Sunday, November 29, 2015


Turkey shot down a Russian SU-24 after it violated its airspace, upon which Syrian rebel Turkmen downed a rescue helicopter and killed a pilot. Erdogan has defended the decision, but expressed his regret. It's still the question why a country that violates Greek airspace at the rate of 40 times a day, would be so trigger happy.

UPDATE: Even under normal conditions politicians and diplomats will say anything that suits them. But to postmodernists words simply have no fixed meaning. That means we must see what they do. Not what they say. Russia is seriously bombing the hell out of an IS/Turkish oil tanker convoy. France hits 4 terrorist targets after it gets "really angry" when 130 of its citizens are slaughtered. The Brits primary concern is whether bombing thugs is "legal". And Obama is so afraid that hitting terrorists breeds more terrorists, he nixes seventy five percent off the target list, avoids hitting the oil industry out of environmental concerns and when he hits a convoy, he's dropping leaflets so no one gets hurt. In the meantime the borders are wide open to Muslim 'refugees', among them war criminals and terrorists. Now what does that tell us? What explanation is consistent with these facts? Why did the Russians destroy the IS oil convoy where others hesitated?