Saturday, January 30, 2016


There is no end to the mass delusion of Western leaders! And they call that "reason". The sex attacks in Europe are simply a "matter of public order" and have nothing to do with the refugee crisis, Jean-Claude Juncker’s inner circle believe. Those who think otherwise are xenophobic racists and to hell with the rights of women! 

Over the last few years we've seen Western leaders endlessly bowing and appeasing the enemies of Liberty. They labor under the doctrine, that any unpleasantness rooted in Islam must be foisted on a group of terrorists, first Al Qaeda and later ISIS; this 'scapegoating' enables them to wage war on that group of "unislamic" radicals, while at the same time appeasing and pandering to the "true" Muslims at home. The truth is, our leaders are demoralized. But what does that mean? 

Demoralization is a specific mindset that is the result of the (implicit) acceptance of the morality of the enemy. Yes, our leaders believe that terrorism is all our fault: it's pay back for the colonialism of the past, and blow back from Western foreign policy in latter years. The people must pay the price. 

Demoralization is the cleverest way of waging war. If you can convince your enemy that he is morally wrong, you can win the war without firing a shot. As Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov explains in an old interview (source), demoralized people can't change. You can hold a gun to their heads, and still they're unable to see the truth.

Who expected that after the unprecedented atrocities committed by ISIS the Left and the Ruling Classes would see the truth about the ideology of Islam, was horribly deceived when the usual apologetics appeared in the newspapers and in the commentaries.

When a wave of migrants started to overrun Europe's borders, Angela Merkel instead of applying some common sense, started encouraging even more refugees to come over and try their luck. "Wir schaffen dass", she said and rang in the end of Schengen. The problems this open borders policy  is causing for entire societies are huge. And yet there is no end in sight. 

Who believed that after the mass sexual assaults insane feminists and local and national leaders would finally see the light and started to acknowledge the danger thousands of primitive men with a tribal religion and without a personal moral compass, pose for Western societies, could not be more deceived.

Organized mass sexual assault rooted in Islam that violates the Human Rights of hundreds of women has now become a mere matter of "public order" in the minds of the men in the European Commission. Who are they? They are the heads of European Governments, for crying out loud! Values? These nihilists have none!

In other words, the capitulators are not going to stop capitulating. In fact, they are determined to surrender unconditionally. It's not as if they abdicated their duties during the third attack, but will start defending their own at the fourth wave of assault. What they think, is that we owe these problems to ourselves. 

This mindset in itself is enough to accomplish unconditional surrender. But it doesn't stop there. The ideology of multiculturalism posits, that all cultures are equally valid. And so, even if we capitualite -- which we should because it's all our own fault -- it doesn't really matter! Since Enlightenment values rooted in the Judeo-Christian morality pool are just as good as the fruits of Islam!

Western leaders are not going to change as long as they hold these beliefs. It's just not going to happen unless we are able to reprogram their minds! And even then, you can't force them to do that. We have to accept that. Only then will it be possible to effect the changes we need.

In man, the power of the mind does rule over matter.

Here's more food for thought by Daniel Greenfield:
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