, either individual or groupwise, because no moral statements can be derived from the facts of reality. But this is true only from a position of Judeo-Christian altruism. Watch this video for the explanation. (Source)

Tommy Robinson linking to the Hitchins article, has a point when he says that strong borders and pride in our civilization can only save us now. But when it comes to pride and survival, Europeans especially have a tendency to grab the moral tool kit of ethnic superiority, or to play the Nationalistic card. This is a pity, because it will land us in deep trouble. The answer to a mistake is not more of it, but to correct it.

We must finally understand that the superiority of the West lies in Western ideas, in the values and truths of the Enlightenment; not in our DNA, blood, soil or identity. It is Reason that has lifted us out of the isolation of the Dark Ages after the rise of Islam. The backward ideas of Islam are once again chopping away at Western societies. After centuries of struggle, let's not sink into the Dark Ages once again! 

We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. We must also not be so foolish as to grab for the non existent life lines of collective, ethnic determinism. Instead we must root out the philosophical mistakes of the past and correct them. We need the universal ethics of objective morality because that provides us with a compass of what is good for man and what isn't. It shows us who is our friend and who is our enemy.

Without a moral standard we are sitting ducks. Liberalism -- united Left and Right in the ruling elites -- are the living proof of the moral collapse. It is truly shocking to see the reactions to the sex mob attacks by some on the irrational Left. Feminists volunteering to be raped, newspapers calling the outrage about this scandal "hysterical" and "an ado".

Tommy is right, strong borders and pride of our Enlightened civilization are the only things that can save us now. But it has to be the right kind of pride in the right kind of values.