Saturday, November 21, 2015


Farrah Prudence has had it with Muslims and their apologists and facilitators! In this video she absolutely destroys Islam. Hear from an ex Muslim the evil of this ideology of marauders in the disguise of religion. 

Nov 7, 2015 Why not hear about Islam from a woman who grew up as Muslim in the ME?

Farrah Prudence says: "I have reached a boiling point with these lies about Islam! Please share it, don't let me waste my breath....go to Vox Populi News for a translation of the ISIS website along with other great articles and podcasts!"


We are going through the worst man-made depression since, well the depression. The fanthom economy simply does not produce enough value. The docu examines and contrasts the differences between Reaganomics and Obamanomics and their impact on life in the US. 

Jul 8, 2013 "I WANT YOUR MONEY". Obama versus Reagan. Regulation and cronyism versus Liberty. 

The film uses interviews from well-known public figures, experts, movie clips, dramatic portrayals, music, graphics and comedic animation to tell the story in the plainest terms of the choice between the Obama and the Reagan views of the role of the federal government in our society. I Want Your Money also examines how these big government programs have been tried in the past at great moral and financial cost to the nation. California is offered as a case-in-point in understanding what economic challenges might face the nation, if we choose the larger government path.