Thursday, December 3, 2015


The terrorist attack at San Bernardino, California that left 14 co-workers dead at a Christmas Party is showing once again that the root of our problem is mental. Perhaps the Einsteins of our world will now call for a ban on Christmas Parties? Speculation is rife how Obama will classify the attack: workplace violence, a gun problem, or both. 

UPDATE: The religious Right is furious with the New York Daily News for this heading, but the paper is exactly right! If it was an assault on prayer, the heading would have been different. What the heading says is, you can pray all you want, but we must help ourselves here! The problem is mental, certainly moral. An individual is responsible for the content of his own mind. God helps those, who help themselves. Americans specifically know this. Two things need to happen before we can turn the road: the Left have to face reality and accept that once again their ideology has failed. They must reject intellectual dishonesty and irrational actions of the will. Muslims must reject the violent content of their religion. A radical Muslim explained recently that Jihad is "the fight against evil in this world". In other words, Muslims must realize that what they consider evil, must be fought with reason and persuasion, not violence. It can be done. Maybe within the next century or so.