Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sexual Jihad: Rape Is Not An Islamic Concept

Historically practiced in Pakistan and India against infidels, Muslim men are using abductions, forced marriages, forced conversions and prostitution for the purpose of Islamic dominance. For more in-depth read "Sexual Terrorism, a New Weapon in Global Jihad". We see a similar pattern emerging in the West.

UPDATE: With predominantly male refugees from war torn Islamic countries flooding the Western world, rape as a social phenomenon is back in the spotlight. 
  • There is the rape of Sweden (and Denmark and the UK in particular) and the cover up by the media, the local authorities and the asylum industry to prevent the public from making an honest assessment of the guests in their midst. They prefer to violate the human rights of women, than having to show Muslims in an unfavorable light. It's that bad! (Source)
  • There rape as a weapon of war. (Source
  • And rape as a means of subjugation. (Source) (Source)