Thursday, November 26, 2015


Multiculturalism fails because it's another infamous Utopian ideology. It's not based on human reality, but on a collectivist fantasy world. Professor Ali Moghaddam explains in a free PDF what multiculturalism is, why it fails, and what is the alternative way forward.

Multiculturalism isn't melting pot. It's the opposite.

The concept of multiculturalism has often been discussed in these pages. It never worked because it's based on a lie. The worst thing is that politicians do not even know what the concept really is. Or they obfuscate its meaning on purpose so they can continue their divisive policies. Multiculturalism isn't a country of multiple cultures. It is a country that considers every culture equally valid -- be it cannibals or inventors of aspirin, refrigerators and rocket science. Multiculturalism acknowledges, legitimizes and celebrates irrelevant racial and cultural group differences. This doesn't lead to equality but to division, apartheid, tribalism and balkanization. Far from a composite society, polylogism is exactly the opposite of melting pot and diversity based on common human values. Ali Moghaddam explains. H/t @JRussellEsq