Monday, November 16, 2015


The para military attack by IS on Paris was no surprise to those who have been paying attention. Our "leaders" are currently flooding the EU and the US with hundreds of thousands of migrants who can't possibly be vetted. There is no excuse for authorities that are knowingly endangering the local population. Not even compassion!

The only moral stance our leaders can muster, is that we must sacrifice more to hundreds of thousands of Syrian Muslim migrants. Some are openly reasoning from the logic that if only we tried harder, the Islamo Fascists wouldn't be attacking us. Attending the G20 Obama was making European politicians look like super heroes! In a presser Obama pointed out that "ISIL is very, very social media savvy...". Ah, yes, that would explain why they can attack us at will. Our leaders are so demoralized, they'll blame the weather next. Oh wait.. It is regrettable, but there is no known cure. Current world "leaders" must be replaced as soon as possible with men and women with spines and moral courage. Here are a few tweets that have been making the rounds today. Some are truly stunning!