Sunday, January 17, 2016


Jitse Akse, Dutch volunteer with the Kurdish YPG has been arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of the unlawful killing of IS Jihadists in Syria, according to the Prosecution Service a criminal offense. The real war criminals however -- repatriated IS fighters -- are altogether treated differently by the State of the Netherlands. 

Photo: Jitse Akse. H/t AD ©Ruben Meijerink.

UPDATE: The mistakes of the Dutch Government are twofold: it acts from a position of moral neutrality in a war in which one party is the enemy of liberal democracy and all the values we stand for. If the law doesn't reflect that reality, then the law is morally wrong. Hitler committed all his evil atrocities LEGALLY. In fact he made a point of doing so. What we have at work here is the result of liberal tyranny, the idea that secular law comes before personal morality. It does NOT. Those who are taking this position, have learnt nothing from the World War II. Secondly, by prosecuting Jitse who is fighting evil, but not at least 30 others who did, the Dutch Government is siding with the Islamic State i.e., with evil! They are collaborating with the enemy.

Jitse Akse in the news

Jan. 16, 2016


Jihad is warfare. You can't fight a war from the concept of civil law. Yet, that is what we are doing. Not only is it impossible to win a war with the wrong reference frame in mind, it also causes moral injustice. Like the arrest last Wednesday of Jitse Akse, a 47 year old veteran who served in the Yugo Wars, now a volunteer with the Kurdish YPG, the People's Protection Units (wiki). He was held in custody on suspicion of the unlawful killing of Jihadists for the Islamic State. These war criminals (in the moral as well as in the legal sense of the word) have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, like burning POWs in cages, drowning of hostages in cages, enslaving women and children and using them as sex slaves, throwing homosexuals from buildings and training children for terrorism. You can't make this stuff up. 

The wrong frame of reference is not the only problem. Repatriated Jihadists are treated quite differently in the Netherlands. They are not prosecuted as a rule. But this is disputed. If they are prosecuted, no one has heard of it. They claim psychological trauma, stating they went to Syria to render humanitarian assistance. An entire industry has sprung up to de-radicalize Syrian Jihadists. (Bron)

The Dutch Government is handling IS fighters with velvet gloves. Because it's not a good idea to incur the wrath of Muslims. Certainly not, when they are battle hardened Jihadists. The exercise may well be motivated by the wish of the Prosecution Service to prove to Muslims how fair they are. Look, we don't discriminate, because we also go after the other guys. In the minds of the ruling class there's no distinction between aggressors and defenders.

The Netherlands has a history of moral cowardice. It sat out the First World War as a neutral country. In the Second World War the country lost most of its Jewish citizens, and (passive) collaboration with the enemy was rife. The Nazis needed less than a week to conquer the territory.

This episode is reminiscent of the volunteers who fought in the Spanish civil war with the International Brigades against Franco. Of 700 Dutch volunteers, 300 survived the war. Upon their repatriation they were stripped of their citizenship on the grounds to have fought in the service of a foreign state. (Wiki)

Jitse Akse has now been released. But not after he handed in his passport because he expressed the wish to return to the battle field.

According to a spokesman for the Prosecution Service the YPG is a "controversial organization". It bases its claim on advice from Amnesty International, a notoriously biased organization. The YPG is said to have been involved in 'operations against civilians driven from their homes and then demolished'. The Prosecution is investigating Jitse Akse's involvement. (Bron) There's no such effort to establish the many war crimes perpetrated by IS.

Jitse Akse Facebook page is loaded with messages expresssing support and sympathy. Jitse believes that, should he be prosecuted the people will protest on his behalf. His main support base are other veterans.

Note: The Netherlands has outsourced its foreign policy to the EU. The UN as well as the EU have declared the Islamic State a terrorist organization. (Wiki - bottom). But apparently that does not change the legal status of Jihadists killed in battle or their avengers.

BBC: Dutchman arrested on suspicion of killing IS fighters (Source)