Thursday, January 28, 2016


Since the sex mob attacks on New Year's Eve in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, the Left and swathes of the ruling class feel obliged to defend the indefensible. Rather than drawing a red line for the rights of women, they are resorting to sometimes shocking 'irrational means of the will'. 

UPDATE: Above great meme by R&G @rgenci57 <O In the meantime elsewhere in Feminaziland:
Calling refugees (people who are fleeing violence)  rapists and abusers? 
FEMINAZIS FIGHTING TAHARRUSH SEX MOB ASSAULT WITH HASHTAG. We don't want Geert Wilders' fake pepper spray! #NotInOurName "We condemn all sexual violence against women in all shapes and forms. We fight it with dialog and respect! 
This one is from a deep undercover Muslim Brother, Dutch MP Ahmed Marcouch, a former Amsterdam police officer:
In Cologne three things happened: first of all, the women were assaulted, secondly the police did not intervene and third, the Government kept the events under wraps. The girls were betrayed three times. And abused twice when the (Right) radicals took the opportunity to portray the refugees and others of foreign extraction as a whole as sexual barbarians" (Source) Translation: The women were assaulted the second time by right wing radicals when they lumped refugees, migrants and rapists. 


Jan 22, 2016 Bibi Wilhailm - You are destroying Germany! 16 year old girl sheds light upon the refugee crisis.

The FB account of this young girl and her video has been censored under FB’s new “hate speech” guidelines per request from Frau Merkel. She is turning Germany into the second GDR. Stands to reason, because that is her root.

Jan. 20, 2016


Jan 19, 2016 Germany uses cartoons to fight Muslim migrant rape epidemic. (Source)

UPDATE: After the mass sexual assaults in her city on New Years Eve, the mayor of Cologne, Germany, announced a new code of conduct for German women, telling them to keep "at arm’s length" from migrant men.Other local authorities have a different approach. The small town of Bornheim, near Cologne, had so many sexual assaults of German girls in the public swimming pool, by Muslim migrant men, that they simply had to ban Muslim migrants from entering. That lasted for about a week, until political pressure crushed the mayor. Back in Arabia, mass, public sexual assault is so common they actually have a word for it — taharrush. But Germany’s politicians are more scared of being called racist. (Source)

Jan. 18, 2015


Jan 18, 2016 Chris Ray Gun: The Young Turks VS Complicated Issues.

For viewers with strong nerves and the patience of a saint....

Jan. 13, 2016


The favorite of the postmodern nihilists is only now emerging: the false equation. Here we have another Dutch newspaper equivocating the Islamic sex mob attacks with Western debauchery during beer festivals (or whatever). It is leading them to the conclusion that the Extreme Right (the center Right has made itself socially acceptable by joining the Ruling Elite) is exploiting the attacks to further the cause of racism. The contortions are now almost just as bad as shameful crimes themselves. Spot the differences: voluntary participation versus criminal and moral attack on human rights. Intent: self indulgent hedonism versus forcing women to comply with the social demands of the Muslim society. The first has no relation at all the second.

It is all attributable to the Left's inability to separate essences from details, establish a hierarchy of values, to properly inductive and deductive thinking. In short, they have become incapable of basic human logic. More about this mental disability in "DUMBING DOWN: THE MAN-MADE, LOW INFORMATION DISASTER" (source).

Jan. 11, 2016

Orientalist picture in a 'mainstream' Dutch newspaper normalizing Islamic sexual violence against women: "Is this of all times? (and of all cultures)". 

It's impossible to ignore: the blinders, the shameless apologetics, the vicious non arguments, the blatant blaming of anyone but the actual perpetrators of the Islamic sex mob attacks in Germany and other places in Europe. The poisonous rejoinders are leaving some people stunned and shocked how so much moral depravation can even exist! How did we get here? What is moving these people? How has it come to this insanity? Let's have a look at a few typical reactions. The spinning and framing of the story can be ordered into a few categories and a number of variables on a single theme. Those printed in italics actually came from politicians or persons in authority.

  • The first reaction is, ignoring. That will work initially until the reports become a tsunami that can no longer be wiped under the rug. 

Blaming others (often in conjunction with Islam apologetics)
  • The victims, the police, "danse mobs" (whatever that is).
  • Right wingers: criticism of Islam is the cause of terrorism, Right wingers never worried about violence against women before. 
  • Social environment: disenfranchized youths, society, discrimination.
  • Men in general: white men (suggesting Islam is race), violence against women is universal and possibly endemic in men, we have no right to complain about Muslim violence against women as long as 'white males' also rape women. 
  • Criminals. 

  • Refusal to apportion blame, to mention perpetrators or the root cause.

Normalising (mainstreaming)
  • A typical media tactic. An example is the newspaper on the top. 

  • The attacks are hooliganism, violation of Western social 'norms' rather than universal human rights.

  • It's a right wing conspiracy framing Muslims, Syrian refugees, Frau Merkel, etc. 

Attacks on critics and protesters
  • Namecalling: "extreme right wingers", "neo Nazis", "racists", hate speech by 'extreme right' is just as bad as mass mob rape, etc.
  • Politicising:  extreme right is exploiting the events
  • Legalizing: protest is hate speech.

See if you can make more categories and subcategories to defend the indefensible! The options are not that great. Insanity reigns so that the ideology may live! 
A few choice specimens: 
While German women are being sexually molested, German men worry about the quality of the press.
And from the 7th sphere of Dante's hell: "Could it be that I like to be sexually molested by a refugee with swollen testicles. That's my decision, not yours.