Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White House "Consistently" Morally Confused on Israel

The 'lone wolf' attack is the new Palestinian tactic of choice. In a week's time there have been over 150 separate assaults in Israel. How many lone wolf attacks does it take to constitute a coordinated war? PM Netanyahu has promised to settle the score, as civilians have started to arm themselves.

UPDATE: This is a very interesting altercation between the White House spokesman Mark Toner and AP diplomatic writer, Matt Lee @APDiploWriter who is trying to make the former clarify the official WH stance that both Israelis and Palestinians must restrain from violence. As if Israel is somehow to blame for current spate of 'lone wolf' terrorist attacks against its own citizens. Toner doesn't even get what Lee is trying to do! Or he's pretending not to understand. He's reasoning from the logic that false moral equivalence between the Israelis and Palestinians is somehow fair, even handed and just being "consistent". What do you think? Does he really not understand the question, or is he pretending not to get it?