Saturday, December 12, 2015


Carl Icahn warns that trouble is coming to the financial markets. In a new video titled "Danger Ahead," the billionaire Wall Street veteran lays out the major problems coming out of both Washington and Wall Street. What's coming next will be "very dangerous and could be disastrous."

Sep 29, 2015 Carl Icahn's video. "Danger Ahead", explains that the present economy is not based on objective value: it's a phantom economy. 

He started by explaining why Donald Trump had become so popular in the presidential polls. It boils down to a frustrated American public, angered by how little reform has been passed to stimulate growth. Two key issues Icahn argues must be addressed are the carried-interest tax loophole for investors and the exorbitant repatriation tax that discourages multinational companies from bringing their profits back to the US. For the financial markets and the economy, Icahn says the core problem is the Federal Reserve and its ultra-easy, zero-interest-rate policy.