Thursday, October 15, 2015


With the Russian military action in Syria the game has changed. What is Putin up to, and will he be successful? The internal conflict in Syria is just one part of the equation. There's a regional conflict raging between Sunnis and Shias, but there are also global tensions between Russia, the US and their proxies. And what about IS and Nusra? 

UPDATE: If the report about the Cuban involvement is true, about half the former Eastern bloc is back in action in the region. Information surfaced today that IS is mobilizing the male population over the age of 14 under its control. According to reports, the Russians have killed 150 of Obama "moderate" Syrian rebels. Only last Monday they announced a new coalition, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) made up of #YPG#FSA#MSF and a few other rebel groups (tweet). Not against ISIS, but against Assad, Russia and Iran. Read also Yaroslav Trofimov @yarotrof excellent analysis  (tweet).