Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Western Enlightenment civilization is in crisis. Our values are under relentless assault by moral and cultural relativists. Political leaders have become demoralized and have lost the will to fight: they are abdicating their duty. Does Liberty stand a fighting chance of survival? 

Between aggressive Muslims, postmodern lamebrain idiots and a demoralized leadership, what chance of survival do we have? Ten years ago there was still time for the long haul. Efforts to change the mentality of our culture have not been entirely useless, but it is a slow, generational process. Time is running out. Any black swan event could trigger a cascade of fundamental change for the worse. Geopolitically a lot depends on the US Presidential elections later this year to replace the most transformative President for the worse in modern history .

The slippery slope of the loss of values is illustrated in the latest developments in Germany and elsewhere in Europe where hundreds of women were molested. (Source) They are in fact, happening everywhere in the world where infidels interface with Islam. The phenomenon of Sexual Jihad has been documented on the Indian subcontinent for centuries. (Source) The Western world is only now renewing its acquaintance with sexual pressure asserted on women to enforce social change.

The link in the tweet to an article in the Daily Mail should serve as an eye-opener. It is illustrative of the criminal mentality we are facing. Do as we demand -- ban alcohol -- or we will continue to rape your women. It's like the mafia extorting protection money. Like any inclusive collective, Islam cannot exist on an enclave, at peace with itself. The entire world is forced to live by its rules. This is a concept totally lost on multiculturalists.

Multiculturalists believe that all cultures are equal and that the Golden Rule will assure all tribes will live in peace. If there are problems, we negotiate until we reach middle ground. This naive belief doesn't account for evil, for inclusive bullies who want everyone to live by their moral standard and rules. Moral and cultural relativists are sitting ducks for such criminals. They have become incapable of recognizing the enemies of their own Golden Rule, that's how blinkered they've become.

Regrettable the people who should lead us, the leaders with the duty to protect us, are subscribing wholesale to this way of thinking. It can hardly be imagined today, but an alcohol ban tomorrow will seem like a small price to pay for women not to be unmolested. Gross exaggeration? Even a few weeks ago it was unthinkable that the human rights of women would be violated by sexual jihadists on such a large scale!

If we don't draw a line in the sand, the erosion of Western values will continue at a breathtaking pace. But who will defend our human rights? Intellectuals and academics are the architects of the mindset that is killing our civilization. Dumbed down students are running for the nearest "safe zone" for fear of micro aggressions. Feminists have become femitraitors, hiding behind hashtags #NotInOurName because their main concern is the "far Right" isn't proved right.

So who's left to defend the rights of man against the onslaught of aggressive, religious supremacists? A compromise between food and poison is poison. Negotiating is what we have done until now. It got us ISIS abroad and Islamic extortionists at home. If only we would be a little bit nicer, Muslims can't help but love us. It's not going to work. Gangsters -- Islamic or otherwise -- are not our moral equals. You can compromise with equals, but not with criminals who want to subjugate or kill you.

We need to pick up the debate with our leaders and demand they do their duty to their voters: the protection of our rights and our security. Those who refuse or abdicate their duties must be replaced as soon as possible with morally brave men and women who are ready, willing and able. We will not negotiate away our God or Natural given Human Rights. We will not be extorted. We will not go quietly into the night!